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Pregnant Ohio 10 Year Old UPDATE: Victim’s Mother Defends Daughter’s Rapist, Doctors Lie About Rapist’s Age, Fail to Report

Mother defends daughter's rapist
Mother defends daughter's rapist

Yesterday, we covered how a 10-year old girl was serially raped by an illegal immigrant, and then granted bail by a lenient jewish judge with a spectacularly corrupt history. It’s hard to imagine how such a horrific case could get any worse, but in our current nightmare world anything is possible.

Today, a news crew managed to secure an interview with the victim’s mother, and her response is one of the most repulsive things I’ve seen in a while. Much of the skepticism of the original report centered around there being no arrest report nor call to police, and now we see why.

In this short clip, the mother defends her daughter’s rapist, through the privacy of cracked door, trying to convince the world that the child is fine, and that everything the media is saying is a lie, despite the suspect already confessing to raping the child on multiple occasions. 

High quality parenting on display

High quality parenting on display

I don’t even think I need to say how twisted an individual has to be to throw their own abused daughter under the bus to protect the “honor” of a disgusting rapist that should never have been in the country in this first place. We always hear in the media how these families are natural conservatives with strong traditional values, but I don’t know how they can muster to keep up the facade as cases like this grow in number.

Failure to Report

Another scary detail that’s emerged is the increasing likelihood that neither doctor in Ohio nor Indiana made a call to authorities, but rather opted to go to the media instead. Ohio’s Republican attorney general, Dave Yost, stated in an interview that there was no evidence of a report being filed for the 10-year-old’s case, despite a police report for the rape of the child being created in late June.

Both Indiana and Ohio have strict reporting requirements for abortions and for allegations of rape; Ohio law treats any instance of sexual intercourse with a child under 13 years old as rape. The paper’s article did not reflect any complaint had been filed by medical professionals, child abuse specialists, or relatives.

Meanwhile, Todd Rokota, Indiana’s Attorney General, is now launching an investigation into Indiana obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Caitlin Bernard to determine if any report was made in their state within the mandatory 3 day window, vowing to go after her license if no such report was made.  

We’re gathering the evidence as we speak, and we’re going to fight this to the end, including looking at her licensure if she failed to report. And in Indiana it’s a crime … to intentionally not report.

If Dr. Bernard has failed to file the required reports on time, she has committed an offense, the consequences of which could include criminal prosecution and licensing repercussions.

Rapist Protection

Every time I think I’m finished with the story, more and more sordid details arise. Just an hour ago, details emerged showing that not only did Dr. Bernard fail to notify authorities of the brutal rape, but she also explicitly lied about the rapist’s age in the official medical report filed to the Indiana Department of Health.

In a report obtained by Fox News, Bernard listed the rapist’s age at “approximately 17 years-old,” conveniently classifying him as a minor. It takes an especially sick person to receive a child that’s undergone horrific abuse, refuse to contact the police, and then lie in an official capacity, all to protect an illegal immigrant pedophile.

Bernard’s lawyer, meanwhile, has released a statement shirking all responsibility for her repugnant actions:

“My client, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, took every appropriate and proper action in accordance with the law and both her medical and ethical training as a physician. She followed all relevant policies, procedures and regulations in this case, just as she does every day to provide the best possible care for her patients.”

“She has not violated any law, including patient privacy laws, and she has not been disciplined by her employer,” DeLaney continued. “We are considering legal action against those who have smeared my client, including Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, and know that the facts will all come out in due time.”

I’m speechless.

A Lesson?

It’s human nature to try to glean some type of lesson or takeaway from tragic events like this. I’m struggling to do the same, but just coming up blank. The best I can manage is how perfect an illustration of the US this story is: A tale of failed immigration strategy, corrupt culture, toxic jewish influence, and manipulation of a tragedy to promote the right to kill your baby.

It’s the perfect summation of this country.  

Sam Caldwell
Social Nationalist and based book enthusiast. Hail National Justice Party.

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    1. Brah, you need to edit out reference to those “people” as being lowlifes due to their immigration status AND need to stop the anti-Jewish stuff. Both make you look bad.

      1. Nigger

    2. Brah, you need to include more references to those “people” as being lowlifes due to their immigration status AND need to continue the anti-Jewish stuff. Both make you look based.

      1. B A S E D

    3. I think that if you were to sign up to receive email updates about news stories at local TV and/or radio outlets around the country, you would probably get a couple similar stories each week, almost all involving Hispanics — they just do not seem to see sex with children (statutory rape) as reprehensible in the same way we do.

      1. And to state the obvious: the *only* reason this made national news is that the child became pregnant (apparently) *and* there was a tie-in to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, meaning it fit the media outrage narrative around Roe v Wade — without that, this would have been *exclusively* a local news story.

    4. > but she also explicitly lied about the rapist’s age

      There is a difference between knowingly saying something false, and doing so out of ignorance — it is not clear the doctor who performed the abortion knew who the statutory rapist was, or his age; I do not see why she would necessarily be told or know — so it’s not clear if she lied or not; presumably this will be clarified — it does seem she filed the required report with authorities within the required time.

      And what is the immigration status of the mother?

    5. He is probably the mother’s boyfriend. A lot of single mothers look the other way while their boyfriends abuse their kids. Very common.

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