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Pregnant Ohio 10 Year Old: Serial Raping Illegal Alien is Suspect. Jewish Judge Grants Bail!

Fuentes and Ebner - Partners in Crime
Fuentes and Ebner - Partners in Crime

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One problem with being on the side of the global jewish establishment is that even cases you assume to be in your favor inevitably end up blowing up in your face.

You remember the fear porn piece that the mainstream media took hold of and ran with shortly after the repealing of Roe v. Wade? The details were horrific: a pregnant 10-year-old from Ohio was denied an abortion and had to flee the state for an emergency abortion!

People were rightly skeptical as there was no arrest record of a perpetrator, and all details of the case came from a single source. Even The Washington Post had to come out and admit some of the details were dubious, but nevertheless, Handmaid’s Tale comparisons sprang forth about how women were now merely classified as breeding vessels for rich, White, Christian males.

They really can't help themselves

They really can’t help themselves

New Details

Well, today, some additional details emerged. It turns out the unfortunate story was true, yet the MSM isn’t latching onto it quite as you would expect. One would imagine there would be victory bells ringing from every publication about the dangerous consequences of people not believing women, yet that just isn’t happening.

Why would that be?

A local news outlet quietly published new information on the suspect today. The recently arrested perpetrator is Gershon Fuentes, a 27-year-old Columbus, OH resident. Police say he confessed to raping the child on at least two occasions, and he’s now been charged with felony rape. The victim told police that Fuentes was responsible for her rape and that as she’d just turned 10, she was likely impregnated at only nine years old.

It gets worse, though. A single throwaway line in the article reluctantly admits that Fuentes is “believed to be undocumented,” meaning he shouldn’t even have been in this country in the first place.

I'm sure he was turning his life around

I’m sure he was turning his life around

In a normal and just world, a serial raping illegal immigrant would receive the strictest sentence until charged to keep the children of Ohio safe, but the judge, in this case, seemed to disagree. Cynthia Ebner of the Franklin County Municipal Court ruled that although Fuentes was indeed a flight risk and a danger to children, this alone didn’t warrant him to be held without bond.

It’s astounding that someone who wields such incredible judicial power would rule in such a careless manner, but this abortion of justice led me to raise the question of who Cynthia Ebnder really is.

Cynthia Ebner

You’ll be shocked to learn that Ebner is one of God’s chosen people and has been giving honest and fair legal opinions for over 20 years. Her talents don’t end there. It turns out she’s active in real estate management and development under Ebner Realty Group, profiting from property and casualty insurance under her own license, as well as running a short-lived company called Gesso Studios which deals in the sale of fine arts.

You can tell she's fair and honest, because of the way she is

You can tell she’s fair and honest, because of the way she is

Cynthia also made the news about a decade ago while assisting in a dubious residence scam which ran two years long. The goal? To get her family members’ children into predominantly jewish schools in the predominantly jewish town of Bexley. The plot involved falsely claiming that select family members lived in a small rented apartment in the area, while in reality, the rest stayed in their actual 8,750-square-foot, million-dollar home in a nearby -and worse- district.

Their trouble began when private investigators tailed the family, finding that they never stopped by the apartment and never lived there at all. In response, the family developed a “lifestyle” plan to spend sufficient time in the apartment to qualify for enrollment, but this also failed when the district justly ruled against them.

All hope was thought to be lost until Cynthia volunteered to do a “house swap” with the increasingly desperate family. The final arrangement ended with Cynthia moving into the family’s million-dollar residence while they moved into her slightly less opulent $485,000 Bexley home, conveniently paying each other $2,200 per month in rent.

Despite multiple attorneys and superintendents calling the move “bogus,” they just.. allowed it, instructing the school to keep an “extremely close watch on the Ebners,” but essentially letting them get away with it.

All are welcome for only a small fee of $650

All are welcome for only a small fee of $650

If all this wasn’t enough, Cynthia Ebner has one final trick up her sleeve: her fervent and virulent Jewish advocacy

She is founder of the Children of Holocaust Survivors – both OSU and Columbus chapters, the National Young Leadership Cabinet of the Columbus Jewish Federation, both the Anti-Defamation League and Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Legal and Tax Advisory Board, to name a few. Cynthia was also involved in the production of the Emmy award winning documentary-drama “A Survivors Journey,” a story of the survival of her father, Murray Ebner, during the Holocaust.

It’s impressive that with all her time spent selling real estate, dealing in fine art, running schemes to promote jewish family members, and participating in 6 million jewish advocacy groups, she even finds time to go easy on serial raping illegal immigrant pedophiles. Still, I suppose where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Sam Caldwell
Social Nationalist and based book enthusiast. Hail National Justice Party.

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    2. […] Yesterday, we covered how a 10-year old girl was serially raped by an illegal immigrant, and then granted bail by a lenient jewish judge with a spectacularly corrupt history. It’s hard to imagine how such a horrific case could get any worse, but in our current nightmare world anything is possible. […]

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