The Blackwashing of White Identity


As an avid student of history, I can tell you something ain’t quite right. For those of you who don’t watch TV anymore, the propaganda machine is alive and well.

Recently released on AMC+, which is managed by the jew Josh Sapan, is the story of Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 and is considered a martyr due to her providing the circumstances for Henry VIII to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and declare the English church’s independence from the Vatican.

Anne Boleyn contemporary artwork


AMC however appears to be taking the story of her life in a completely different, and negrified direction.

YA’LL MEET ANNEIQUA BOLEYNDISHA. Clown world just got a bit more honk-pilled.

I can only imagine what the crew filming was thinking.

The new Belle is morbidly obese, african and frizzy-haired. Now the movie should be called The Beast and The Beast.

The trend of blackwashing isn’t new. It’s sold as “an attempt at direct anti-racism or the act of promoting an equal treatment that results in equal opportunities.” Blacks don’t have a history worth celebrating though so they need to destroy everything Whites have built.

Adam Champion
Reporter on racial and economic injustice. Fact checker of certain events.

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    1. Hebrew Box Office Plus is working on Macbeth starring Denzel Washington

      1. i checked the comments of a trailer on yt. Pretty shocking to see people lapping that shit up and no one was mentioning the fact that they have black actors playing white roles.

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