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James Mason Tells Siegekids to Die for NATO

james mason

Starting with the recent hubbub in Ukraine, there’s been various opinions among online dissidents. For one sect of the online right, NATO and Azov have become their team of choice. American Futurist and James Mason have been towing the CIA / NATO line.

You would expect this from neocons, or Groypers, but this time it’s American Futurist, James Mason’s official outlet, leading the charge. With a propaganda campaign that’d put Goebbels to shame, Mason’s outlet was posting Ukrainian state propaganda as early as January. This lines up perfectly when the war effort began to really heat up just as the Beijing Olympics starting escalated the situation.

james mason

Imagine for a second if TRS linked to Russia’s army recruitment page like this, Dugin would be rolling in his future grave!

Pay Zog, Die For Zog

Most disturbingly, before American Futurist posted state propaganda, they posted a link to join the Ukrainian military. That’s right, James Mason and Drill Sgt. Grey need you to die for ZOG! Regardless of Russia vs Ukraine, no normal person supporting either side should be advocating for dissidents to join any military. In fact, American Futurist claimed “This is an official statement of the Government of Ukraine” indicating some level of cooperation. American Futurist was supporting Ukraine as a whole, the link posted going to the migration page to join the Ukrainian Military.

Time to BTFO Communist Leader Putin my fellow right wingers

To clarify, 69 year old James Mason doesn’t run either his American Futurist outlet, telegram or gab. However, the excuse given by willing yuppies that somehow Mason is unaware just doesn’t hold up. Although the Mason interviews are now gone, he has repeatedly expressed his approval of the Azov Battalion. If Mason is simply unaware of the Azov Battalion glow, that directly implies American Futurist is out of its element. At best, James Mason seems complicit in American Futurist’s pro-NATO stance, and at worst quietly backing US global hegemony.

Just as insane, America Futurist and its proxies are advocating donating to the Ukrainian army via the Ukrainian bank. What this means is giving your bank info, your name and all your personal info to a CIA front. Not only do you need to travel to Ukraine to die for ZOG, you must also pay to keep the jewish oligarch in power. Based and totally not a honeypot!

james mason

Oy vey goy, stop building up that wealth! Why don’t you invest on White brother wars?

The Pivot

Eventually, American Futurist became aware of the overt glow inherent in encouraging dissidents to join a United States backed military, so they pulled a sleight of hand. From here, American Futurist would attempt to straddle this line by denouncing Ukraine, “only” supporting Azov. The problem is that supporting Azov but not Ukraine is akin to supporting the SS, but not Nazis. This is in total opposition to their previous position of openly promoting Ukraine. The problem is that Azov works openly with Western intelligence agencies and proudly shills NATO, so no thanks!

NATO and Azov are brothers of US imperialism

Let’s address the idea of supporting Ukraine. There’s no problem with supporting Ukraine, most dissidents may disagree, but if you’re a Ukrainian nationalist it makes sense. There is nothing wrong with James Mason / American Futurist supporting Ukraine, its their prerogative to have that opinion. The problem is American Futurist is advocating joining the Ukrainian military,  posting state propaganda, and being dishonest. The link they posted is for joining the Ukrainian military, which doesn’t ensure joining the Azov Battalion as they promised. American Futurist wants to complain about Ukraine being run by jews, then tells you to die in a war with Whites for them.

Gay and jewish

Social Media Ops

There’s a coalition of specific telegrams all pushing this pro-NATO coordinated message at once, sharing each other’s content. WLM “818”  (Editors note: @whitelivesmatter818 holds pro NATO views while @whitelivesmatterofficial is more neutral. They are 2 different groups.)  being the largest with 10k followers, others being Misanthrope, Militant Zone World Wide, and Runic Storm. Runic Storm is a clothes store ran by a soldier in the Azov Battalion. They are openly begging dissidents to work for a NATO backed group and talk to a foreign agent. This fits into American Futurist’s apparent goal “tricking” the US government into letting dissidents die for ZOG.

james mason

DMs from Runic Storm and an Azov recruiter, super legit bro

The largest player, the Telegram page WLM official, despite its name regularly glorifies Whites being killed. This isn’t just a one time exception, WLM official is the main page posting or forwarding videos of Russian losses. One must ask who would revel in such pleasure at fellow Whites being brutally slaughtered? More importantly, why would American Futurist and James Mason associate with with multiple openly anti-White telegram pages? Just because a page posts White women in wheat fields doesn’t mean it’s actually pro-White.

WLM Official trivializing the deaths of at least 3 Russian soldiers, all of which who are confirmed to be white.

Magian Logos

“Tim Turtle” would put out an opinion piece on American Futurist, representing James Mason’s stance on Ukraine. The grug-brain thesis being Russia has non-whites in it’s military, and non-whites will rape Whites, so it’s WW2 again goy! Eventually the author goes mask off, equating the situation to Al-Qaeda and Afghanistan in the 70s. The idea being that America turned a blind-eye to Islam during the Cold War, and the same for pro-US nazis. Unfortunately for “Tim Turtle”, his lackluster understanding of history misses the Saudi Wahhabist funded schools and what “Taliban” actually means.

If an NS insurgency against Russia in Ukraine breaks out, we will see foreign volunteers flock to join them in their struggle just as we saw foreign muslims go to Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War to get training and experience….Experienced Insurgents however, that’ll be a gift from God and in the greater NATO v. Russia geopolitical pissing match, just as the US turned a blind eye to the Salafi Jihadists growing and gaining expertise in Afghanistan in the 1970s-1990s until it was too late.

Using Zog to own Zog is a failed strategy that’s gotten the modern right where it is. It’s playing with a fire that ultimately makes White interests much harder to pursue in the long term. Ultimately any nationalist effort will be thwarted or subverted in the face of US global hegemony. One only needs to look back to The Years of Lead to see parallels. Backing US globalism, siding with NATO and Azov Battalion against Russia is the opposite of acceleration, prolonging a fake world.

from American Futurist

Edge, Glow and Nothing Else

The article then ends, imploring both native Ukrainians and foreigners to die fighting for NATO. Then in an epilogue, the article lists instructions on how to make bombs, IEDs and guides on guerrilla warfare. (So edgy!). Remember, you’re the real dissident because you downloaded bomb-making guides from Discord and shilled for NATO.

“Here’s how to commit crimes on behalf of the CIA and Ukrainian government, have fun!!”

Throughout, the article name drops other right wing figures, such as Eric Striker or Andrew Anglin, and their respective stances. However, rather than engaging, the article chastises and fedjackets to avoid addressing any common criticism in good faith. The author attempts to debunk the criticism Israel has taken any role, but ignores the Ukrainian embassy In Israel openly begging for Jewish conscripts. This attempt to run defense for Ukraine and the Azov Battalion reveals an overtly sinister political agenda.

Read Defense of the West

Historically, the connection between Azov + NATO and O9A / Atomwaffen has been virtually non-existent. There was one case where two Atomwaffen members attempted to join, only to get rejected for glowing too hard. However, with this recent development, now there’s definitive proof that Atomwaffen aligns itself openly with NATO and US intelligence interests. They claim the same NATO who bombed Whites in Yugoslavia and caused the migrant crisis via Libya is suddenly pro-White.

Needless to say, anybody with a brain should be able to see how these pages pop up solely to shill for an agenda. Supporting NATO isn’t not being pro White. Nobody is asking you to like Russia or Whites dying in a war is good. However, to promote Zog because you think you can own Zog is totally foolish. With how inorganically all this Ukraine worship popped up over night, that should make anybody begin to question its motives. With them working on behalf of the Ukrainian state and NATO to recruit or donate, there is little left up to the imagination.




John George

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  1. Yikes, glorifying in pictures of dead white men while posting under the name “white lives matter”

    Did they forget that they weren’t posting under their “jew lives matter” account?

    1. Yeah I dont know what those retards are thinking…

      It should be noted though that WLM is a decentralized group. I’ve heard that some of their chapters are really awful and glowy whereas others are much better.

    2. @WhiteLivesMatterOffical =/= @whitelivesmatter818.
      The latter is a glowing propaganda channel that is not affiliated with the former.

      1. Absolutely, and I see no reason to attack or counter-signal something like the actual White Lives Matter group. However point is, they’re still using the “white lives matter” banner, while literally showing off dead White bodies. Official or not, that’s incredibly weird.

    3. I stumbled across the channel last night. The whole account is basically pictures of dead soldiers. I’m pretty indifferent on the politics of all this for once, can only say my one firm position is anti-war. Seeing this shit is just disgusting.

  2. Here’s some background on Kolomoisky, the Israeli Jew who owns gayZOG battlion:

    Lot’s of information in here. Ukraine is a Jewish gangster dictatorship. It’s not enough to not support the Jewish dictatorship. We need to support Russia liberating Ukraine from Jews. Russia is doing the right thing and needs our full support. Fuck ZOG.

    1. Russia is also controlled by jews. There is no good side.

      1. Russia is controlled by Russians, Ukraine is controlled by Jews. If Russia were controlled by jews, it would not give military support to Syria and Iran. This false claim is commonly seen on the ZOG recruitment channels.

        1. You’re a delusional retard and/or paid shill. Anyone can do 5 mins of research and see how kikes control Russia.

          1. kikes control ukraine too tho

          2. No they don’t. Russia’s top leaders are mostly ethnic Russians. Ukraine’s are mostly ethnic Jews. Looks like we have been visited by ZOG recruiters.

  3. @WhiteLivesMatterOffical IS NOT @whitelivesmatter818.
    The telegram you mentioned is not the REAL WLM Official account. The actual WLM official telegram has released multiple statements saying they have nothing to do with the 818 page. They also state their sadness at the loss of White life and haven’t taken a side in the conflict. The 818 page is a gay op account that shills for NATO.

    1. I added a note in the article, thank you for the info

  4. I found another ZOG recruitment channel. It’s called “Hyperborea Afrikanner.” Subtle, right?

    Steve Bannon, Nick Fuentes, Eric Striker, Andrew Anglin and Tucker Carlson are the big clout gainers from this war. They had the common sense to just support Russia with no bullshit. TRS is losing clout by prevaricating. Spencer eviscerated himself by going 100% pro-ZOG/NATO/EU.

    I think this is a turing point where pro-ZOG nationalism is going to be confronted more. It’s just outrageous what these people are doing, fighting for a liberal Jew puppet of an Israeli billionaire. I have been looking into(((Zelensky))). He supports free abortion! gun control, legal prostitution, legal gambling and is openly opposed to naming things after people from Ukrainian history who were “anti-semites” like Stepan Bandera, or even much less controversial literary figures who mildly criticized Jews hundreds of years ago. Zelensky is an lgbt/BLM type neoliberal quite openly.

  5. I found more ZOG recruitment channels. They have a creepy loser vibe. You can see how they are going for low education types with a violence and gore fetish.

    This one appears to be targeted at hooligans who do cocaine, or want to if they could afford it:

    “To people who call themselves nationalists but remain Putinlovers, because you think he is a lesser evil compared to your governments.
    I know EXACTLY about your situation. From drag queen story hour to migrant/gender quotes and all that shit. So do not come up as if I have no idea.

    A lot of things are completely different once you leave the coziness of your homes guys, believe me.

    Zelensky is a jew. So that jew gave us, hardcore Neonazis, guns and rights to fight and kill for his throne? And we bow and obey and die for him against „based“ Putin? You really think so?!

    Putin made one big Gulag out of my beloved motherland and now he wants to make it even bigger, taking other people’s land and homes coming up with insane justifications.

    I know that most of you do not want to take sides – it is white people killing white people, as you see it, but it is not like that. His multiethnic horde of slaves fights against us, free people.

    14 words now more than ever.

    Notice the total lack of an argument or any refutation of the facts. This is a low IQ white person writing that, not a jew or professional operative.

    This one appears targeted at loser psychos:

    It’s full of gore and teenage goth tier memes. It also supports the NATO bombing of Serbia to assist the Muslim conquest of Europe.

    Forwarded from
    💩 A rally in support of Russia takes place in Serbia 🇷🇸

    Russia betrayed them, NATO DID WELL🤣

    ✊🏻 @whitelivesmatter818

    📢 @wlmforum”

    The people into this stuff are largely ethnic Germans and Germanics who hold ethnic grudges over old wars. This kind of pro-ZOG nazism has always been largely a German/Swedish/Dutch thing as far as Western Europeans go.

    This race traitor schizo is openly shilling for a liberal anti-white Jewish dictator:

    Forwarded from
    Bellum Acta – Intel, Urgent News and Archives
    🇺🇦⚠ — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says that stays in Kyiv/Kiev until the end!

    – He recorded a video on Bankova Street, in the heart of Kyiv/Kiev along with other statesmen of Ukraine.

    Per the local media, he refuted the misinformation of Russian medias and Agitprop spreaders about his alleged escape from the Ukrainian Capital.”

    Hyper-jewlover also openly promotes murder, torture and terrorism against ethnic Russians in Ukraine. The video is fake though, ironically its Russian propaganda that these low IQ goy cattle are falling for. That’s more evidence they are real white dupes. There has been a huge network of these trash around the skinhead and hooligans scenes for decades. They are real people. Many people in the mainstream pro-white movement have known ties to people involved with the groups behind these ZOG recruitment channels. Hopefully, there is end to associating with ZOG recruiters and their buddies.

    We all pray the Russian army brings death to these jew-owned race traitors with thermobaric rockets. That would be some real white power reducing race traitors to a fine whitish powder.

    1. God damn that is depressing to see. It especially pisses me off seeing so-called European “Nationalists” so eager to cause bloodshed towards their fellow European over ancient rivalries.

      Thank you for the infodump brother.

  6. Those “nazis” in Ukraine fighting “kike controlled” Russia , so bravely with their plywood prop guns…they look kinda funny with their big noses.

  7. […] it’s more than likely a gayop. Be critical of any pro-Ukrainian sources you see, as even many on telegram are either Azov or shill for the CIA. Do you fight for Soros, or your […]

  8. Here’s more info on the fake and gay “nazi” militias in jewkraine:

    “How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries…”

    “…Behind the corporate media spin lies the complex and increasingly close relationship Zelensky’s administration has enjoyed with the neo-Nazi forces invested with key military and political posts by the Ukrainian state, and the power these open fascists have enjoyed since Washington installed a Western-aligned regime through a coup in 2014.

    In fact, Zelensky’s top financial backer, the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, has been a key benefactor of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and other extremists militias.

    Backed by Zelensky’s top financier, neo-Nazi militants unleash a wave of intimidation
    Incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, the Azov Battalion is considered the most ideologically zealous and militarily motivated unit fighting pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Donbass region.

    With Nazi-inspired Wolfsangel insignia on the uniforms of its fighters, who have been photographed with Nazi SS symbols on their helmets, Azov “is known for its association with neo-Nazi ideology…[and] is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing US-based white supremacy organizations,” according to an FBI indictment of several US white nationalists that traveled to Kiev to train with Azov.

    Igor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian energy baron of Jewish heritage, has been a top funder of Azov since it was formed in 2014. He has also bankrolled private militias like the Dnipro and Aidar Battalions, and has deployed them as a personal thug squad to protect his financial interests.

    In 2019, Kolomoisky emerged as the top backer of Zelensky’s presidential bid. Though Zelensky made anti-corruption the signature issue of his campaign, the Pandora Papers exposed him and members of his inner circle stashing large payments from Kolomoisky in a shadowy web of offshore accounts.”

    I want to call out another fake jewkranian nazi group called “C14.” This is probably a take off of “Combat 18,” a proven ZOG honey pot operation in the UK during the 1990’s that is easy to look up. C18 was targeted at skinheads, hooligans and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. Back to the article…

    “…A few seats away from the Jewish president was Yehven Karas, the leader of the neo-Nazi C14 gang.
    During the Maidan “Revolution of Dignity” that ousted Ukraine’s elected president in 2014, C14 activists took over Kiev’s city hall and plastered its walls with neo-Nazi insignia before taking shelter in the Canadian embassy.

    As the former youth wing of the ultra-nationalist Svoboda Party, C14 appears to draw its name from the infamous 14 words of US neo-Nazi leader David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    By offering to carry out acts of spectacular violence on behalf of anyone willing to pay, the hooligans have fostered a cozy relationship with various governing bodies and powerful elites across Ukraine.”

    Let us mediate on the utter filth and treason of these race traitors..

    “…A month later, as war with Russia drew closer, Zelensky awarded Right Sector commander Dmytro Kotsyubaylo the “Hero of Ukraine” commendation. Known as “Da Vinci,” Kosyubaylo keeps a pet wolf in his frontline base, and likes to joke to visiting reporters that his fighters “feed it the bones of Russian-speaking children.”

    Jewkranian nazis are anti-white child killers serving jews and they must be destroyed. Pray for Russian bullets and bombs to come to these race traitors.

    “Karas went on to opine that the West armed Ukrainian ultra-nationalists because “we have fun killing.” He also fantasized about the balkanization of Russia, declaring that it should be broken up into “five different” countries.”

    In case anyone doubts that C14 a ZOG geopolitical weapon about more than jewkraine. Remember, the final stage of the op is to get white goyim race traitor low IQ morons who worships nazis killed. Maybe that part is not so bad.

    “…Meanwhile, as a massive convoy of Russian armored vehicles bore down on Kiev, Yehven Karas of the neo-Nazi C14 posted a video on YouTube from inside a vehicle presumably transporting fighters.

    “If we get killed, it’s fucking great because it means we died fighting a holy war,” Karas exclaimed. ”If we survive, it’s going to be even fucking better! That’s why I don’t see a downside to this, only upside!”

    BTW, the two jewish controlled “white nationalist” parties who are behind this filth get well under 10% of the vote, even after the departure of millions of pro-Russian voters and the banning of pro-Russian parties inside of Ukraine. jewkranian nazism is not popular with the people of Ukraine.

  9. […] Vincent James’ entire article is full of baseless conspiracy theory using the framing of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hilariously, Vince also messed up the timeline, because he claims that R.A.M’s 2018 Ukraine […]

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