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Antifa in the Corner Office, Part I: Diversity & Inclusion at Progressive Insurance

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American drivers in nearly every state are required by law to carry automobile insurance. Because some insurance companies specialize in more risky drivers, they may be the only option available for the young or elderly, or those with poor records. Therefore, it’s especially important that companies we are forced by law and circumstance to deal with act impartially and avoid unfair discrimination.

You may recall a few months ago, I posted on telegram about Progressive Insurance Company offering grants to Latino/Hispanic owned businesses to purchase commercial vehicles. 

Since that time, I discovered Progressive escalated its “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programming.”  Whereas other carriers allow you to select male or female, Progressive now offers non-binary gender as an option. In addition, they offer a breakdown of employee and managements’ gender and racial demographics on their website.  According to the most recent iteration of the page: “[t]o serve our customers, we must understand them. We seek to be diverse in our employee demographics, experiences, and perspectives.” 

Please note, there are two different versions of this page I used sourcing this story.  In the middle of writing the piece, Progressive updated the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.  When I refer to figures from 2020, those can be found on this archived page.  Figures from the 2021 update are not categorized the same way as you will see in a moment.

In 2020, Progressive new hires were disproportionately black while every other group is underrepresented compared to the total US population.  Although they work across the country, the bulk of “Progressive People,” as the company calls them, work at head offices in the suburbs of metro Cleveland.  Progressive’s employees and new hires alike are significantly less White than Ohio’s total population.  

In just one year from 2020 to 2021, the share of Progressive’s workforce who identify as non-Hispanic White fell from 65 per cent to 62 per cent thanks in part to C-Level decisions intentionally diversifying staff.

Corrected Version

The diversity agenda is intended to increase labour precarity and reduce solidarity thus inspiring fear and loyalty to the regime.

By 2021, the table categories demonstrated a significant shift in thinking. 

2021 Chart Note LatinX

The term Latinx is neither grammatically correct in English nor Spanish.  The added capital “X” for “LatinX” is yet more extraneous nonsense.  

In the company’s attempts to be sensitive to trans and “non-binary” folks, Progressive changed their label for Hispanics in their demographic chart to “LatinX” for their 2021 update.  A poll conducted by Pew Research shows most Hispanics haven’t heard the term; of those who have, few approve let alone use it in everyday parlance.  Only 3 percent of Hispanic Americans adopt the label Latinx themselves. In case you needed proof Progressive isn’t doing this because they want to “better serve their customers,” the post-modern adoption of a Queer Jewish racial slur should be proof enough. 

Demographic change isn’t spread out evenly though, and management continues to lag behind.  We all know that non-white managers find it more difficult to succeed, largely because of affirmative action.  Given the increasing mismatch between department heads and the teams they supervise, this problem is only exasperated.  Management promotions are still three quarters White.  

It appears that inclusion of female managers is the largest change year over year.

Part of the reason these demographic tables were created was because the Equal Opportunity in Employment Commission requires large companies to track their employees’ demographics by race and gender.  Although this statistic is not published with the company’s update, by choosing to link to their EE01 statement, Progressive makes it very easy for left-wing agitators to see how pale and male their management are, with the intent of only furthering activism against them.  Essentially, the company, like much of the American system, engenders its own opposition.  The revolution carried out against Progressive in the name of equity is exactly the agenda the company had already.  

Yet, Progressive isn’t just interested in displaying corporate platitudes or the cold hard data.  Instead, they are more about the human connection.  They decided to tell the stories of their employees (unchanged from both pages).  Although some entries like the Asian nerd, the service dog trainer and the veteran aren’t problematic inherently, they mask the more insidious entries which merit our laughter or derision.  

Subrogation Specialist Marcia started an inspirational blog which “radiates positivity.”  Presumably, if the folk wisdom were worth reading, then Progressive would have linked it.  We here at Hyphen-Report aren’t sure what a “Subrogation Specialist” does, but we doubt Marcia knows herself either.  

The laughable part comes in the form of assembled black and brown people who are naturally very cheerful, peppy, and empowered. They are dutiful employees who have some unique stereotypical trait which we must admire and worship. Whilst not outright sinister, these individuals add up quick.  They add up to White displacement.

Since being White doesn’t earn you any favours in the world of work, what does?  Perhaps the company profile of Claims Admin. Supervisor Warren will tell us.

In his six years at Progressive, Warren has found that his coworkers are some of his biggest supporters, both on and off the stage. Warren, who performs as Aurora Thunder, said he first started doing drag when he played dress-up as a kid. It wasn’t until he got a little help from YouTube, a college fashion show, and his sister, that he truly began to see himself as a drag queen.

Now he performs in the Cleveland area, creating intricate and inspiring performances, often with his coworkers supporting him in the audience. “Art can be a human being in motion,” he said, “and my goal is to spark an emotion with the audience.”


Drag Queen at Progressive

Step aside Flo, meet the new face of Progressive!  Seriously, we cannot think of any principled reason for them not to make Aurora Thunder the face of the company. 

What kind of audience does Aurora Thunder perform for?   Apparently, it’s a Diversity Day tradition for this person to perform for his coworkers at Progressive’s Cleveland head office.  He also does drag shows at local bars and clubs in the Cleveland-Akron area. Warren told the assembled crowd that drag is meant to be all ages. “Bring your kids; bring your family; bring your grandkids,” he said.  In case you thought this was so 2022 Biden’s America, the video is from 2018.  The only thing that has changed since this was filmed is that Progressive scrapped Diversity Day.   They now hold various seminars, “Our Courage at Our Core” and Dare to Disagree workshops” which now encompass Diversity Week.  I suppose it takes courage to put this kind of degeneracy on display and expect people who hate it to remain silent.  I will let you be the judge of that yourself.  Hyphen-Report has obtained video of Aurora Thunder performing for the company live.

How this kind of suggestive performance, even if it’s voluntary to attend, doesn’t reach the standard of workplace sexual harassment, is incomprehensible to me.  But then, a system which protects all of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates has no problem excusing this behaviour.  As of 2018, Warren was an LGBT+ Employee Resource Group ambassador.  

Progressive has highly encouraged Employee Resource Groups based around identity.  These groups meet to discuss issues that employees of the category are having personally or professionally.  In a neutral environment, they can be positive outlets for socialisation and stress-reduction.  Most of the ERGs are anything but neutral. Categories include:

Asian American Network (AANET); Disabilities Awareness Network (DAWN); Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Plus (LGBT+); Military Network (MILNET); Network for Empowering Women (NEW); Parent Connection Progressive African American Network (PAAN); Progressive Latin American Networking Association (PLANetA); Young Professionals Network (YPNet).

According to the company:

Since their inception, Progressive ERGs have grown in both influence and size. While our Progressive population grew 18% over the past two years, overall membership of Progressive ERGs grew 28%, an impressive 42% of Progressive people belong to at least one ERG today. We believe our ERGs and our outsized participation rates compared to benchmarks (Diversity Inc’s Top 50) are a significant contributing factor to several people metrics at Progressive. In fact, our data demonstrates that. Our ERG members are more engaged. They’re more likely to stay at Progressive They’re more likely to apply for promotions.

In the mid-2010s, the company’s Customer Relationship Management department partnered with PAAN to create an African-American leadership training program intended to mentor black employees on management techniques, financial skills and analysis.  The program is now available for “Latinx” and Asian associates.   

Apparently, the program is a big success so far.  Of the program members:

…who graduated from each cohort of the program, [t]wo-thirds of graduates have been promoted or made a career-enhancing move within two years after the end of the program. 12% of the current cohort have already been promoted, even though they have not yet graduated from the program.  (Edited for clarity)

The Multicultural Leadership Development Program, as it’s now called, excludes Whites specifically from participating.  In this case, sexual deviancy won’t be enough. 

ERG participants are highly invested in regime ideology.  Since membership yields future success, the future of company leadership will be even more woke as White managers are forced to further humiliate themselves to avoid being replaced by non-whites who are highly motivated.  

Progressive CEO Tricia Griffith

Progressive CEO Tricia Griffith in 2018.

We can see this trend at the top.  Tricia Griffith is Progressive’s first female Chief Executive.  She makes it clear that leadership and the ERGs work in concert to address social issues.  Those who agitate against White supremacy will be rewarded.  Those who resist will be punished.  There is grave concern for victims of microaggressions but little sympathy for victims of black criminality or homosexual grooming of children.   In her statement she says:

…we work hard to create an environment where our employees and all people feel safe, valued, and respected. With so many acts of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia in our communities, this is more important than ever. We stand in solidarity with communities of color, the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups, and we encourage our people to discuss these all-too-prevalent issues with our leadership team, one another, and our Employee Resource Groups…

Strong words need to be backed by real action and our company takes pride in what we’ve done to create one of the most highly recognized corporate cultures for diversity, equity, and inclusion. And we’re taking this even further through my personal involvement in the Business Roundtable and as a member of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is an information exchange.  C-Level Executives pledge to implement so-called “unconscious bias training,” and other anti-White initiatives from the lowest level all the way to the BOD. The group provides mentorship to boards for developing D&I strategic plans and personal growth.  The information exchange porthole allows oligarchs in different firms to the share their “experiences and best practices.”

Black Inspecting Plane CEO Action

One of the stock images on CEO Action’s main page. Now, I for one think that the CEOs who participate should take initiative—hiring thousands of blacks to man their private planes and yachts.  It would go a long way to closing the wealth gap besides!

The group’s lobbying arm called CEO Action for Racial Equity influences public policy in a pro-business “anti-racist” direction.  Issues range criminal justice, healthcare to financial regulations.    

CEO Action Logo

The Group’s Logo

There are over two-thousand member-CEOs across various industries represented.  These companies collectively employ more than 22 million workers. Here is a list of some prominent members:

      • Ralph Schlosstein and John Weinberg, Evercore
      • Marc Rowan, Apollo Global Management
      • David Finkelstein, Annaly Capital Management, Inc.
      • Jonathan S. Lavine and John Connaughton, Baine Capital
      • Dan Shulman, PayPal
      • Adam Silver, National Basketball League
      • Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase
      • Larry Fink, BlackRock

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion is basically an anti-White hate group run by some of America’s most privileged plutocrats.  It’s an integrated platform for the nation’s power elite to compare notes on the best practices for displacing White labour and repressing descent.  Thus, the serf economy which pays starvation wages lumbers along.  Progressive Insurance is but one example company among so many others who are on board with “woke capitalism.”  We at The Hyphen-Report intend to expose many more corporations engaged in anti-White employment practices.  Expect part two of my series “Antifa in the Corner Office” very soon.    

For more from me, follow my Telegram here.


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