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The White Mile: Examining the anti-White Bias in Criminal Sentencing

In November of 2021, Kevin Stitt, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, granted clemency to death row inmate Julius Jones, a convicted black murderer who brazenly shot Paul Howell, a White man, execution-style as he hid in the back of his victim’s car. Citing “prayerful consideration,” Governor Stitt waited until the last four hours before Inmate Jones was slated to receive a lethal injection for his irredeemable crime before intervening on Jones’ behalf. He now serves a life sentence behind bars and allowed every creature comfort offered by the American carceral system, at the taxpayer’s expense.

Up until Stitt’s decision, pressure had been mounting on the Republican politician to grant the commutation. Demonstrations were coordinated across the state to defend the murderer, and even big media personalties came out to demand Jones be spared a justified execution. The most curious of these dissenting voices came from Mercedes Schlapp, the White House Director of Strategic Communications under then-President Donald J. Trump.

Those in favor of sparing Julius Jones finally got their wish, robbing the Howell family of any justice or meaningful closure to this horrific event and ultimately becoming victimized by the system themselves.

Julius Jones, the murderer of innocent White man Paul Howell and recipient of a multi-million dollar ad campaign to commute his sentence.

The infuriating case of Julius Jones is not an uncommon one. In the news today, you might hear the tale of Melissa Lucio, a Mexican-American woman who provided conflicting reports and eventually confessed to the February 17th, 2007, killing of her two-year-old daughter. Citing a history of abuse at the hands of different partners, the media of the fifth column has spun a woeful tale of sing-songy platitudes and has framed Melissa Lucio as an oppressed woman of color who was merely a victim of “gendered assumptions” by investigating officers. 

The story has created quite a stir, to say the least, with both sides of the capital punishment argument closing ranks in defense of this woman. Overlooking a history of substance abuse, homelessness, previous losses of custody, damning autopsy reports, and even a confession, the media machine and the activist bureaucracy successfully won a stay of execution for Melissa Lucio. While the case is still pending, the temporary prevention of justice had already been accomplished, with all signs pointing to more permanent clemency in the near future.

Melissia Lucio, the savage mestinx who confessed to the killing of her own two-year old child. But because the Texas Rangers who interrogated her may have been sexist, she might evade justice.

Don’t worry! Before you sharpen your pitchforks and storm the bastille, the system isn’t completely paralyzed in the face of violent crime. When it comes to certain types of criminals, the system seems to work precisely as intended. Take, for instance, the case of Oscar Smith, a 72-year-old White man and convicted murderer who was sentenced to death in Tennessee in 1990. Smith, the oldest inmate on Tennessee’s death row, has staunchly maintained his innocence for thirty years. Yet, despite cutting-edge DNA evidence that would completely exonerate him from the crime, Oscar Smith was denied clemency by Republican Governor Bill Lee. The latter refuses even to consider the new evidence and ultimately condemns a potentially innocent man to death via lethal injection.

As a final meal, Oscar Smith chose a double cheeseburger, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream. Execution has been temporarily postponed citing issues with the death cocktail.

As frustrating as a situation like that may be, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. While Oscar Smith’s case is an ambiguous one, leniency for obviously guilty criminals is a practice that permeates even from the Oval Office! As recently as April 26th, 2022, President Joe Biden issued his first three presidential pardons, two of which were black, and executively commuted the prison sentences of 75 non-violent offenders. However, a quick examination of the press release, which names every person with a commuted sentence, leaves one wondering if we are reading an official government statement or if we’re peering through the names of an inner-city High School yearbook.

While one could argue that drug offenses aren’t deserving of lengthy prison sentences, readers of Trey Garrison’s ‘Opioids for the Masses‘ will have fresh memories of the human suffering caused by having these substances in circulation.

Contrast this behavior with that of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who recently granted clemency to White inmate Kyle Hedquist, serving a life sentence for the 1994 murder of Nikki Thrasher when he was only 17 years old. In the wake of this decision, Governor Brown has received nothing but scalding criticism, furious statements penned by county officials and district attorneys, and in some cases, even lawsuits to hamper the Governor’s decision. “The executive clemency granted by Gov. Brown, in this case, is shocking and irresponsible,” proudly exclaimed Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin. An interesting thing to focus on when his jurisdiction, Douglas County, has—on average—a crime occurring every 121 minutes.

“Teenagers, even those who have committed terrible crimes, have a unique capacity for growth and change,” Brown said in social media posts in which she applauded Biden’s action, adding: “We are a state and a nation of second chances.” 

But when we truly examine the facts behind the Kyle Heqquist case, the clemency granted by Governor Brown appears to be anything but out of the ordinary. Her decision seems to fall entirely in line with the greater political sentiments of the left: to pardon criminals and go softer on crime when applicable. Hedquist was only a teenager when the crime was committed, leaving one to question if he was indeed in the right mind when the crime occurred; and when you look at Hedquist’s record since his incarceration, he comes off as a rare example of a rehabilitated, model inmate genuinely deserving of the pardon.

Kyle Hedquist spent the last twenty years behind bars caring for sick and dying inmates, and was awarded “honorable mention in memoir” in PEN America’s 2019 Prison Writing Contest. “I couldn’t have known all those years ago that death would bring my humanity back,” Hedquist wrote.

So, where is this dissonance coming from? Why are Republicans, and the system in general, so willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to criminals and their respective punishments but, in other instances, guffaw in protest and offer stiff resistance to it?

Well, the unspoken answer to this befuddling question is right in front of you. It’s because of race.

The sad, simple truth is that the United States, and all of its Federal, State, County, and Local governments, work in conjunction with jewish lawyers and District Attorneys (appointed from system-curated pools) to upend rightful justice. They work to facilitate the release of non-Whites and provide their clemency no matter how violent or destructive to society they may be, yet in the same breath, deny that mercy to so-called White criminals, no matter how innocent or ambiguous their legal cases may appear.

A typical argument against the death penalty is that it could potentially be used against innocent people. However, this sentiment is only really accurate as long as White criminals are included as a part of the bigger picture.

Even in the rare instances where our politicians do go off the script and actually stand as principled reformers, if they happen to judge in favor of a White person, the media machine and activist groups will point their sharpened daggers inwards, ostracizing the grace-givers with threat and intimidation! We are ultimately left with a justice system that only works half the time, slow and ineffective with some, and hard and decisive on others.

This dogged anti-White bias was even displayed in 2019 after then-President Donald Trump reinstated the death penalty for Federal convictions. The first of those to be executed was, of course, Daniel Lewis Lee, a “White Supremacist” belonging to the Aryan People’s Republic (APR.) 

It took place after a divided Supreme Court overturned a judge’s order that had halted Lee’s execution. “I didn’t do it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I’m not a murderer. You’re killing an innocent man,” Lee said before his death.

This blatant hypocrisy on display in our courtrooms and Governors’ mansions nationwide shouldn’t come as a surprise to us. Yet, as racial tensions and corruption skyrocket across the board, we increasingly reach levels of flagrant disregard for the well-being of White people in every arena of American life. So, should we kowtow and stand behind every White criminal whether they’re guilty or not? No, but I believe there is value in understanding just how racially unified our counterparts truly are and the lengths they will go to rid you from the global equation.

All too often, we see from our elected leaders a complete unwillingness to mete a proper justice upon violent, irredeemable criminals. Instead, under the auspices of “bail reform” and “equitable justice,” we continually see headlines detailing the crimes of violent men, only for those same men to be released early, skirt away from punishment dozens of times on a single rap sheet, or have their cases expunged altogether at the final hour of a court hearing. To be qualified for this sort of valet service at the bench, all one has to do is be non-White.

As long as a sitting government willfully deems the majority population eligible for punishment while denying the minority the same level of scrutiny, then the system itself can only be classified as illegitimate. Its dictates cannot be regarded, its moral standard cannot be followed, and its convictions cannot be accepted. The people in control of the highest offices and most prestigious institutions of the land are the same people who, half a world away, sleep cozy at night after ordering airstrikes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip. Every time a violent black murderer is re-released into the streets in this country, picture a multi-million dollar Israeli smart missile slamming into a mud-hut on the shores of the Mediterranean. The situation is obviously much different, but the sentiment of the men behind the deed is exactly the same.

If anything, this hypocritical, racially-biased behavior coming out of our courts should do nothing but cast doubt on any and all judgments that it might make. Every sentence issued to a White “criminal” can only be assumed that it’s being issued to an innocent person for malevolent reasons. Only when the system is in the hands of people who genuinely value justice and have within themselves an aptitude for logic and impartial judgment can we begin to uphold the peace that a White civilization deserves.

2. We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed. – National Justice Party Platform

It’s not a lot to ask for! For as long as human civilization has existed as a concept, the tradition of capital punishment has nobly stood beside it to offer its grim yet necessary services. This has been the case ever since man dwelled in the antediluvian mists of pre-history, up to the modern-day, where despite our advances, the preservation of order still requires a harsh, illiberal hand. 

We must take the necessary steps to ensure that when that harsh, illiberal hand is used, it belongs to us. Any alternative to this is unacceptable; our people will continue to feel the total weight of a broken and systematically unfair justice system wielded by evil, unrepentant sociopaths. They fully expect non-Whites to continue to walk—and for us—to continue to walk the White mile.


Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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