Patriot Front Illegally Detained Over “Conspiracy to Riot” at Idaho Gay Pride Event. 🤬

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Final Update Monday 1:00pm EST: All of Patriot Front is officially out of jail and home safe. As predicted, leftists on Twitter are having a meltdown about it. All in all, a happy ending to a long and unfortunate saga.

“Misdemeanor conspiracy to what? Who cares. Hey, let’s grab a beer, bros!”

Maybe the real “Pride in the Park” was the Antifa we made seethe along the way

Sunday 11:59 am EST: Conservatives from all over the internet have come out to reinforce their false narrative that casts Patriot Front as a federal “honeypot.” This baseless talking point—long disproven—is based on the singular idea that Patriot Front’s adherence to physical fitness is incompatible with the lifestyle of the modern Conservative man.

Conservative Pundit Jesse Kelly sweats under the collar as he types this rediculous tweet into his phone app, knowing full well that if Patriot Front wasn’t effective in their activism and ability to siphon away his potential followers, they wouldn’t have the full weight of federal and local law enforcement dispatched to intimidate them.

While there may be some truth to the disparities in physical fitness when it comes to the average conservative compared to the average nationalist, these accusations are only levied against Patriot Front because of the real and present political threat they create for mainstream hucksters who peddle their snake oil Conservatism. 

The Gateway Pundit is also guilty of spinning a grievous act of constitutional violation by our nation’s authorities as merely a federal operation to keep you distracted from the next big election! Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!! 🥳

Sunday 11:10 am EST:  In the aftermath of the illegal arrest of Patriot Front in Coeur d’Alene, we now know that a few elements of Antifa have also been arrested by local law enforcement. While the exact reasoning behind this accidental “friendly-fire” between cops and their extra-judicial comrades is still unknown, it does confirm our suspicion that law enforcement has no problem safeguarding freedom of speech, as long as that speech is sexual perversion, child abuse, or indecent displays of public sodomy.

This screenshot was taken from the “Western Chauvinist” Telegram channel. @TheWesternChauvinist2

This screenshot was taken from the “Western Chauvinist” Telegram channel. @TheWesternChauvinist2

Leftist elements on Twitter have also taken to the public square to openly call for violence, urging Antifa on the ground to damage, destroy, and deface the private property of pro-White activists. Candid views into the sadistic minds of leftist agitators online never cease to amaze.

Kristofer (((Goldsmith))) using thinly veiled coded language on Twitter to call for the violent destruction of personal property

Sunday 11:00 am EST: Sources close to the matter have informed us that all of the members of Patriot Front have been released from jail after meeting local bail requirements. While it appears now that the police crackdown on these men was fabricated with the intent of validating them (i.e doxxing them), the individual misdemeanor “conspiracy to riot” charges themselves should prove easy to overcome in court if they aren’t thrown out entirely for being completely baseless.

Still, the damage is already done. On Twitter, elements of Antifa, with the help of the Kootenai Co Sheriff’s Office press log, have begun to share the names of those jailed in an attempt to intimidate and demoralize the activists themselves as well as nationalists nationwide. Out of respect for those who were victimized by the system, the Hyphen-Report will not be linking to any of these Twitter accounts, local news articles, or Sheriff press logs in order to mitigate the effect of documentable information on the individuals affected.

Saturday 10:10 PM EST: Further research into Robert “Bob” Norris, Kootenai County Sheriff and ringleader of the politically-motivated arrest of 31 members of the non-violent, pro-White activist group, Patriot Front, reveals he has received training from the infamous Israeli intelligence group, Mossad. According to the Kootenai County website, Bob Norris was hand-selected to visit “our greatest ally” to train with members of Mossad and Shin Bet to develop skills necessary to fight the “war on terror.” While it is not uncommon for American police agencies to attend training classes hosted by Israeli assets, the pro-911 training Bob received is quite unique and separate from the usual inter-departmental fare.

Sheriff Bob also has an interesting address history. Despite being the Sheriff of Kootenai County, Idaho, Bob Norris isn’t even originally from Idaho. While Bob’s career first began in the Los Angeles Police Department, Bob was eventually appointed to his current position when his predecessor, Sheriff Ben Wolfinger, retired in 2021. This allowed him to carpetbag his way into convenient reelection by his White, conservative constituents (constituents, mind you, that he would sell completely down the river if ordered to.) As a result, we find Bob in a rather curious position, a Mossad-trained, special SCI-issued super-zogcop left to oversee a region of the United States that has a long history of pro-White, nationalist-leaning political tendencies. Speculative, but interesting nonetheless.

Kootenai County, Idaho Sherrif Robert “Bob” Norris. Each stripe on his sleeve denotes time spent in service to the zionist regime. In a world filled with shameless bootlickers, “Bob” is king.

After 9/11 Bob was selected out of hundreds of sheriff candidates to lead a special team at the newly created Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) to combat terrorism in the United States. Bob held a Top Secret SCI and was responsible for managing personnel and resources from local, state, and federal agencies like the FBI, CIA and US Attorney’s Office. Bob’s work also brought him international exposure when he was selected to train in Israel with Mossad (the CIA equivalent) and Shin Bet (FBI equivalent) in the war on terror.

For further context, we discovered Bob Norris is currently married to an Asian woman, (nearly half his age) which would explain his innate and ruthless capacity to oppress white nationalists (who, in a normal civilization, would rightfully shun Bob as a pervert or fetishist).

COME MEET BOB NORRIS ✅ Will arrest you for being White ✅ Will promote child grooming and sodomy in public places! ✅ Will infringe on your rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and due process!

8:09pm EST: Officials from Kootenai County deliver an official statement regarding the illegal arrest of 31 Patriot Front members, and confirmed the absurd and obviously trumped-up charge of “conspiracy to riot.” During the conference, they gave credit for the arrests thanks to an anonymous “astute citizen” for blowing the whistle after they viewed what “looked like an army” entering a U-Haul van. This story, however, conflicts with earlier admissions made on the scene by a grinning Captain in the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, who admitted the arrest was made with the assistance of a federal informant. That interaction can be evidenced here.

While the police officials here in Idaho proudly strut and show off the newfound feathers in their cap, gained from arresting innocent citizens for their supposed inalienable rights to assemble and speak, the youtube comments on their press release shows quite a different opinion about their quite illegal detainment

Police are getting ratio’d online for their extra-judicial arrests Part 1/2

Police continue to get ratio’d online part 2/2

7:30pm EST: It has now been confirmed that, along with Patriot Front, Police have also detained a Christian preacher at Coeur d’Alene LGBT “Pride in the Park” event. The cowardly acts of law enforcement confirm what nationalists have long believed about rank and file police: the pensions come first, and the values of community and dignity come dead last.

Police detain an alleged Christian preacher at the “Pride in the Park” event, uplifting sexual depravity over the rights of the common man.

7:25pm EST: The nationalist activist group, Patriot Front, has been detained by law enforcement in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, as they attempted to exercise their first amendment right to freedom of speech. Coeur d’Alene is currently hosting a gay pride event known simply as “Pride in the Park,” where various right-leaning groups have staged a counter-protest in opposition to the creeping degeneracy of leftist elements in our hometowns.

Among the arrested appears to be Patriot Front founder Thomas Rosseau, seen below sporting his iconic “cowboy hat” as he is led away by system jackboots.

Some of these other groups—including militiamen, motorcycle clubs, as well as Christian activists—have rallied together for the same cause. At this time, however, it is unclear if arrests have been made against any of these other parties, or if Patriot Front is being selectively targeted by law enforcement.

In video footage uploaded by Youtube channel “News2Share,” members of Patriot Front can be seen zip-cuffed and left in a kneeling position on the ground as officers of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, as well as heavily armored members of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department, stand guard over the activists and their U-Haul transports. With no history of street violence, and maintaining a peaceful doctrine of activism, members of Patriot Front have been illegally detained by police who are grossly violating their constitutional rights as American citizens. Officials from the Sherriff’s office have promised that more information will be issued at a press conference slated at 4:30 pm.

A line of heavily-armored officers belonging to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department.

While unconfirmed, leftist agitators on Twitter have claimed that the faces of the masked Patriot Front activists have since been photographed by anarchists on the scene. Police have also hinted that the arrests themselves were actually tipped off by a federal informant who may have been accompanying the nationalist group on their way to the Pride event. While it is currently unclear what Patriot Front will ultimately be charged with, the current understanding is that they may be issued a “conspiracy to riot” charge due to “shields and weapons” allegedly being found inside their U-Haul transports.

-insert leftist tweet

The “Pride in the Park” event has created a storm of controversy in the state of Idaho. Despite labeling themselves as a “family-friendly, community event,” more than half of the billed entertainers are drag performers, scheduled to peddle their satanic wares on hapless children.  This obviously indecent display of homosexuality, vigorously guarded by local law enforcement, triggered the creation of an opposing event hosted by the “Panhandle Patriots” a motorcycle club with conservative leanings. 

Just a smattering of the kinds of “talent” being showcased at the “Pride in the Park” event

As more details unfold regarding the arrest of Patriot Front, this page will be updated to provide new, breaking information.


Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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