Schizophrenic Scandinavians

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Contrary to the slew of media reports, both in the mainstream and on social media, the Swedish government has not announced a definitive position on NATO membership. Instead, a leak to the media, specifically to Svenska Dagbladet, is said to have exposed the Swedish Prime Minister’s desire to submit a NATO application by June 30th.

The two women playing as the Prime Ministers of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, and Finland, Sanna Marin, did not announce a decision to join NATO at a joint press conference on the 13th of April. Instead, they spoke of each nation’s ongoing security reviews which are to be completed in the coming months and presented to national parliaments for review and the ultimate decision on membership. Still, it is highly likely that Sweden, which has held to a policy of neutrality for over 200 years, will join NATO along with Finland.

Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson (left), and Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin (right)

As conversations about joining NATO dominate the domestic political landscape in Finland and Sweden, the governments, European Commission and other actors are all chiming in to quash the idea of letting the populations of Sweden and Finland have an actual say on the issue. The Finnish President, Sauli Niinistö, a current European Commissioner and former Swedish Minister, Ylva Johansson, and virtually the entire Swedish media and political class have come out against the idea of the two nations giving a voice to their populations on the matter. To top it all off, Russia’s recent violation of Swedish airspace has not helped calm the elite stampede towards the gates of NATO.

Likewise English language media, including a recent Deutsche Welle video report, have said explicitly that the European political class “learned their lesson” from Brexit and that letting people vote on “big decisions” was a terrible idea. Meaning they know people will overwhelmingly vote in the interest of their nation rather than what is in the interest of Washington D.C. and Brussels. This was further reinforced by the fact that Hungary just recently held a general election and set of referenda which gave a resounding majority to retaining the laws which ban the teaching of homosexual and transgender propaganda to children. The Jewish powers at be and their neoliberal apparatchiks are tired of democracy.

The Jewish Neoliberal world order which operates from Washington, Brussels, Berlin and other capitals in the West seems to have learned a rather devious lesson from Brexit: Don’t let those pesky White people vote!

It is worth remembering that the Irish were forced to vote twice on both the Treaty of Nice (2001) and the Treaty of Lisbon (2008/2009). Likewise, the French and Dutch both rejected the European Constitution (2005) by large margins and were then refused their own referendums on the Treaty of Lisbon, which for those unaware is just another version of the failed European Constitution. There was also serious discussion for over 2 years about forcing Britons to vote again on the question of leaving the European Union and it would be a major injustice to forget that the Greeks rejected the 2015 bailout in a referendum, only for the society-destroying bailout terms to be foisted upon them anyway.

While Sweden is rushing headlong into a sovereignty destroying alliance, it has been revealed the Swedish government has made attempts at limiting sanctions on certain Russian businessmen so that jobs in Swedish manufacturing are not affected. The Swedish government has also pressured against any sort of energy sanctions against Russia due to the record high fuel and electricity prices currently bogging down the economy. The European Union also refused to allow Sweden to temporarily eliminate all fuel taxes on the grounds that fighting climate change was more important. The fact that Sweden has cut carbon emissions by nearly 40% since 1990 made no difference to the powers in Brussels who demand conformity to their agenda even at the cost of European standards of living.

Where is the opposition to all of this, you ask? Well – Sweden’s traditional right wing, which is currently in the opposition position in parliament, is nothing more than an arm of the American government and Jewish interests. The Liberal party, Moderate Party(GOP light) and Christian Democrats are all vehemently frothing at the mouth as they attempt and drag Sweden into NATO against the wishes of the Swedish public, 53% of whom are either opposed to joining NATO or have yet to make up their mind. Worst of all, though, are the former “nationalists” in the form of the party The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). The party which once opposed NATO membership, wanted to have a referendum on the European Union and was explicitly pro-Swedish (in the ethnic sense) has become nothing short of America’s biggest supporter. One of the most vocal Zionist in Swedish politics, Björn Söder, is also a member of the party.

The Swedish public will get no voice in the decision to abandon the nation’s 200-plus year old policy of neutrality, and the Finns will be breaking with their post-war policy of balance between Russia and the West all without a single bit of public consultation. Sweden, nor the Nordic region, would not be experiencing any of these issues if they had not graphed themselves needlessly onto the postwar Jewish order. Nordic regionalism was torn apart in the early 1960s as nations, namely Denmark and Norway, decided to join NATO and as the nascent European Union came into being.

Still, we are not fools. The Swedish ruling class cares little for the Swedish people. Making this nation safe and prosperous once again requires a political revolution.

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