Akron Biased Journal – How Lies, Gaslighting, and Victim Blaming is Okay if The Target is White

The following article was submitted to the Hyphen-Report by Allyson M, co-host of the Dissident Housewives podcast and founding member of the female-oriented dissident group, Evergreen. The article was penned in response to the lies and anti-White gaslighting penned by Akron Beacon Journal reporter Amanda Garrett in response to the racial murder of Ethan Liming.

On Sunday, August 21st, The Akron Beacon Journal published yet another testimonial of their conviction to journalistic integrity!

Just kidding! Their latest article, titled Ethan Liming: The changing narrative about his death outside I Promise and the aftermath is one of the most deliberately dishonest pieces of writing that I’ve read in a very long time. The author, Amanda Garrett, makes no secret of her anti-White bias and comes short—by the skin of her teeth—to outright say that Ethan Liming’s death was well deserved.

Ethan Liming was a 17-year-old White athlete killed by three adult black men and singled out for his race.

This article was also a clear attempt to demonize the National Justice Party’s efforts to bring awareness to the lynching of Ethan Liming and to shift blame away from the black killers and onto Ethan himself. Once again, the White community comes face to face with a media machine that unabashedly runs cover for violent criminal blacks while simultaneously giving their tacit support for future White murders.

Charmingly, Amanda Garrett opens up this article with some tone-deaf onomatopoeia to describe the precise moment that Ethan was slammed into the pavement. Thank you, Amanda, for so intimately helping us visualize the moment that Ethan’s life was robbed from him. Not to be outdone by her introduction, she immediately launches into what is going to be an impressive pattern of dishonesty and gaslighting.

“The unsettling sound of Ethan Liming’s head hitting the blacktop outside Akron’s I Promise school stopped the tussle between two groups of young men at least long enough for one of them to call 9-1-1 on June 2”

This is a lie. The fight did not stop after Ethan’s head hit the pavement, because we know that he took a stomping to the chest after he was on the ground. A stomping, mind you, that was so forceful it left a permanent footprint on the wall of his chest.  Her very next course of action is to set the tone for the rest of the article; that Ethan deserved his death because he was behaving belligerently, while the killers were merely innocent bystanders forced to defend themselves against the terrifying force of Ethan’s friends’ toy water gun.

Akron Beacon Journal reporter, Amanda Garrett

Amanda then posits “The biggest question may be; ‘who is to blame?’.” Interesting question! Any sane person would reply that the three basketball Americans that stomped him to death are to blame, but clearly, we are not dealing with a reasonable individual. Would you be asking who is to blame if three white men stomped a black teenager to death because his friends shot them with a water gun? Something tells me that you wouldn’t.

We already know from the statements of the defense that the three basketball Americans originally fled because they believed that they were under attack by a real gun, but after they realized that it was only a water gun, they returned to the scene to instigate a fight. The use of lethal force in Ohio is only authorized when a person is in imminent fear of great bodily harm. Clearly, there was no fear of harm here given that we know the killers had fled and then returned when they realized that there was no threat.

She states that even though Ethan and his friends were out to have fun, possibly inspired by the Orbeez challenge on Tik Tok, they had perhaps frozen the water pellets to inflict “more pain and damage.” It makes perfect sense that a few teens out to have fun with a social media trend were intending to inflict discomfort. But pain and damage? Thanks for including this insightful piece of information, Amanda. It certainly does not appear that you are trying to portray Ethan, the victim, as reckless, sadistic, and irresponsible as possible.

The three black killers of Ethan Liming

Anyone who has followed this story from the beginning knows that the police were very fast to claim that this crime was not racially motivated. So quick in fact, that the suspects had not even been identified. How did they determine the absence of racial motivation before they apprehended and interviewed the killers? Would a racial motivation not be automatically assumed if the murdered teenager was a black kid?

“False rumors, meanwhile, were spreading on social media and on right-wing media, with people wrongfully suggesting Liming was attacked because he was white.”

At the time of making this statement, the police department had no idea who the killers were let alone what motivated them. Did they comb the suspects’ social media for anti-White content before making that statement? Did they interview their families, friends, teachers, and coworkers to find out if they had ever uttered any antiwhite sentiment? Highly unlikely, but that still didn’t stop them from disseminating this to the public as if it were a fact. It certainly seems like the Akron Police Department was more concerned about the potential reaction from the black community than they were about conducting a fair, racially unbiased investigation. 

 “The SplatRBall brand gun that was used fires up to seven pellets per second and sounds like an automatic weapon”.

Amanda, this is also a lie. The plastic toy absolutely does not sound like an automatic weapon. Regardless, we still have plenty of aggressive victim blaming and malicious speculation to come. The defense lawyers of all three basketball Americans must be paid very well for making their clients appear as upstanding citizens despite the obvious savagery within. We should expect that any nonsense that comes out of their mouths up to and during the trial was specifically tailored for this exact purpose. Journalistic entities such as the Akron Beacon Journal or twenty-year veteran reporter, Amanda Garrett, however, have no such obligation to run cover for suspects in a crime. But judging by this article, it’s difficult to tell!

It can only be described as irresponsible reporting to take these incredibly biased statements from the defense and use them to speculate. By parlaying a lawyer’s final word as the only metric for truth, Amanda is trying to convince the reader that Ethan’s brutal death was his own fault and not the fault of the people who actually delivered undeserved violence upon him.

Eddie Sipplen, Defense Attorney for Donovan Jones

One could argue that the Beacon Journal is intentionally disregarding information from the prosecution’s side. It is equally as likely, however, that the paper didn’t have to intentionally disregard anything, simply because the public has not been made aware of so many key facts in this tragic case. It’s an interesting phenomenon that the only people speaking to the press are insisting that this was not racially motivated.

“As some of Liming’s friends ran, Liming picked up a pellet gun and fired it again at the basketball group”, striking the elder Stafford in the face, Sinn said.”

Why can’t the public know which witness said this? Why are we expected to believe that Ethan would flee the safety of his car to escalate a fight even as his friends ran away? The most likely situation is that he was trying to deescalate the situation, as reported earlier. The only witness statement referenced in this article, however, is one that alleges the exact opposite and comes from the word of a defense attorney.

“While Akron was reeling from (Jayland) Walker’s death and the protests and unrest that followed, the Staffords and Jones sat in jail as their cases slowly worked their way through the justice system before taking a turn on July 27. On that day, a Summit County grand jury decided murder charges weren’t justified in Liming’s death.”

So the grand jury made this decision after the city endured week-long protests by blacks related to the police shooting of Jayland Walker.  Surely this decision was entirely based on the evidence and not a decision that was made out of racial intimidation or fear of provoking the angry and unpredictable black population! Perhaps the most honest thing about this article is the unintentional suggestion that these two events may be related to one another.

The Akron Beacon reported on July 27th that the killers have had their murder charges downgraded to involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor assault because of some “new evidence.” Once again, the public is robbed of pertinent information and isn’t allowed to know the particulars of this racially important crime. Even Ethan’s own family is not privy to whatever this new information might be.

What is this evidence and why can’t they tell us? Are they afraid that the evidence isn’t substantial and that the disappointed family may turn to a group like the National Justice Party, in the way that Jupiter Paulsen’s father did? Are they afraid that releasing the information would bring further activism from pro-White activists? It surely seems like their main concern is to keep the black population at bay and the White population sedated, and has nothing to do with upholding law, order, or justice for Ethan Liming. 

NJP Chairman Mike Penovich squares off with Akron Beacon Journal reporter Alan Ashworth

The NAACP, on the other hand, has already made its position known that despite Ethan being the only one to lose his life that night, he is not the sole victim. Judi Hill, the president of the Akron NAACP chapter said “she and others were troubled that law enforcement painted Liming as the only victim in the incident when the basketball players were the ones attacked.” Please join me in a moment of silence as we hold space for the victimhood that the basketball Americans must have been subjected to as they stomped Ethan’s chest and head into the pavement. At this point, the tone of the article begins to shift away from victim-blaming to outright excusing the actions of his depraved killers.

 “For me and some folks I’ve spoken with, how do you go from minding your own business, being law-abiding citizens, to being vilified in the system and then given such high bonds even though you’ve never been a criminal?” Hill asked.

Hmm Judi, I think that might be just what happens when you beat someone to death! “All (Jones) did was play basketball and go to work, and help his mother with bills,” defense attorney Sipplen said, pointing out that his client had no criminal record.” That’s all he did until he decided to beat Ethan to death, no big deal though right? “Neither did the younger Stafford (have a criminal record), though his older brother, a prosecutor has said, did have a juvenile record with three relatively minor charges that included assault” Okay, this all checks out! No criminal record except for those three things, one of which included assault. Let’s call it minor though. This is what any sane person would refer to as a law-abiding citizen.

Judi Hill of the Akron NAACP

The false portrayal of black victimhood doesn’t stop there, however. Not only are we to believe that they were violently assaulted by a plastic water gun and then forced to beat Ethan to death (and steal his car) in self-defense, but they were victimized all over again by the US Marshalls during their arrest! What a harrowing ordeal it must have been for them to flee the scene of their crime and then go into hiding for ten days until finally apprehended. It was quite discriminatory of law enforcement to track them down so aggressively, especially because they apparently had every intention of going to the police, according to their defense lawyer.

“Their intention was to get Ethan and his friends in trouble for shooting at them while playing ball. They supposedly took the gun to give to police to show what happened,” Sinn said.

In fact, they were so convinced that they were in the right that they stole Ethan’s car so that his group would be stuck there to explain the situation to the police. Given these obviously true details, it is perfectly understandable why it was unfair to publish the mugshots of the killers and for the Akron police department to refer to the little spat as a “brutal assault.” Obviously, Ethan was gently beaten to death by reluctant and remorseful boy scouts.

This article, as a whole, is little more than an attempt to vilify the deceased Ethan Liming and create an air of sympathy for his killers. The only sources quoted by Ms. Garrett for the bulk of the content were defense attorneys, the NAACP, and the Akron Police Department, all of whom are incontestably running cover for his black killers. The treatment of Ethan’s murder by the authorities and journalists within the city of Akron is no less anti-White than the crime itself. Amanda Garrett certainly put great effort into spinning a narrative that would cause the public to sympathize with Ethan’s killers. It’s clear that the decisions being made by the authorities and the media are tailored to squash any outrage among the White community and invalidate any action that may be taken by pro-White advocates such as the National Justice Party.

Akron Police Chief Steven Mylett is a careerist panhandler, shown here when he was serving the Bellevue, WA Police Department

The announcement by the Akron Police Department that this crime had nothing at all to do with race was grossly premature and entirely unsubstantiated. We may also speculate that the grand jury’s decision to indict Ethan’s killers on such minor charges was directly influenced by the community’s fear of further retaliation from the black community in the wake of the justified shooting of criminal miscreant, Jayland Walker.

The ultimate conclusion to be drawn is that anti-White sentiment is so strong within the Akron journalistic community that their main angle right now is to convince the public that Ethan’s violent death was his own fault. Liberal sycophant reporters like Amanda Garrett would be the first to admit that lies, gaslighting, and victim blaming are entirely evil concepts, but because the target, in this case, is White, it’s completely okay!

Luckily, the National Justice Party is here to serve as the only entity advocating for justice for Ethan. It is the responsibility of the White community to become racial advocates and continuously spread awareness of this tragedy and expose the anti-White crookedness that is systemic in the dying city of Akron, Ohio.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hyphen-Report. Any content provided by our editors or anonymous authors is of their opinion.*

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