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Cowards, Lemmings, and Fighters

       As we come up on the two-year anniversary (January 20th, 2020 was the first lab-confirmed case in the US) of two weeks to stop the spread, chances are a lot of you reading this article are going through what could be referred to as Covid-Fatigue. What we’ve seen over the course of the past two years will, without a doubt, be something historians will be talking about many, many years from now and may mark a historic turning point not just for the United States, but the world at large. What exactly will they be talking about? The choice, ultimately, is up to the people reading this article and others like you.

       The most interesting thing about this so-called pandemic is the fact that – barring the holocaust myth – never before in human history have Western societies seen so much gaslighting at one concentrated time. And it’s not just gaslighting – the jew-controlled system in which the relatively sane choose to live has been forced to let the mask slip multiple times through naked acts of bullying, threats, social pressure, isolation, and scapegoating, all with the permission of the unelected movers in shakers in the belly of the jewish beast in federal and state governments. And these people are making out like bandits from their buddies in the pharmaceutical industry and their lobbies. Unfortunately, the multi-faceted and complex nature of this web of disinformation and corruption is too much for the average citizen to form a coherent opinion on, so the resulting debate and talking points were reduced to “mask vs. no mask”, “personal freedom vs. government overreach”, so on and so forth. In other words, what we call “finkelthink” – a phenomenon attributed to jewish political mover-and-shaker Arthur Finkelstein’s strategy of aggressively framing an issue as black and white and keeping the focus of the dialogue solely on attacking every aspect of the opposing side rather than taking the time to think about the matter being discussed. In other words: target the person, not the issue. And what we’re seeing now is:

Case in point. You’re the one killing everyone. You’re a bad person. You shouldn’t be allowed to walk around outside with us. Feel like getting your jabby yet?

       In keeping with such attacks, one doesn’t have to go very far to see similar sentiments expressed in a variety of outlets. The one thing they all have in common is that they are meant to demoralize, isolate, embarrass, blame, and harass. Usually it comes in the form of calling an unvaccinated or Covid-vaccine-critical person a “conspiracy theorist”, “schizo”, “moron”, and in some cases, even a terrorist in need of “de-radicalizing”. The end goal of this pressure is to put you into one of two camps that give ZOG the greenlight to know that you are controllable, but there is a way out.

       In all matters of life, not just the Covid scare (though I will be using it as an example here), there are only a few things that define a person: fear (or lack thereof), conviction (or lack thereof), and knowledge (or lack thereof). How your personality is molded around these three factors puts you into one of three general categories. You are either a coward, a lemming, or a fighter. Every single person at this stage of the game is in one of these three categories, with little overlap between the two, and the reader should be able to identify with one of these in the descriptions laid out below.

The Coward

       If you are motivated to do something by fear of the entity making the demand of you alone, without any knowledge of the nature of the demand being made, simply put – you are a Coward. You are fearful of the ramifications of not complying with the entity, you likely do not hold any convictions about the issue at hand since you weren’t even able to make it that far in the decision-making process, and therefore you never endeavored to seek out knowledge about the topic. Fear of the consequences of non-compliance allowed you to ignore all the reports of otherwise-healthy people dying of myo/pericarditis. It allowed you to ignore all of the articles being published by globo-homo media outlets suddenly running cover for why professional athletes are dropping dead in their early 30s. It allowed you to ignore the fact that the FDA is now saying that it will take until roughly 2096 to release 329,000 redacted pages of data pertaining to the vaccine, despite the same vaccine taking 109 days to be approved for emergency use (surely after careful review of all the data, right?) in a sweetheart deal to one of the biggest uni-party lobbies in the country. People who fit into this category are your silent compliers. They’re essentially the sheep of the world, and comprise a majority of the population.

       Compliance and avoidance of conflict are their prime motivators. They will go in whatever direction the breeze seems to be blowing and avoid confrontation at all costs. They got their shots as soon as they could, after they were done panic spending and leaving grocery store shelves bare. They aren’t passionate about vaccine matters; as a matter of fact, they really aren’t passionate about anything that entails even the slightest risk.

The Lemming

       If you are motivated to do something demanded of you by an entity without fear, with conviction, but also without knowledge, you are a lemming. Without doing too much jewish Freudian shit, this is probably indicative of deeper-seated issues in one’s personality stemming from somewhere else in their life. Lemmings typically are the type that are motivated by extraneous factors – they enjoy the feeling of being empowered and wield that feeling to manipulate and impose on others. Virtue signalling is their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have been referred to as many other names – janissaries, system toadies, useful idiots, death cultists, so on and so forth.

       The real danger about this group of people is that they typically are in positions to impose their will on others, or at the very least attempt to put themselves in such a position. This is done intentionally, as the system rewards those who are the most vocal supporters of whatever agenda happens to be on the table. They are held up as models by the system to keep the sheep following along, either through threats, harassment, assault, or similar intimidation tactics. Lemmings have no interest in seeing the “Why” behind whatever it is they’re advocating for – in their mind, it isn’t worth the time – there are quicker dopamine hits to be had through mindless action. When acting on behalf of a corrupt and immoral institution, they are similarly able to resolve any moral dilemmas by tabling them in pursuit of their chosen reward dynamic.

       In some of the worse cases, a Lemming who is aware of the moral dilemma but continues to act anyway is either a psychopath or a run-of-the-mill jew. Their sole motivator is power and the feelings it produces when exercised. Examples of Lemmings can be easily seen in BLM activists (particularly race-traitor White ones), your everyday social justice warrior, your fellow office worker who waxes poetic about their neoliberal politics during company meetings, White couples who adopt non-White children, two-party partisans, and, last but not least, your blue-checked Twitterati.

The Fighter

       If one is motivated to do something free of fear, with conviction, and with knowledge, these are all considered traits of a fighter. They are purposeful in their actions and principled in their beliefs. Often times, they have a good amount of knowledge of what exactly it is they are doing, and 100% of the time they are aware of what is being demanded or asked of them. They have no fear BECAUSE their conviction is rooted in their knowledge. In other words, a perfect balance of all of those three elements in their personality. Typically, these people are forbidden from operating inside of most modern institutions because this personality type is not conducive to the way the institution is designed to function. Fighters typically challenge what others have adopted either out of fear or fanaticism, and prefer to examine root causes and ulterior motives. While Lemmings and Cowards gain their comfort from outcomes, Fighters gain their comfort from their analytical, cause-and-effect approach to addressing demands made upon them, and resist/push back when appropriate, given potential alternative outcomes. This typically coincides with a consistent moral compass and a uniform value system. Since none of these personality traits are generally encouraged by an institution, Fighters generally are considered social pariahs by the bulk of the population and institutions generally work tirelessly to ensure none of the Cowards are aware of their existence. This usually takes the form of deplatforming, employment blackballing, stripping of former credentials, character assassination, and in extreme circumstances, ACTUAL assassination.

       Fighters do not necessarily need to be leaders, although many of them are; they are perfectly capable of functioning as part of a collective, so long as everybody has a similar collective conscious and the goals are clearly defined and agreed-upon. Just as institutions work to censor Fighters who have garnered attention, they similarly work to stop fighters from surfacing to begin with. To do this, they introduce barricades to the traits in the beginning of this paragraph – they make organizing difficult by introducing a surveillance panopticon physically (with the help of Lemmings) and (more common) digitally. Institutions also work to disrupt any collective consciousness that may form by introducing infiltrators to a group with the sole purpose of causing infighting, purity-spiraling, short-sightedness, far-sightedness, and hyper-individualism (making a collective movement about an individual rather than their foundational ideas).

       It is important, however, to keep in mind that Fighters do not all exist on the same side of an issue. Stalin was a Fighter. Saul Alinsky was a Fighter. Fidel Castro was a Fighter. Hitler was a Fighter. Some of the most disgusting, subversive jews to ever exist on the face of this earth were Fighters. The one thing that all of these groups of people have in common were that they were able to infiltrate the institutions of their time through collective action and purposeful application of force to achieve their goals and establish their own institutions, which is where we find ourselves today.

       So, now that we have covered each of these unique personalities, you may have been wondering – how does this tie back to the vaccination issue? That is where the correction comes in, and you may have sensed it in the opening paragraph – the vaccination issue currently taking place in EVERY Western nation is NOT about public health. It is not about masks, 6-foot standing distances, or reduced gym capacities. What it is, is a temperature check on behalf of our institutions. There is only so much information our occupation government can glean from a census conducted every couple of years. The demographic genocide of White people from Western nations is alive and well, as far as they’re concerned. What they don’t know, however, is how many Fighters, Cowards, and Lemmings they are currently presiding over, and that scares the shit out of them. With demographics shifting as fast as they have been, our already-fragile economies in the process of record-breaking inflation, home costs skyrocketing, the adoption of a “You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy” rent-to-own culture, whole sectors of industry being swallowed up by automation, outsourcing, and importation, one thing we can say for sure about what we’re currently experiencing is that this is the future the jew-controlled elites of our country envision for the future. They don’t want a total collapse as much as you or I. They want a restructuring.

What they hope will happen.

       What does that mean for you, the reader? Well, in the opinion of the author, I believe that this will come to pass, probably within the next two years. It’s already being hinted at with the newest version of Covid that the institutions are pimping – the Omicron variant. Within the past week, articles have already been surfacing stating that this variant seems to be a toned-down version that could be a bellwether of the end of the Covid scare. They’re not going to jump to conclusions because the experiment cannot come to a grinding halt – that would seem way too suspicious and invite more questions. Rather, they’re going to phase it out slowly with a “less-severe” variant, and bring everything to a smooth close.

       The most fatal mistake that we can make as a people is allowing this to pass without reflection. Let’s look back at what has happened over these past two years:

  • Unchecked nigger ape violence running amok through our streets in BLM riots.
  • State and federal governments seizing heavily on individual rights and freedoms we took for granted.
  • Police being effectively disarmed and prevented from keeping anyone besides the most powerful safe.
  • Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people losing their jobs due economic stress and non-compliance.
  • Attempted critical race theory (read: anti-White) implementation in schools and the private sector
  • (((Big Tech))) pulling in record profits while every average citizen got considerably poorer.
  • Destruction and removal of monuments dedicated to the founding White stock of our countries.
  • Restrictions on your ability to access goods and services based on whether you are a Coward/Lemming or a Fighter
  • Genocide of Palestinians and land grabs by israel accelerated.
  • Billions of tax dollars redirected into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, and their mostly-jewish executive boards.
  • Probably a whole bunch of other shit I forgot. Let me know in comments.

What will probably happen.

       All of the above considered, we are still here, and although we’ve all been hobbled, the system will need to get back to business as usual. If there is one lesson we can take from all that we’ve been through since the beginning of this shit show, it’s that we absolutely cannot rely on a democratic process to sort this out once the institutions decide to pull the trigger for the final time – because those in charge of our “democratic process” were accomplices in this all along. They gaslit an entire nation into panic mode over a virus and variants with staggeringly high survival rates and while most people were busy bitching about masks, rioting, panic buying and ratting on each other, they were able to paint a beautiful character picture of exactly who it is they’re ruling over. Now, they’re going to move on to the next phase, which is essentially finding out how to better weed out the Fighters so when they’re ready to clamp down, there will be no resistance. The problem will be dealt with ahead of time and it will be a bloodless revolution. Then, and only then, will the demographic genocide be accelerated to a level you cannot conceive of. And our elected officials and their (((benefactors))) on both sides of the aisle will be anesthetized from it – and they’ll laugh at the rats fleeing the ship from their lifeboat.

 We’re not voting our way out of this. 

       In conclusion, if you leave this article with anything at all… keep being a Fighter. Over the course of 2 years (plus), our system has thrown every kind of shit test that they can at you, and you resisted. They threatened your job. They threatened your life. They threatened you with fines. They threatened you with not being able to see your family in hospitals. They released a half-assed vaccine that is being proven day by day to be doing more harm than good. If you managed to make it through all of this without caving to the Cowards and the Lemmings, you should be proud of yourself (I know I am!). If you did, it’s understandable. Maybe your obligations to a family member took precedence. Maybe you weren’t anti-fragile enough, and didn’t have enough resources to take care of yourself and your family should you lose your job. Whatever the reason, if you are still here, healthy, and employed, all is not lost. Just know that the next time something like this pops up, you should be hardened to withstand what the institutions are going to throw at you – because it will likely be a lot more drastic and severe than what we’ve faced these past two years.

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