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Where the Doomscroll Ends: The Imminent Feeling That Something is Coming

At the time of writing this article, the mental state of White people as a collective whole can sometimes appear rather bleak. All one has to do is peer at the long list of headline news stories or stare for a minute at primetime doom tickers on television to get the general feeling that the quality of life across the entire White world is not only in a state of free-falling decline but rapidly approaching something of a critical mass. Just ask someone you know how they feel about the current order of the world. Inquire with someone close to you about their thoughts on politics, current events, or if you’re brave, race. Individually their answers may slightly differ, but the overall sentiments will stay the same: something is wrong. Dead wrong, and just like you, they’ll describe having a sort of pit in their stomach when they think about the future. Maybe a knot in the back of their throats.

Something’s going to pop off, and everybody can feel it.

This innate sense of dread (or glorious sense of impending climax) which we all share whether we’re cognizant of it or not, only grows and strengthens inside of us over time, like a “just add water” dinosaur toy or the potted plant in the gentrified apartment of a single female leftist. This is especially true when we become inundated with a constant barrage of over-the-top, seemingly cartoonish news snippets that are nevertheless, quite real.

It’s all fun and games until you add the water that turns the frogs gay…

Take, for instance, the issue of random street crime. Violence and street criminality and racial atomization in this country are at an all-time high, and whenever a White person sets out to find a reason for this insanity, he’s only ever attacked and smeared, or at the very least, offered a tepid excuse by bad faith argumenteers. While there is certainly no drought when it comes to horrific tales of violence and undue harm being forced upon innocent people all across the nation, headlines such as “Ex-Con just out of prison goes on Upper East Side meth rampage” stand out as some of the more extreme examples.

If you didn’t picture something like this after reading that headline, you have bigger problems to worry about.

According to the New York Daily News, the attacker, who managed to assault five passersby during the Monday morning rush, was 32-year-old Lavon Davis. Davis was fresh out of prison with a pocket full of methamphetamine and had under his belt an impressive array of 27 prior arrests. In the past, he had served more than five years in jail for selling drugs near a Manhattan school, accrued a litany of domestic abuse charges relating to a live-in girlfriend, and was even linked to the stabbing and subsequent robbery of a 51-year-old in the lobby of an apartment building that same Saturday.

After a criminal contempt conviction, also in Manhattan, he was sentenced to up to three years in prison but was conditionally released March 14. 

Ultimately, he was arrested by the police, but what kind of justice will the victims of Lavon Davis actually receive? The system already felt the need to let this man back out into polite society 27 times, and it raises the question if the system truly cares about justice at all?

But tales spurned by the likes of people akin to Lavon Davis aren’t unique ones, and the idea that a man like Lavon was just a single, extraordinary case in a sea of do-gooders, also falls flat. Just one state away, in the city of Boston, a woman riding her bicycle was mobbed by a gang of up to twenty “teenagers,” five of which began brutally kicking and assaulting her early Monday night. The victim reported that the teenagers had shouted at her, calling her a “White bitch with braids,” and proceeded to beat her senseless over the issue of her race. With zero fear of system reprisal, the “teenagers” even began to brazenly attack the arresting officers, even going as far as attempting to free their friends from captivity in the back of the squad car!

Now, before you go and make excuses for this kind of behavior and hide it away behind saccharine platitudes about socioeconomic status, systemic racism, or cope with debates about “nature vs. nurture,” let me shine a light on the story of Kaalan Walker, a successful African American actor who starred in the 2018 black action film “Superfly.” Despite having advantages and opportunities that many of his race could only ever dream of, Kaalan was recently convicted of the abhorrent crime of serial rape, having sexually assaulted one and violently raping six others, some minors. He now faces up to 100 years in prison for these outrageous crimes, and while the system could swoop in and grant his council’s appeals, the damage his story inflicts on liberal arguments focused on equating violent crime with personal wealth, has already been dealt. If you need further damning evidence, I’ll kindly refer you to A$AP Rocky, an exorbitantly wealthy rapper married to equally exorbitantly wealthy singer, Rhianna. He received a world of praise and support by Former President Donald Trump after getting arrested in Sweden in 2019, only to land in hot water once again in 2022. This time, he was arrested stepping out of LAX for allegedly shooting a man just last year.

The smile on this platinum-plan American will forever shine on as Trump’s longest-lasting legacy.

But hey, this soaring uptick in black gun violence couldn’t possibly continue onwards for much longer if we just cracked down on guns, right? Well, I’m afraid not.  It’s a well known fact that second amendment firearm rights in this country have long been under attack by activist bureaucrats and subserviant politicians for decades, and despite this slow yet deliberate erosion, black gun violence does nothing but shoot for the moon year after year, spurned on by a media machine which glorifies wanton black killing coast-to-coast. If you really need evidence of this, take a look at the latest example of dystopian injustice taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A twenty seven year-old man named Tyler Drew was instigating fistfights with other fellow Americans outside of a nightclub called “Tattooz and Booz,” where he wantonly opened fire at responding police officers with, of all things, an assault rifle. Despite this, he was captured, not killed, and for the officers’ bravery and diligence under direct fire, Drew was released within 24 hours after posting a measly $67,000 bond. Meanwhile, if a White man is spotted even looking at an assault rifle the wrong way, he could be locked away for the better part of a century, without the option of bond, period. These people seem to have every advantage in this corrupt, demonic society, and as foot soldiers of the oppressor class, the rules of engagement have been issued: shoot first and ask questions never.

Drew was charged with six counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

According to court records, he posted a $67,000 bond and out of jail a day after the shooting. Drew was previously convicted of common law robbery in 2015 and sentenced to six years in prison.

I suppose all these horrible, sensational headlines really do is leave us clamoring for a solution. What do we, as law-abiding White people, do in the face of such elevated barbarism? Turn to the police to protect us? Fat chance! Take, for instance, the story of Patrick Lyoya, the black motorist who resisted arrest for more than two full minutes before reaching for the arresting officer’s taser and ultimately leading to his death. Despite deploying a justified use of deadly force, the officer responsible for putting down this criminal will now be subjected to a gauntlet of personal and legal attacks from the system he swore to uphold. The media is quick to label him a murderer, and a legion of politically agitated protestors are demanding the officer’s personal details be made public. Combine this grim reality with the now household names of those who came before him, like Derek Chauvin, Greg, and Travis McMichael, and countless other White men who were terminated from their careers or even jailed because they were tricked into thinking that their nations’ laws were worth enforcing, and it leaves the average citizen with an acrid and bitter taste.

The justified death of one black American will do more to change the political atmosphere of your homeland then the cold-blooded killing of your entire family.

Well, what about the military? Surely the men and women who have sworn to defend the constitution and our sacred values to the death, should be able to safeguard us from the rampant violence and degradation of urban culture that we’re forced to abide by? Surely they can snap shut the jaws of neoliberalism before its nihilistic tenants and self-destructive perversions reach you all the way out in the suburban neighborhoods and swaths of rural White Afghanistan? Wrong. Those who run in the upper echelons of these organizations are too busy moving pawns around the globe to even entertain the idea of preserving basic American freedoms. Their minds are dead set on serving the interests of wealthy foreign powers, jockeying for civilian positions after they retire, and staying up on the latest and greatest political doctrines being churned out of Quantico and the State Department. They care less for you than they do the average citizen of Jerusalem.

Hmm, maybe we can all just invest time in some hobbies and ignore the pain instead. Maybe play some Video games? Keep some exotic animals? Go for some long hikes? On second thought, maybe not.

So what’s next? Where to go? What to do?

If the system that has the express privilege of calling us their citizens has no willingness to protect us against multicultural barbarism and forward-thinking decay, does it truly have the authority to continue to do so?

It’s questions and sentiments like these that force the average White person to sit and engage with the realities of our collective situation here on Earth. By reading these headlines, we’re forced to admit that something just doesn’t feel fundamentally wrong, but IS fundamentally wrong. The stories themselves are the ultimate source for those pits in the stomach. They’re the creeping infections that give us that knot in our throats. They’re the fuel for the big “something” that we all agree is about to “pop-off.”

But don’t worry, White man. Something big IS coming, and those feelings of imminent dread that tick away like a clock inside your restless spirit are completely valid. There have been plenty of times over the course of European history where a populace has longed for safety in the face of a powerful, external threat. This time is no different, the only variable in this wicked modernity is which proverbial castle do you flee to? The walled cities of the ancient era have long fallen to the barbarian hordes which have created your current predicament.

Will you choose the flimsy, battered palisades of the status quo? Or will you choose the timeless bastion of dignity and sovereignty?
Only one can offer you a true, lasting justice. A National Justice. Make your decision wisely, brother. Your countrymen are relying on you.

Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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    1. The woman who was attacked by the apes in Boston isn’t even White, shes a spic. Well according to the rat faces she look light enough to them to be White and she had braids so that was a double whammy of hate stirred up in their pea-sized brains.

      Also I get the shilling for the National Justice Party because the authors at the Hyphen-Report think so highly of them. Only I think that leaving that link at the end for the party website within that specifically worded sentence as the only alternative to our dilemma here in the United States is kind of limiting. There are plenty of additional groups and organizations that are planning and preparing for the survival of our race beyond just the National Justice Party so leaving them as the only alternative in the article ultimately limits our power collectively.

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