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Justice For Jupiter

This article was originally posted to as “Justice For Jupiter (Continued)”, written by Peter Tefft of North Dakota. It has been syndicated here by the gracious staff of the Hyphen Report. Amerikaner expresses our deepest thanks to the Hyphen Report for allowing us to spread the word of this case.

When Amerikaner last covered the Jupiter Paulsen murder trial, we were on our way to another deposition hearing that took place Thursday, the 21st of April, 2022. Since then, new developments have taken place including the family of Jupiter Paulsen indicating they will be pressing hate crime charges against their daughter’s murderer, as well as members of the city council and government; a trial date has been set, and the media and judicial system has shown themselves to be utterly dishonest in their reporting and handling of the case.

Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen, was 14 Years Old.

Nearly a whole year has passed since Arthur Kollie (23) brutally murdered Jupiter Paulsen (14) in an attack that lasted almost a half an hour. An attack that took place while on camera, in front of one witness, and an attack that Kollie admitted to.

This fact along with many other facts in the case have been omitted, obfuscated, and outright lied about.

The video should be released to the public and the leaders that allowed this to happen should be made to watch it.

Kollie initially entered not guilty pleas after an Oct. 25 hearing. That’s when Fargo Police Detective Mark Voigtschild detailed evidence gathered in the case. Voigtschild said Kollie told them he didn’t remember attacking Jupiter but said he used meth the day before. This conflicts with the original reports of Kollies arrest where he indicated he knew he had hurt a girl only he had thought he had killed her.

After being charged Kollie had said “Attempted murder? As is she alive or what? What does attempted murder mean?”

Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law… but only if you’re White apparently.

The police aren’t alone in misrepresenting the facts of the case.

The media lies are almost innumerable. First off, Kollie wasn’t homeless. He has family in town that own a restaurant near the place where Jupiter was attacked. At the time Kollie was staying at the ‘Stepping Stone Resource Center’, a place advertised as being for underprivileged youth but apparently also house murderous adult black immigrants along side the children.

Hidden behind a Fargo Forum paywall is a more in-depth view into Kollies crimes. All of Kollies victims are White, attacking men, women, and children alike.

Kollie was involved in at least four serious violent incidents that he was arrested for, sentenced for jail and probation, violated the probation every time, and then released almost immediately after each time leading up to the attack on Jupiter Paulsen.

Kollie, while being on unsupervised probation, wasn’t being drug tested. This simple procedure could have taken him off the street. The attack on Jupiter could have been prevented in just as many ways as there are lies of omission in the reporting of this case.

The most glaring falsity in the reporting is the constant repetition of the claim that the attack on Jupiter was “random”.

The attack on Jupiter is part of an epidemic of Black on White violence that is being incited by the media itself and government officials who have declared war on White people.

Conservatives like Charlie Kirk see this epidemic and try to capitalize politically on it but really they have no intention of doing anything about it. To the contrary, in 2017 when the GOP had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency they passed the ‘First Step Act’ which led to people like Arthur Kollie being repeatedly let out of jail after committing violent crimes. The Act affirms the anti-White left’s narrative that, since there are no racial differences, the disparity of blacks in the criminal justice system must be the result of White racism.

Having just attended a TPUSA event in town recently, I can say with confidence that they have no intention of doing anything about anti-White racism. Their solution, like the Left, to correct the racial disparities in the criminal justice system, is to imprison less criminal blacks and lock up more innocent Whites.

And the media’s job is to cover up what’s really going on.

When the media isn’t diminishing the severity of the attack on Jupiter by referring to it as “random” they are making excuses for Kollie by claiming he is mentally ill despite having been found to be “malingering”, faking being crazy, in his first mental health evaluation.

In the most recent article by CS Hagen (linked above) the fact that Kollie had already received a mental health evaluation has been totally omitted. The reason given previously for the need for the second mental health evaluation amounts to the first being laden with structural bias so Judge Irby ordered a second, private evaluation on the tax-payer dime. Implying that his own court appointed psychologist is biased or perhaps unqualified and not as good at psychology as he is.

As an aside, a similar pattern of Judges in North Dakota thinking they know better than court appointed psychologist is the case of Judge Erickson. Erickson, a Trump appointed judge, has stopped the death penalty in another non-White on White murder and rape. Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., the killer of Dru Sjodin, a White woman, was saved by Erickson; his reasoning for the change is that the psychological evaluation in that case from decades ago was also biased.

Dru Sjodin

Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.

CS Hagen is an Antifa Journalist that formerly worked at ‘High Plains Reader’, a far left publication started by City Commissioner and LGBTQP advocate, John Strand. Hagen has a history of twisting the facts and doxxing Pro-White advocates like myself in an attempt to shut us up.

I’ve been trying to get Hagen to report the news accurately for years now.

This took place outside Fargo PRIDE’s ‘All Ages Drag Show’ in 2018. Omitted from Hagens story on the event was the admission by event organizers and Red River Vally Democratic Socialists of America members that they think children can consent to sexual acts.

C. S. Hagen? More like C.SAM Hagen. (Child Sexual Abuse Material). Hagen wrote a glowing report of the adult entertainment for children.

The Alford Plea

Kollie’s first lawyer was required to enter an Alford plea because not doing so would subject immigrant Kollie to removal charges. Jewish led Immigration NGOs have spent a decade setting up a system where crime lawyers are held responsible for giving proper immigration advice and if they don’t, then that is an excuse that can be used by the alien in removal proceedings. Kollie’s new lawyer took the hint to remove the Alford plea. If they manage to get some sort of felony conviction then Kollie can now claim his lawyer gave the wrong immigration advice thus avoiding removal – more on Kollie’s immigrant status to come in a future article.

Kollie was allowed to withdraw his alford plea by Judge Irby because Kollie’s new lawyer, Baumann, said his old lawyer, Thornton, didn’t properly advise his client. The only people who are not being properly advised by their counsel is the Paulsen family.

A similar Alford plea deal was struck at the same court in another black on White murder in Fargo of beloved food-truck owner Jason ‘Jay’ Halvorson. That case took over two years for sentencing and the deal resulted in a lighter punishment for the murderer.

The Prosecution

The lies about this case aren’t only relegated to the side of the defense. The prosecution which is supposedly on the family’s side also is misrepresenting the facts of the case or at least its reports indicate that. Naumann, on the prosecution team, said having the case labeled a hate crime by city ordinance would be an enhancement, but prosecutors are seeking a penalty that is “as high as we can get, and we don’t have the death penalty in North Dakota.”

So is it an enhancement or not?

Besides the fact that a hate crime charge would enhance the punishment by 30 days, (sometimes people get multiple life sentences as in the case of James Fields) the penalty they are seeking is only as high as they can get because they opted out of charging Kollie with all he is guilty of.

From the North Dakota Century Code:

If they really wanted the max punishment they would charge Kollie with kidnapping and terrorism and every other crime he committed. If they wanted the max punishment they would be getting the Feds involved to charge him with a Federal Hate Crime, which does allow for the death penalty.

The prosecution doesn’t want to punish Kollie; they want to protect their careers in this anti-White judicial system.

The prosecution also rolled over when the defense requested a ‘jury questionnaire’. The defense (specifically Baumann) argued that “Given the coverage relating to the matter”, it was necessary to screen jury applicants. As the reporting on this case has been abysmal, it seems unlikely this was necessary. It would have been great for the prosecution to ask the defense to clarify what he meant by “media reports,” since the idea that the media has been unduly harsh on Kollie is laughable. However, the prosecution made no attempt to deny the request for a questionnaire.

A similar tactic was used in the George Floyd trial to stack the jury with pro BLM and anti-White jurors while the prosecution had no strategy or questionnaire of their own to weed out bias of their own client.

The April 21st Deposition Hearing

There was a Deposition Hearing on April 21st at 3:00pm. Rob (Jupiter’s Father) and I got there early. We got to see Judge Irby again not allow absurd terrorizing charges be thrown out on a White guy who got into an altercation with his neighbor. No such charges for Kollie of course.

For some context, earlier in the year the Cass County District court pushed terrorizing and hate crime charges against Blair Whitten, a mentally ill young White lady who hears voices, while also declaring her mentally fit to stand trial. She was not allowed a second opinion like Kollie.

Blair Whitten, “White Terrorist”

Once there, as I predicted, the jury questionnaire was proposed as stated, and a deadline was put on the defense as to whether or not they were going to plead insanity. It didn’t appear that the prosecution had prepared the family for these possibilities at all. A trial date was set for September 7th.

Rob mentioned that even more court bailiffs were present than last time when they strong-armed him to sit still while Kollie smiled and laughed at him. The increased police presence is an obvious attempt to intimidate Rob and his family, and to paint them as the dangerous ones, rather than the actual murderer in the room.

Kollie remained still, and seemed sedated.

The day of the hearing Robert Paulsen received a text message from CS Hagen who was fishing for a quote for his article. His report was seemingly ready to publish minutes after the hearing ended, posting the article at 4:19 PM. Robert claims to not remember ever giving Hagen his phone number. He texted him back regardless, sharing his feelings at the time before the hearing. 

Robert to Hagen the morning of April 21st.

Had Hagen hung around to speak with the family after the hearing, he would have known the family’s feelings had changed and Hagen wouldn’t have made it look like he was purposely misrepresenting the facts. Hagen and I crossed paths on his way out and he looked like he saw a ghost, or rather he looked like he wanted a Biden ‘ghost gun’ to shoot me with.

With the article already published, Rob once again texts Hagen later in the day.

A day had passed and still no change to the article. Rob, having grown tired of Hagen’s harassment, asked me to contact the journalist on his behalf. If anyone else contacts Hagen about this topic, he tries to dox them and their whole family, and puts them in danger by printing lies about them.

An email was received at the Justice For Jupiter account from CS Hagen with even more questions while not yet having printed the corrections to his last inquiries.

We issued a formal response. Another day passed and still no retraction so I sent a polite message via Twitter to let them know we were waiting.

I also called the radio.

No other media announced the Organ Donor Ceremony in advance. We showed up to show support.

Finally, 3 days after the original false report they issued a new article.

The article, without an apology about the previous dishonest reporting, attempts to smear the family for seeking justice for the murder of their daughter. Also, no mention of the request for journalists to cease contact with the family or even the promise to keep their anti-White bias out of the reporting of the case. Tall order it seems.

A smaller slight in the article, but worth mentioning, is the dehumanizing ‘style guide’ tactic of refusing to capitalize the word “White” while “Black” and other groups are capitalized. It’s as if they think we are not a race that deserves advocacy.

Another rather pathetic twisting of the truth by Hagen is where he states that I alone call myself “Pro-White”. What would you call someone who sticks up for White people? A simple google search would show I’ve been called that elsewhere.

And what’s wrong with being Pro-White anyway?


Rob Port like Hagen, made their career calling me a Nazi and he too is ready for another payday from the state department… I mean the Fargo Forum. The mental gymnastics performed to try and twist a father trying to get justice for his murdered daughter into something hateful is nauseating.

His conclusion is people do bad things but the government policy that brought Kollie here has nothing to do with it, Kollies history of attacking Whites shouldn’t be taken into account, the judicial system is working how it’s intended, and if you sit next to someone that has been deemed outside the established order YOU have to be labeled as hateful not the murderer you’re trying to ensure face justice.

Rob Port

Rob Port, a coastie, isn’t from around here. It isn’t breaking news that I’ve always seen him, like I see all conservatives pundits, as people who care more about third-world migrants and Zionists than they do White Americans. It’s more than that though now. It’s clear Rob Port hates White people.

The root of hate starts with people like Rob Port who care more about the murderer Arthur Kollie than us.

Why shouldn’t we hate a child murderer, Rob?

Another conservative pundit, Yale educated Scott Hennen, while taking questions for Senator Kevin Cramer who was to appear later in the ‘What’s On Your Mind’ radio show received this phone call.

The message was not played for Cramer later in the show.

No politician has reached out to the Paulsen family.

We’re not going to stand by and let them do this to another White family.We’re going to get justice for Jupiter. Join the fight for White rights.

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