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George Soros and NGOs Fund Ukrainian Media

The vast majority of the Ukrainian media is funded by either NGOs, foreign Governments or George Soros himself. This is done largely through the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center (UCMC) or UAcrisis.org, along with other proxies. Yet another Hyphen-Report exclusive brings you the real power players promoting pushing Iraq WMD tier myths and fake propaganda.

Donor list for UAcrisis.org aka Ukrainian Crisis Media Center (Click to enlarge)

George Soros and The Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

The “Ukrainian Crisis Media Center”, is an NGO front group that western media are being told to cite as a “reputable” source. Unsurprisingly, UCMC is entirely funded by George Soros, Foreign government or NGOs linked to State departments. On a December 9th 2021 livstream, UCMC hosted Maksym Butkevych. Butkevych who co-ordinates “Without Borders”, a NGO with a self evident name, advocating open border policy. One of the founders of the UCMC, Lena Lovoba also help found “Open Europe” a project to add biometric passports and more open borders.

George Soros

Via the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

UCMC, a “trustworthy” source has been caught pushing NATO lies about Russian shells hitting a radioactive deposit in Chernobyl. Hilariously, they accused Russia of “seeking to carry out large-scale environmental disasters“. UCMC later went onto mirror Iraq war era WMD talking points, spouting “The whole world is in front of huge ecological threat because of Russian invasion to Ukraine“. Additionally begging to “stop the second Chernobyl”. This is clearly attempt by Ukrainian Intelligence and George Soros to provoke the West into “intervening” to stop Russia from causing a nuclear catastrophe.

The UCMC creating lies to provoke Europe / America into war with Russia by creating a fictionalized “nuclear” attack of sorts. Same strategy as US with WMDs in Iraq.

Despite their Western media street cred, UCMC is the recipient of countless amounts of money from organizations linked to George Soros. One of the main donors of the UCMC is the suspiciously named  “Media Diversity Institute”(MDI). Although this is done through the CIA front Open Information Partnership (OIP). OIP listed known CIA front Bellingcat on their site, but have since removed announcement of their “partnership”. MDI is a “project” mentioned in a 2010 Open Society Foundation report regarding funding and the success of George Soros linked projects.


Economic Warfare

George Soros

Featured in OFS’s 2010 report “Living Together: Projects Promoting Inclusion in 11 EU Cities”

Another UCMC funder is The German Marshall Fund, who in a 2017 report got at least 100k directly from the Open Society Foundation. This 1995 piece from Wired even brags about the fact that another funder Internews is “Soros backed”. The rest of Internews funding comes from the US government, according to it’s Marxist founder David Hoffman. Another NGO, Chemonics, is listed in a 2001 report for helping to give “consultation” to Open Foundation Society’s Armenian branch. Yet another larger donor is the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership (ECEP). The ECEP was founded in coordinated with the George Soros funded Estonian School of Diplomacy. The ECEP also receives funding from EUAM, who works with the proudly Soros funded Open Dialog Foundation.

Chemonics International branch being cited for consulting on a 2001 OSF report for the Armenian branch

1996 Open Society Foundations report announcing a 80k donation to “enhance training on European integration” in the Estonian School of Diplomacy and University of St.Petersburg

Multi-headed Beast

Soros also is pouring his money in via the The International Renaissance Foundation(IRF). The IRF is an Open Society Foundation front based in Kiev. The IRF in 1994 got 12 million from George Soros, in it’s 2017 annual report it’s budget was 300k. Going through the IRF’s press releases, it brags about creating TV shows, funding fact checkers, and report exclusively on Russian war crimes. In total, the IRF has given at minimum 200m to fund Ukrainian media and is the single biggest international donor in Ukraine.

Citation: Open Society Foundation’s 2019 Ukraine report

CIA Front after CIA Front

One organization without apparent George Soros backing is the Canadian Temerty Foundation.  Despite not having a website with the millions it gets, it still has room to fund the UCMC. The Temerty Foundation was founded by James Temerty, a Canadian-Jewish billionaire born in Donbass. Oddly however, the Temerty Foundation got practically zero funding up until the recent provocation. Out of nowhere in 2020, nearly 400 million dollars rolled in, signaling the Temerty Foundation to be a western intelligence front. Canada of all Western allies has taken the most involvement in Ukraine, training countless soldiers including Azov.


Temerty Foundation

From Temerty Foundation’s yearly report

Another CIA front funding UCMC is Institute of Statecraft (IoS). IoS is an NGO set up by two former soldiers who worked for NATO. The institutes express purpose it to “combat Russian disinformation”. Notably, during 2018 in tandem with a quarantined effort from Israeli groups, IoS also attacked Jeremy Corbyn. The largest funders of IoS include the US state department, Facebook and the British Government. Obviously as the war in Ukraine highly involves Europe and America, of course they’d need to be invested.

Western Democracies Love The Azov Battalion

Outside of that, there’s the USAID, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of the United States in Kiev, and the National Endowment for Democracy. NATO, The Canadian Government and The German Foreign Ministry all invest heavily in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. This shows that despite appearances put on by European powers, there’s unilateral Western support for Ukraine against Russia. 

Although Azov Battalion has their hardened, “neonazi” image, they received constant praise from the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. Notably, in 2018 the UCMC supported Azov Battalion patrolling the streets of Kiev and effectively enacting martial law.  If you search for “Azov Battalion” on their site, only puff pieces from several years ago pop up. Since negative press has built up about Azov in the West during in past years, their gaze has shifted to positively covering the Ukrainian army.

People often say, “doesn’t Soros fund every country’s media?” and that’s true, but almost 100% of Ukraine’s media is funded by Soros or the US/NATO. This is not being reactionary anti-American or NATO, this is calling it as it is. If it smells like a gayop, sounds like a gayop and is pushed by George Soros backed sources, it’s more than likely a gayop. Be critical of any pro-Ukrainian sources you see, as even many on telegram are either Azov or shill for the CIA. Do you fight for Soros, or your brethren?


John George

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  1. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! gayZOG battalion are the REAL nazis!

    1. lmfao

  2. When you see obvious lies spread and repeated, embraced by nations, and corporations

    Look for the jews

  3. Even Fecal Bacteria refuse to Inhabit Soros’ decayed corpse.

  4. Since we have been talking about gayZOG batallion, we should mention another shady group. This is the Estonian nationalist party EKRE. They have been active for several years in attempts to influence white nationalists in the West to support ZOG. This group is just as much of a meme as Right Sector/Gayzov are. No legitimate nationalist party, no matter how worried about Russia, would advocate stating WWIII to protect a jewish oligarch dictatorship.
    It’s an op…

    Opinion | Estonia needs to call for NATO air intervention in Ukraine


    By Ruuben Kaalep, EKRE
    28.02.2022 09:10

    …Yes – if European air forces hurry to help Ukraine keep peace in her airspace, this would mean losses in combat against Russian air force that is right now bombing both Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. But if we refuse to do it, we suffer losses as well.

    First, we would lose our honor by leaving a free European country alone in its darkest hour.

    Second we lose a chance to stop Russian invasion in its onset and would be forced to retreat to another frontline – the border of Poland, Romania and the Baltic countries – and the next steps from the aggressor would be just a matter of time.

    Third, all well-meaning words given by European countries to Ukraine would lose their meaning – because right now, military assistance is all that matters. And as we have the capability to provide it, any delay would really mean supporting the aggressor.

    The main demand of Russia on Ukraine has up to now been to relinquish joining NATO.

    If now, during street battles and civilian losses, NATO would distance itself from Ukraine, this would mean her abandonment. Even if for western European countries this would seem reasonable, front line countries like us cannot agree.

    Thus it is extremely important for Estonia to support the implementation of a no-fly zone and therefore providing direct military assistance for Ukraine.

    This no-fly zone would mean launching NATO fighters from their bases in Poland and Romania with an objective to destroy Russian aerial superiority in Ukrainian airspace. This would be a great step, yet the NATO allies fear it at the moment.

    Of course they have a reason for it – deterrence of Russia. Most European countries still hope to avoid a conflict with Russia. Because nobody really knows what a direct aerial war would lead to – if even to nuclear war.

    Is this really a reason to let the Ukrainian soldiers die defending their land without any direct assistance? At the same time, NATO air forces in Polish and Romanian bases have been put to alert, but only to reassure the allied countries – excluding Ukraine. Yes, the article 5 does not touch Ukraine. But we, East European frontline countries should feel that this will not go. We cannot be witness to killing of our friend, protecting only ourselves.

    Because that would give birth to a precedent. If the Western countries will be ready to again sit behind a table with Putin – which could very well happen in the next days – this will mean that borders will be drawn above our heads. And we cannot forget that the Russian demands are not limited to Ukraine. The demand to stop any exercises in the Baltic countries and remove allied forces is a direct infringement on our internal affairs. This is exactly as in Ukraine. NATO’s Article 5 is what Putin will test next. If Article 4 does not bring any military action with it now, Russia’s natural wish will be to test the validity of Article 5.

    If military assistance is refused, then the sole silver bullet would be sanctions. And here our hands are tied, due to the weakness of the West in previous decades.

    For months, everyone had a chance to prepare for a sudden termination of economic ties. But this was not done – whether from pacifist hope that Russia would actually be peaceful, or from fear before a strengthening force. The sanctions that are on table now seem to be getting no reaction from Russia. Russian economic relations with China will still continue, even if the Western countries agree to stop purchasing gas, to completely isolate Russia and to stop her from using the SWIFT system.

    The Baltic countries, standing on the frontline as well, need to speak up. For Estonia, the fall of Ukraine would be not just a tragedy but the removal of last defense before our homeland.

    We know in our hearts that the Ukrainian army fights for our freedom as well. Our duty is to demand military assistance for Ukraine from NATO. And the no-fly zone is what Ukraine yearns for.

  5. Putin is so Based! Yo Based department? Let’s flippin’ goooooooo!!

    1. finklethink lfg

    2. I think this shill post is a ZOG recruiter trying to make a guilt by association argument. The truth is, Anglin and Fuentes, gay ops that they are, have taken better stances than most “serious pro-white leaders.” Sad, but true.
      They are talking about this like most of the base, rooting for Russia to win! People like that, they don’t want to hear this over analytical fag shit all the time. We need more of the “fuck ZOG” from people who are not gay ops.

      1. yep

      2. It’s quite obvious who the shill is here.

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