Elderly White Man Assaulted by Raging Shaniqua, Savage Blacks Online Crave More Violence!

The following article, written in response to the violent attack of an elderly White man outside of a Longhorn Steakhouse in Greece, New York was submitted to the Hyphen-Report by a local anonymous author.

To the best of my ability, I have tried to document, verify, track down and record as much information as possible regarding this anti-White attack on a hapless elderly man in Western New York, and after having spent almost 12 hours diving into the lives of these vicious people—and black social media in general—I walk away from it with a distinct sense of remorse for the family of the victim.

If you are so blessed to have your grandfather alive and well, please make an effort to hug him and let him know you care. You will witness this writer’s greatest fear played out in real life. I miss my Opa dearly, but I can honestly say that I’m grateful he will never have to experience this, and that brings some form of calm to my heart.

The Background and Assault

Allow me to paint you a picture. Imagine an all-American town in the post-World War II era, filled with nice White families; a father supporting his family on his modest but acceptable salary and a mother who cares for a baby all day while the kids are at school. They live in a Kodak town, the father comes home after a long day making film, camera lenses, or working on a factory floor. HE drives a nice new car that was paid in full when it left the lot. This is the story of Greece, New York. Built in the shadow of the mighty Eastman Kodak Corp., this town was supposed to be the prototype for the future American suburb. Now, deprived of the economic powerhouse that drove the city to near urban levels of economic activity, it’s a haven of criminals of every dark shade one can imagine.

This large town, still donning the aging yet significant infrastructure that it necessitated in years past, now gets by on offering a wide variety of retail and service jobs but not much else. In this video below, we see what is a rare yet increasingly documented facet of daily life in places like this.

As noted in the video, this takes place outside a Longhorn Steakhouse, located in a busy area of the town. This is an important point to keep in mind. As a local, this is probably one of the busiest areas outside the city at any given point in the day. Anecdotally, when I have the misfortune of having to drive through this area, I’m ready to deal with some form of modern American bullshit. The elderly man in this video most likely shares my opinion if this is his experience.

Post taken from Facebook

Unfortunately, this is the closest summation of events we can find before the video begins. When it was originally uploaded, blacks from across the social media perspective began applauding the woman’s actions after viewing a selectively edited clip of the altercation, which excluded the attack on this old grandpa. Again, this was a busy location, so I don’t doubt that a traffic incident likely caused this altercation. I do have a reason to believe, however, this incident was the aggressor’s fault. Not only does it just check out anecdotally, but Greece as a town also has a very high black crime rate. 

If I had to take a guess, this negress likely cut the man off while he was out trying to enjoy a Sunday night dinner with his wife. As is common today, one’s ability to carry out such simple pleasures is at the mercy of the sudden appearance of TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior). When the dark hand of diversity strikes and singles you out individually, get ready for your social and economic precarity score to decrease.

This is the face of a woman who would kill you for forgetting to include hot sauce in the take-out bag. She is not unique.

Next, the daughter accuses the man of coming back out of the restaurant to initiate the confrontation. Again, giving her the benefit of the doubt, is it really out of the question that this violent queen wasn’t making threats against him and his property before he went in? We have evidence that she is capable of making such threats and carrying them out in the video, is it out of the question to consider her increased bravado while yelling from car to car? What was the woman doing as he was inside? Was she lurking around his vehicle? All of these questions are important to understanding the context of the video. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he initially went out to try and apologize and smooth the situation over, only to be greeted by the obnoxious behavior of the American black in 2022.

Next, we see the daughter accuse the gentleman of calling her mother “girl” and spitting on her, eliciting her physical outburst. Taking her at her word, he probably did hit her with spit. He did not “spit” on her. Big difference. If I assaulted every old person who accidentally shoots spittle in my direction, I’d have a much more interesting criminal record. However, there is no indication in the video that this man hocks a loogie at this subhuman. If anything, this woman consents to mutual combat the second she threw hands over a supposed traffic slight.

The daughter then notes he comes back to her. At this point, even someone as deradicalized as someone his age most likely is—as non-racist as he must be from the decades of indoctrination from school and the media and culture en masse—he snapped. Every social norm of polite society has been shit on within the last five minutes by this woman. He has every right to be angry. He has every right to knock her jaw off of her chimpesque face. He manages to contain it, barely, instead deciding to raise his voice in response to her further instigation.

She continues yelling in his face, and then he can no longer contain himself. He then tries to leave, almost as if he knew what was inevitable at this point. The TNB, though, has other plans. The misshapen primate then lands a sucker punch to the side of the old man’s skull. He collapses into what appears to be a pillar by the door. He remains conscious and tries to retreat again, only to be pulled back by the simian. More civil apes intervene, as well as a few Whites unaware of the gravity of the situation, and the man is allowed to flee into the restaurant, where the mayhem ensues after the video ends.

The only people tired in 2022 are White people. Tired of the slander, the bad behavior, and the entitlement of blacks and their jewish encouragement.

What is evident throughout this video is the respect this nog feels she is entitled to. It’s obvious by the tone of the daughter’s post, and it’s obvious with the pure bestial anger in her voice as she called him a “cracker” and insinuated all White people were as offensive to her sensibilities as the elderly man she assaulted.

I’ve also read reports from people in the restaurant that the police were called and arrived after the video ends. The sheboon follows him into the establishment and continues to make a scene. She notes the cops believed he was “in the wrong.” This can’t be verified, but knowing the cowardly nature of modern American police and how quickly they would kneel in front of one of the nation’s most sacred cows at the drop of the hat. I wouldn’t doubt this report’s authenticity.

Holding Antisocial Blacks Accountable

Now, these aggressors have names. And addresses. I think that if the police won’t do their job and hold violent, anti-White criminal scumbags like these accountable, your friendly neighborhood White advocates will have to do their jobs for them.

Let’s start with the daughter who posted the rest of the “story” to Facebook. Her legal name still eludes me because blacks like this often just use Facebook to operate beautician services, peddle MLM cosmetics, sell drugs, and post sexually explicit images of themselves (like anyone wants to see such grotesque things). Oh, and don’t forget the badly photoshopped homages to “they dead homies” with really gaudy angel wings. Right. Because they were so saintly and pious on Earth.

You can find her nail business, Nails by Kuban, on social media here and on TikTok here. She lives in NYC, according to her profile information. However, despite being your typical kill-whitey sheboon, she also likes to post about finding spiders in her Popeyes apple pie.

Blacks wash their chicken with Dawn dish soap and think drinking Sunny D is good because it’s “healthy.” This dubiously placed spider in your Popeyes shouldn’t phase anybody, Kuban.

Her Facebook page is here and you can see her personal Instagram page here. She also grifts as a photoshop artist, you can see her cringe-worthy collages here. On top of all this, she is a brand ambassador for a local fake eyelash company. They seem to be no longer in business, maybe because instead of growing a business properly by working hard and offering a valued service, they insisted on giving free products to their friends with a few hundred followers as a promotional arrangement. Cartoonish levels of idiocy.

As for the presumed assailant, I have a very good idea of this person’s name, address, employer, and license plate number. Unfortunately, I do not feel 100% confident in this info. Too much of it is hearsay. I have a few messages and requests I’m waiting to hear back from, and if they confirm my information, it will be published.

Nothing screams like a successful business more than hot gluing fake nails on the unwashed fingers of hoodrat women on your kitchen table.

Finally, in some positive news, the elderly man also seems to be unknown to this point. I can only assume this man has sons and grandsons. I hope that his unfortunate victimization at the hands of violent, rent-seeking blacks means they will reach out to organizations like the National Justice Party if their elderly relative continues to be harassed by the system. As we’ve seen with the action in Fargo and Akron, our White guys walk the walk. He was assaulted because he was a White man, simple as that.

The Coming(?) Race War

After hours of research into anti-White criminals like the ones that roam Greece, NY unfettered, I kept running into evidence of the same sad facts: these people despise us. With the help of jewish media incitement, blacks have been taught to lie, smear, and antagonize. That accountability is not something they should ever worry about. On social media and elsewhere, they easily pass off manipulated videos, joke about murdering White babies, and feign fear of being another “Tops-style victim.” Below is a collection of some of the greatest hits taken from the comments sections of the attack video we posted earlier:

Blacks think that any form of perceived “disrespect” somehow validates brutal violence. It doesn’t.

Black Instagram user mr_stay_in_your_place openly advocating for racially motivated violence towards White people.

More open advocacy for violence against White people.


Respect is earned, not given, Shaniqua.

Does this look like a simple misunderstanding? No, this is the exact kind of hate we as a race are constantly accused of harboring deeply inside of us. Imagine being this old man. Is it wrong to believe this incident could lead to him becoming a recluse, fearful of going out knowing he’s too old to defend himself or his wife anymore? What if this new normal leads him to an early grave? What if he no longer gets the chance to hold his great-grandchildren because this society has moved past him and is now completely fine with him being murdered for having the audacity to go out to dinner around blacks?

This is the future our parents (for reference, I’m in my early 30s) have to look forward to. Do you think you will be rewarded with a fulfilling retirement for decades of honest labor? No, your retirement will consist of constantly walking on eggshells, praying to God that some incensed black won’t find offense in some minor passing interaction that they will use to justify killing you like Boers in South Africa. Does that 50 hour work week sound more appealing?

Imagine if the races were reversed. There would be an international incident.

I believe that a race war is happening. We have driven past the last exit on the highway, so to speak. In hindsight, the dichotomy between a cold and hot race war was misguided. The fact that illegal gun ownership amongst blacks is almost ubiquitous, Whites as a whole refusing to acknowledge the current state of race relations, and the complete apathy of our elite; the distinction was always going to be if this race war was implicit or explicit.

As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” Blacks are now openly wearing their skin color as a uniform. Whites need to, now more than ever, acknowledge this. It feels as if society is approaching a tipping point ever more quickly. Each day, a new egregious offense has taken place, and each time, the system claims that someone with White skin is to blame for it.

This anti-White attack, sadly, is not noteworthy for the fact it happened. There have been far worse. What makes it noteworthy is the general response from the public that it seems to be generating. I’m more proud of my people after this happened because I saw so much support for this man from Whites who, years ago, would have thrown him under the bus. Just ask the McMichaels.

This old man, violently attacked for his race, needs justice. A real justice. Only through unified support of White victims, the advocacy for their rights, and a joint denunciation of the jewish media that enables these attacks will we ever see such a thing materialize. But it can be done. We still need to work on our messaging because on social media, there were still some allusions to Martin Luther King token credentialism by Whites looking to signal how not racist they are. It’s not the ideal, but it’s progress, and hopefully, it will begin to harden us in this explicit race war that blacks seem to be fighting.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hyphen-Report. Any content provided by our editors or anonymous authors is of their opinion.*

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  1. I grew up in upstate NY. It was rare to see negroes in the smaller towns. Starting in the 1980s, state prisons and call centers replaced manufacturing. Many of the negro and mestizo criminals from NYC were sent to upstate prisons where their wives or girlfriends would visit and realize their welfare benefits went a lot farther because of the lower cost of living. A colonization effort began and has compounded the economic woes.

    My hometown had the double whammy of deindustrialization and corrupt local politicians. It lost half the population between 1960 and 2000. The population loss was stopped only by throwing the city open as a refugee dumping ground. Once the grants for refugee resettlement expired, the refugees went on the taxpayer’s dime. The school system used to be pretty good. Recently it was sued for not providing adequate opportunities to a literal UN student population. A church was replaced by a mosque.

    I did some family history research and called up googlemaps to see the house my father grew up in. It’s now a vacant lot and the adjacent house is boarded up.

    When Whites regain power, we need to settle some scores. I blame the liberal whites and jews more than the browns who are just reacting to incentives.

    1. Hello Binghamton.

    2. >a literal UN student population

      Maybe you know of this piece that appeared about 5 years ago:

      My Hometown Is Gone

      It was written about Utica NY — same story basically — it had its 15m, as did the woman who wrote it; she went by Loretta the Prole on social media, and got some attention on Twitter back then, but has since left the scene (she was married with kids).

      >The Coming(?) Race War

      Hopefully we can remove the ? and get on with it sooner rather than later — because I cannot imagine anything worse for Whites than the status quo as far into the future as you can imagine — obviously with removal of statues etc, the physical elimination phase of diversity has already begun — Whites who believe it will stop there are naive — see Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa.

  2. […] the country are regularly denied, as they are fired, depersoned, displaced, imprisoned, racially assaulted, and humiliated by a ruthless anti-White system that Maxwell will never be the target of […]

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