Justice for Ethan Liming: Akron 2.0! The National Justice Party Marches in Akron, OH, Once Again

4:15pm: Still shots of the NJP Protest have been released. Check the following album for exclusive photos.



12:00pm: Members of the National Justice Party have begun to speak and form a picket line in front of the Harold K Stubbs Justice Center in Akron, Ohio. Representatives from the Hyphen-Report are active on the scene to provide live updates of the event. Stay tuned for more developments as they become available.

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BREAKING NEWS: The pro-White activist group the National Justice Party, led by Chairman Mike Peinovich, has once again taken to the streets of, Akron, Ohio to protest the racially motivated killing of White teenager Ethan Liming! The Hyphen Report is on the scene to provide live coverage of the event and document this important rally.

Ethan Liming was a seventeen-year-old White athlete who was beaten to death by three adult black males after a group of kids fired a water gun at them on the grounds of LeBron James’ “I Promise School.” Ethan, eager to deescalate the conflict between his black friends and the attackers, was singled out and killed, left with a bloody face, broken occipital bone, and deep footprints on his chest wall. When 911 was called, the killers intimidated the witnesses. When police finally arrived, they secured the scene and staunchly denied a racial motive before they even made a single arrest.

Since then, the media, police, and defense attornies have willfully ignored the overwhelming evidence which supports murder charges. They now work to shift blame away from the wrongdoing of the criminal blacks, and refocus the public eye on the “Orbeez Challenge,” a social media game played by young kids that they claim started the whole affair.

This will mark the second time that the NJP and their supporters have marched to spread awareness in the Liming case, furiously demanding that hate crime charges be issued to Deshawn Stafford, Tyler Stafford, and Donovan Jones, the three violent blacks accused of the murder. While hate crime charges were never issued by authorities, the anti-White system took one step further by downgrading their murder charges to involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor assault. Their bonds were lowered soon after, and now all three killers walk free despite their violent, racially motivated crimes. 

Stay tuned for more information as it develops. The Hyphen-Report’s coverage of this critically important protest is ongoing.

Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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    1. I can’t find the livestream bro

      1. It’s messed up, videos will be uploaded soon.

    2. I guess I’m a spiritual boomer, but I’ve been trying since you posted yesterday, and still can’t access the stream.

      1. Check the article again. The VOD is now up and running. Apologies for the wait.

        1. Thanks, Jack. Excellent work!

    3. I am a hardcore White Nationalist.

      While I understand the sadness and outrage over the death of Ethan Liming, it is becoming more difficult for me to see the rationale for continuing the protests about this specific incident.

      From all available info, here is what happened that night:

      Liming was cruising around with friends, being a bit of an asshole by firing the toy gun that shoots water pellets at people (a SplatRBall, and it stings); apparently this is some kind of TikTok challenge — they went to a basketball court where black males were playing, and Liming fired the gun at them (which was a stupid thing to do) — the Blacks understandably didn’t like it, and decided to give Liming an ass-kicking — Liming was assaulted, and took a punch to the face, which stunned him, causing him to fall backward and strike his head on the pavement, fracturing his occipital bone and causing a fatal brain injury — per the autopsy, Liming also had a broken collar bone and foot impressions (bruising) on this torso — so they stomped on him when he was on the ground; his broken collar bone could be due to this — disgusting as it is, the stomping was incidental: it did not cause Liming’s death.

      A grand jury heard testimony about exactly what happened that nite, including from friends of Liming who were there, and decided the appropriate charge in OH is involuntary manslaughter, because there was no intent to kill Liming, who died as the unfortunate consequence of being in a fight (which he provoked) — prosecutors agreed and reduced the charges.

      I’ve seen fotos of Liming in his HS football uniform — I can imagine he was a strutting jock, someone who thought he was a stud, a wannabe BMOC; I knew a number of them at my HS — this time he foolishly picked on the wrong guys: Blacks are known for low impulse control and not liking it when people ‘diss’ them.

      A couple of his black friends were with Liming that nite — the reason they weren’t assaulted is that Liming was the one firing the toy gun.

      The above seems to be what happened that nite, and explains why the charges were reduced — there was probably some racial animus involved, e.g. the stomping, but everything considered, e.g. the provocation, I don’t think what happened can be seen as ‘hate’, nor this outcome as evidence of anti-white bias in the criminal justice system (which does exist of course).

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