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Justice for Ethan Liming: The Latest Casualty of Black Violence

“Ethan Liming, a 17-year-old rising senior at Firestone Community Learning Center. Ethan was a student leader at his school and was in the Academy of Design there.”

Back in the day, the old adage “boys will be boys” was often used to dismiss the kinds of innocent trouble that young males took part in. In the current day, however, the simple pleasures of youth—like impromptu water gun fights with other boys—are liable to get you killed by the hands of racially agitated blacks. This happened to be the case for Ethan Liming, a 17-year-old White teenager and athlete from Akron, Ohio, and the latest casualty of black violence in America.

On June 2nd, 2022, Ethan and a group of friends were driving by the basketball courts of the “I Promise School,” an Akron elementary school that covers grades 1-8 and focuses on the enrollment of the most “at-risk” students and families in the district. While it’s not completely clear, the Police believe that someone in the car with Ethan may have discharged a toy water gun at a group of blacks playing basketball in an attempt to engage in horseplay.

The toy water gun used by Ethan and his friends. This model used harmless gel capsules to wet a target.

A scuffle occurred not long after, and Ethan was assaulted by a gang of three black males and a female. Once the altercation was over, Ethan Liming was dead, and the autopsy confirmed the cause of death to stem from blunt force injury to the skull. At the time of writing this article, Akron Police have made zero arrests relating to the crime, and have assured citizens that Ethan Liming’s beating death had no known racial motivations. Still, the Liming family has urged members of the same “at-risk” community that I Promise services to come forward with more information that may lead to apprehending the perpetrators.

“Ethan was everything. He was a good boy. He was a smart boy. He loved life. He loved living life. He wanted to be friends with everybody,’ his mother, Jennifer Liming, said. ‘Ethan didn’t see color. He saw hearts. He was just such a good person.
‘Please help us find these people,’ she said. ‘I just miss him so much. I wish he was here.”

Despite being brutally murdered for partaking in innocent, summertime activities, and despite possessing video surveillance evidence of the attack in question, Akron Police appear to be taking their time with the investigation. One wonders, however, if the police would act with greater urgency if the races were reversed. Would Akron P.D drag their feet and shy away from investigating the incident as a hate crime if the victim was black? Or would it be international news, spearheaded by search helicopters and special prosecutors out for litigious blood?

“Police determined that the collective actions of the teens in the car appear to have ‘unfortunately provoked the altercation.'”

Why would a police organization cowardly attempt to downplay a slam dunk murder case by blaming the victim for provoking it? What kind of people are capable of murdering a minor in cold blood, and within the eye-shot of an elementary school? Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, let’s take a quick look at the “I Promise School” in further detail.

The “I Promise School”

“Annual costs of the school reportedly amount to $8 million, which are by some perceived to be a burden on taxpayers living in the comparatively low-income school district”

Founded in 2018, the “I Promise School” of Akron, Ohio began as a citywide special program founded by celebrity NBA player LeBron James. While it focuses on schooling for what it calls “at-risk” families, I Promise also provides a laundry list of special programs and resources for kids and their parents alike.

Believing that education starts at home, the I PROMISE School places an intentional focus on family engagement and dedicates extensive resources to support its students’ entire families. IPS has an entire wing dedicated to a Family Resource Center that provides resources and amenities for every family including an individualized I Promise Family Care Plan that helps them navigate daily challenges and facilitate long-term planning. IPS also incorporates resources from its community partners, local businesses and agencies to support our families with wide-ranging services and basic essentials to create a one-stop shop for all families.”

According to the website for the LeBron James Family Foundation, I Promise will issue a free bicycle and helmet to each student, and offer free uniforms, free tuition, meals, and transportation. It even operates a food pantry, offers GED and job placement services for parents, and will guarantee tuition to the University of Akron for every graduate that achieves at least a 3.0 GPA. While the school may have initially been the brainchild of LeBron James, his multi-million dollar act of inter-city philanthropy has snowballed into an 8 million-dollar-a-year boondoggle, with the Akron School District now floating approximately 75 percent of the costs.

With an unbelievable amount of money being pumped into the development of young blacks and their not-so-young parents, you would assume that the educational fruits of such a prestigious social experiment would be abundant. One look at the data, however, reveals a more tragic, yet predictable tale.

“In reading, where both classes had scored in the lowest, or first, percentile, third-graders moved to the ninth percentile and fourth-graders to the 16th. In math, third-graders jumped from the lowest percentile to the 18th, while fourth-graders moved from the second percentile to the 30th.”

While the numbers may have grown, the numbers themselves are still painfully low. Still, the media would rather cover the growth itself as an achievement, and not the fact that black students, after an 8 million dollar a year war chest levied predominately from White taxpayers, can only eke out a pathetic position in the 16th percentile of reading scores.

The expertly paved and maintained basketball courts at the I Promise School have done more to kill White children than it ever will in uplifting black lives.

There is no amount of funding that can be issued to a school that will make a black person a White one when they grow up. No amount of money will stop a gang of black people from beating White kids to death over the smallest, most inconsequential slights. LeBron James and his I Promise School just happens to be the latest iteration of these time-honored facts, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Warning Signs

According to Rev. Dr. Bill Liming, the father of Ethan and the Lead pastor at Montrose Zion United Methodist Church, one of Ethan’s friends had been assaulted at school twice prior, with one incident resulting in him being stabbed up to seven times in the head. Due to the severity of the attack, the aggressor received an attempted murder charge. He candidly reveals this information during a May 8th sermon to fellow churchgoers, the theme of which revolves around mental health, in which he openly acknowledges the school system’s penchant for black violence, and its unwillingness to tackle the issue head-on.

“Over the last couple of years, people’s tensions have risen to the point of snapping. It makes us irritable with one another and makes us more likely to lash out in anti-social ways. There’s some days I feel like I’m living inside of a tinderbox, just waiting for somebody to strike a match…”

“David Lang, who’s Liming’s uncle, said his nephew was a positive person who loved playing sports. He played football and was on the honor roll. He had dreams of playing college football.”

Bill also calls out the lack of security and surveillance infrastructure at the I Promise School. He decried the place as unsafe for children and questioned the quality of surveillance camera equipment on the property, labeling them as “grossly insufficient.” This leads us to believe that incidents of violence outside the I Promise School are commonplace enough for their security measures to be a known issue in the first place amongst parents like Bill.

‘I know we’ve been led to believe it’s a safe and secure place, it is not safe,’ he said. ‘It is not secure,’ he said. ‘The cameras they have there are grossly insufficient.’

Unfortunately, the I Promise School is not the only failing institution in Akron, Ohio. In fact, the entire Akron Public School District is a known hotbed of black aggression. As recently as 2021, the 2,400 teacher-strong Akron Education Association, issued a statement regarding a sharp uptick in overall student violence which includes assaults on teachers and fellow students, and even a rise in cases of guns being smuggled inside school buildings. The union’s board of trustees successfully passed a vote of no confidence in the district’s failing head of security, triggering heated negotiations between the district superintendent and teacher representatives.

The district is not following the student code of behavior, union President Pat Shipe said, resulting in inconsistent discipline practices and a dangerous environment for teachers.

As if the crime itself wasn’t outrageous enough, Ethan Liming’s death could have been completely avoided, if not for the critical failure of the system to intervene and crack down on the surge of black violence before things could escalate further.

The Aftermath

While the animal killers of Ethan Liming are currently evading true justice, the White community can rest easy knowing that LeBron James himself has stepped forward, albeit lazily, to assist the families and friends of the innocent victim. The multi-millionaire basketball star quickly took to social media to offer a token round of thoughts and prayers for the young White teenager, but more importantly, to offer complete assurances that the I Promise campus is a safe and secure one!

LeBron James has blood on his hands, and the most he can offer is a prayer for

A dead White kid lays on the stoop of your diversity pet project and all the victims get are prayers. Which community are you praying for, LeBron James?

As America continues to completely unravel into one large and seamless act of black terror, the names of young White children like Ethan Liming will continue to line the memorial wall of innocent dead Whites, alongside unforgotten martyrs Jupiter Paulsen and Cash Gernon. It is the opinion of this author that the Akron School District, as well as LeBron James, are fully culpable in the death of Ethan Liming. While LeBron James may not have held the boy down personally while his co-ethnics delivered the fatal blows, his money, and his vision, inculcated an environment in which these animals were allowed a place to gather, encourage one another, and commit the violence which robbed the Liming family of their seventeen-year-old son.

‘My son Ethan Liming was murdered by three African American males and a female who stood by and did nothing,’ Bill Liming said.

More money for programs and free stuff in the name of social equity does nothing but create a sense of royal entitlement in the black population, and it was that kind of entitlement that allowed these murderers to think it was totally justified to pulverize a White boy in cold blood, all for spraying them with a harmless water gun in the summer month of June.

While the perpetrators are clearly to blame for this horrible lynching of a promising young White man, so too is the system which failed him. From the cowardly, failing school district, all the way up to the lackadaisical members of law enforcement who now purposefully drag their feet in the investigation. They are all complicit in the continuation of black violence and the prevention of justice rightfully earned by the aggrieved White community of Akron, Ohio. How many warning signs need to be made before black violence is finally tackled? How many more dead White kids must it take before the institutions begin to take their jobs seriously?

The Hyphen-Report formally demands justice for Ethan Liming and his family, justice for the White community, and denounces the Akron School District, the Akron Police Department, and LeBron James for the advancement of his race at the expense of the tax-paying White people everywhere.

Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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    1. Has anyone been arrested? — is there a description of suspects?

      >A scuffle occurred not long after, and Ethan was assaulted by a gang of three black males …

      I admit it is likely they were black, but so far I have not seen a description in media reports.

      Some obvious questions: Was everyone in the car with Liming white? — did they know the group playing basketball? — if not, why would they play a prank like that on people whom they did not know? — especially complete strangers of another race, when that race is known to be violent?

      There are many open questions about this tragic incident.

      The most tragic thing of all is that Whites are forced to share a country with Blacks, too many of whom are violent savages.

      1. “Was the rape victim wearing a short dress, or had red lipstick on, or wore makeup that accentuated her sexy physique before she was stalked and raped repeatedly by 3 black men?”

        Some obvious questions, right?

        Also, you won’t see a racial description of a violent crime involving nonwhites within the mainstream media. The response of mortal violence to a prank speaks to whom is the perpetrator, especially when the victim is a White person.

        1. >Also, you won’t see a racial description of a violent crime involving nonwhites within the mainstream media.

          Actually I do — clearly not as often as before, e.g. a couple of decades ago, but I do see it, including when subjects are being sought for committing a serious crime — which is why I asked if anyone had in this case.

          The rest of your comment is dumb and not really worth a response — but I will say this: even when I was younger, stronger, and playing basketball regularly with the ‘brothers’, I would never have done something as stupid as playing a prank like that on Blacks I did not know, since via regular contact with them I knew their ready potential for senseless violence, which I experienced firsthand on court when playing with Blacks in pick-up games.

          So maybe you ought to blame the media, which constantly preaches about the evils of ‘racism’, and as you suggest too often today omits info about race from crime stories, for psychologically disarming so many young Whites by not being honest with them about the extent of violent black criminality, as well as the violent nature of many Blacks.

          Also, it’s who (subjective) is the perpetrator, not ‘whom’ (objective).

    2. You know, not to distract from this horrific nigger crime, but y’all may find it interesting that the “water gun” that they used are classified as “prohibited weapons that discharge a super absorbent gel ball missile” in all but one state here in Australia.
      If you use plastic pellets it’s a federal offence and an NFA machine gun charge.
      Don’t give these cunts an inch on gun control.
      Bless this young man’s family, I can’t imagine their suffering.

      1. >classified as “prohibited weapons that discharge a super absorbent gel ball missile” in … Australia.

        Given how cucked Australia is, e.g. the out-of-control COVID tyranny, I’m not sure how meaningful (or surprising) this is — but thanks for the info.

    3. thank you! i Loved reading this article. Ethan was a good friend of my daughter. He was a great kid!

      Again, thank you for this article!

      1. It was our express privilege to cover this story when so many refuse to touch the hidden details. Our condolences go out to the community in Akron, and the Liming family.

        Thank you for reading

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    8. I wish you wouldn’t use the word “lynching” to characterize the vicious murder of Ethan Liming. Using it in this way basically concedes that lynchings were unjustified, hateful murders, when in fact they were just vigilante justice, only occasionally perhaps did they get wrong guy. Thus it also implies that Ethan did something to deserve being killed. I know you don’t intend it that way, but when i hear lynching, that’s how I take it.

      1. Well, I started using “Lynching” as the word to describe his murder because according to the system’s own terminology (instituted after the passing of the ridiculous Emmet Till Act) Ethan would qualify. This forces the system to admit the double standard (they won’t) or play by the same rules for both Whites and non-Whites.

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