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Thoughts on the Ukraine-Russia War

The future of Europe

In 1993 Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear weapons for a promise to guarantee their territorial integrity. This promise was signed by Russia, the UK, and the US. We can see that promises mean nothing and can not be relied upon for security.

European solidarity itself is proving unreliable. Germany has made agreements with Russia, and inexplicitly shut down their nuclear power plants making them more reliant on Russian energy. The very fact that Germans and Russians are finding common understanding, while Poland is going against Russia by supplying arms to Ukraine, is a worrying position for us to be in.

The Swedish prime minister has stated Sweden will not accepting many Ukrainian refugees. She is also in a scandal right now for employing an illegal immigrant from Nicaragua worker as a housecleaner. This is yet another realized cost of the wests open borders policy to non-European economic migrants – closed doors to Ukrainians families fleeing war.

In France we see that the right wing, both Le Pen and Zemmour, are pro Russia. We want to see France reverse the trend of islamization, and we want a nationalist France join the visegrad coalition in the EU, but both Le Pen and Zemmour will work with Russia if it is in their interests.

Further there are states in the EU whose relations with Russia will improve and increase.

Orban is Poland’s greatest ally, but he is Russophile. In the extreme south west of Ukraine there is a large Hungarian minority. This area was (unjustly in my opinion) taken from Hungary during Trianon, the partition of Hungary. The population there wants to rejoin Hungary, as they feel discriminated against in Ukraine. Just in 2017 Ukraine passed a language law restriction that prevents the Hungarian minority from using their language in anything other private conversation and religious ceremony. This has sunk relations between Ukraine and Hungary to a very low level. 

In 2014, after the Donbass republics declared their independence, Orban gave a speech saying  “Ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine must be granted dual citizenship, must enjoy all of the community rights, and must be granted the opportunity for autonomy”.

Serbia is even more likely to want to increase cooperation with Russia. It was the only country in Europe (other than Belarus) that has not sanctioned Russia. Even Switzerland sanctioned Russia. Serbia is very likely to be the next pariah in Europe, as the Republika Srpska wants to rejoin their motherland. Let’s not even mention Kosovo! Serbia also has very close ties with China, as China has made made massive investments in the ‘belt and road initiative’ in Serbia.

Greece sold the Piraeus port to China. There is a culture class between Greek dock worker’s work ethnic and Chinese manager’s expectations.

Decline of American jingoism

The strategy of relying on America for our security, that was once so obvious, is now obviously diminishing. I may be biased because I believe that subjugating our sovereignty to Washington is equally as bad if not worse than subjugating it to Moscow. But everyone can see the American empire is declining.

The issues are innumerable. The US embassies pushing homosexuality and diversity across the world is not increasing their power, but diminishing it. American power declined after they fell to BLM ideology. American power declined in Kabul. The possibility that USA would be willing to make concessions in Europe to protect Taiwan to China grows.

Across America, no one cares about Ukraine. Central and Eastern Europeans could always count on the white American conservative for general popular support against Russia in the past. But now this support is no where to be seen. It spans all age demographics. Tucker Carlson, the most watched mainstream media figure in America, simply likes Russia. Many older Trump supporters admire Putin. And for the young American ‘based Putin’ sentiment is even more common. Just today people chanted “Putin, Putin” at AFPAC.

This trend of American right wing Russophilism will likely increase, because the root of this is resentment of whites to their jewish run anti-white government and media. Long gone are the proud and numerous American jingoists! Today they hate their country, and live in fear of being found out as a racist. You can feel the American conservative is tempted, even more so as they see all the organizations they despise rally against Russia. Putin could turn them into supporters with a few simple statements about white people, if he choose to.

Pretty much all that remains of right wing support is the kosher neocon crust.


Poland has to protect itself from the Russian sphere of influence, not because of Russian revanchist claims on Polish land, but from being dominated economically and politically dominated. We need a strong anti air system to defend ourselves, Russia won’t like this but right now can’t do anything about it.

Strategically, the most important thing we must avoid is increased Russian-German cooperation while we antagonize Russia. The Israeli policy is superior to the Polish policy. They have friendly relations with both Russia and the USA. This is far more stable than Poland’s current alignment. And finally, the Russians would welcome friendship. It’s also possible that the war could go so badly for Ukraine that they are incentivized to want to join Poland.

For specific recommendations two main things must change in Poland.

We must rearm. Finland does not fear Russian invasion as we do, because the fact that the Finnish men all have rifles and miles of tunnels all over their territory is a great deterrent to any army. We must shed pacifist ideology – every man with a rifle in his closest and a shooting range in every village. Only Poles can be counted on to defend Poland, no one else.

Second is our energy policy. Poland has plenty of wind and solar potential, these are the nationalist choices for a transition away from coal, since we don’t need to import them. The Germans are threating to take us to EU court if we build nuclear power plants. We need build them anyway.


In war there is propaganda, part of modern war is the information war. 

Conflicting information such as Ukraine saying that all 13 defenders of Snake Island died, while Russia claiming that actually there were many more and they surrendered, are expected. Both sides benefit from their narrative and it is not obvious who is telling the truth.

I detest the war propaganda that defies logic. Our media is playing the clips of the armored anti aircraft Stela-10 driving over a civilian car in Kiev yesterday morning. They proclaim the driver was Russian and did it intentionally. I haven’t seen any evidence for this claim and it would make much more sense that it was an accident involving an Ukrainian vehicle. I expect our media to lie, but am disappointed when I see nationalists embrace these atrocity claims uncritically.

Right now there are tens of thousands of refugees entering Poland daily. Mostly families. Many of the Ukrainians already know Ukrainian family or friends in Poland so have someone to stay with. Others are being put up in schools and other shelters. Polish people are organizing to help. There are unprecedent donations of supplies at collection centers all over Poland. One of my friends even is giving her apartment and moving back to her parents. It’s a very stark difference to the Polish border crisis last summer.

Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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    1. Russia is liberating Ukraine from an oppressive jewish dictator named Zelensky who is a front for Israeli billionaire jew Kolomoisky.

      1. But also they can’t wait to enforce Russian laws against anti-semetism.

        Clearly the real winners are the young white men who will die in the conflict and not jews who’re playing both sides as always.

    2. Welcome to the world run by Homo Neanderthalensis sub-humans.

      It’s Poland just before WW2 but Hitler was more on the ball, same tribe doing the killings.

      Hypocrites on Parade’: John Pilger Calls Out World Leaders for Ignoring Donbass Shelling For Years


    4. good article except for the thunberg tier global warming hokum

    5. Are you on social media, Paul? Also, I’m seeing Africans and Arabs flooding into Poland from Ukraine(or elsewhere) and Polish soccer fans patrolling the streets, this might be a good article to explain what’s going on. In America we couldn’t dream of having the moral confidence of patrolling invaders or not having our government crack down on us if we did.

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