Hyphen-Report offers a voice to the silent majority.

We aren’t your average news site. Hyphen-Report is a hub for budding content creators. We cover a wide range of current events, cultural trends, and historical topics from a dissident perspective. Additionally, other forms of content like videogames or comics may be hosted here.

We would like to provide an easy-to-use platform for future content creators of the growing global Nationalist movement. Veteran or newbie, you are welcome here!

If you enjoy any of the following activities:

      • Making vidya games
      • Making art
      • Writing
      • Using social media
      • Editing videos
      • Making a WordPress website

and you’re looking to contribute casually to a Nationalist project, please contact us at [email protected]. You may also submit corrections, tips, and complaints to this address. Glowies need not apply.

Please note that we are not affiliated any particular organization. All views on this site are solely the respective author’s. If they get the facts wrong, we encourage you to roast them in the comments (they deserve it).

Social Media

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Poa.st: https://poa.st/@Hyphen-Report


We are avid supporters of Monero. We would like the entire Nationalist sphere to adopt secure cryptocurrencies like Monero. To this end, we would like to help Nationalist business owners set up crypto payment systems. Also, if you are a Nationalist business owner, we will advertise your product. If you are interested, contact us. We will work with you.

The more we build our own economies, the more resilient we can become as a movement.

Finally, if you have spare crypto and are looking to support a nationalist project, you may donate to the following address. 

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