America’s Anti-White Fetish: Breaking Down the Anti-Woke Left’s Stance on Gun Control and Whiteness (Part 1)

Recently, the Hyphen-Report called on average, working-class White people to give their opinions on various topics of the day, and tasked them with writing their thoughts with the intention of publication on the website. The following article is the result of that endeavor, and we are proud to introduce two new anonymous writers eager to contribute and speak out against the growing tide of anti-White rhetoric flowing from every avenue of mainstream politics. The following is entry 1 of 2.

Today’s topic centered around a recent article, America’s Gun Fetish, penned by the darling of the anti-woke left, Chris Hedges. The following is a rebuttal and deconstruction of Mr. Hedges’ own critiques, and despite coming from blue-collar, nine to five backgrounds, you’ll find our authors are more than capable of boxing with the lofty, credentialed intellect of the principled left. 

Anonymous Author 1 of 2

The recent attacks in Buffalo and Uvalde have brought the insanity out of the liberal and anti-white alike. One of the more recent outbursts of this insanity is provided by Chris Hedges. Let’s break down the exact moment where he falls off the parallel bars in his mental gymnastics routine. What follows are the highlights.

● I moved my way up the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Marksmanship Qualification Program, helped along by a summer camp where riflery was mandatory. Like many boys in rural America, I was fascinated by guns, although I disliked hunting. Two decades as a reporter in war zones, however, resulted in a deep aversion to weapons. I saw what they did to human bodies.

Chris starts early, trying to equate the carnage and loss of life he witnessed in a “warzone” overseas. As the current war in Ukraine has shown us, by comparison, our Middle East adventures were hardly a war between two equal armies. He uses anecdotal evidence to explain the kind of damage “weapons” (read: guns) inherently create. While our police often emulate modern armies, a civilian AR-15 is not a weapon of war. I’ve never seen angry White Men driving a truck with a howitzer in tow or a rocket battery for sale at a backwoods Florida gun show. These are the real weapons of war Chris is referring to, and they are uniquely wielded by the armies of our corrupt government under the guise of defending or erecting puppet democracies in foreign lands.

● Guns made my family, lower working-class people in Maine, feel powerful, even when they were not. Take away their guns and what was left? Decaying small towns, shuttered textile and paper mills, dead-end jobs, seedy bars where veterans, nearly all the men in my family were veterans, drank away their trauma. Take away the guns, and the brute force of squalor, decline, and abandonment hit you in the face like a tidal wave.

Unfortunately for the family of Mr. Hedges’s, the “tidal wave” of societal collapse which decimated their small-town communities came along regardless of their firearms. He’s too drunk on the liquor of Liberalism to see the real reasons why his family community died, but let’s not spoil the ending. We’ll skip a few paragraphs of his backstory and fast forward to the meat and potatoes of the article.

● There have been over 200 mass shootings this year. There are nearly 400 million guns in the U.S., some 120 guns for every 100 Americans. Half of the privately-owned guns are owned by 3 percent of the population, according to a 2016 study. Our neighbor in Maine had 23 guns. Restrictive gun laws, and gun laws that are inequitably enforced, block gun ownership for many Blacks, especially in urban neighborhoods. Federal law, for example, prohibits gun ownership for most people with felony convictions, effectively barring legal gun ownership for a third of Black men. The outlawing of guns for Blacks is part of a long continuum. Blacks were denied the right to own guns under the antebellum Slave Codes, the post-Civil War Black Codes, and the Jim Crow laws.

Chris’s amateur psychoanalysis of the White populace is now complete, and we’ve hit something resembling facts, so let’s start with the claim of 200 mass shootings. A demographic breakdown by race, as we see here, clearly shows us that White people accounted for four mass shootings out of a whopping 143. Less than 3% of these cases.

Chris Hedges liberal bonafides are legendary and include a reporting stint at the New York Times, as well as a 2002 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the war on terror. Yet even he stumbles when faced with the growing reality of our anti-White world.

The data shows us that the real perpetrators are almost exclusively black; anecdotally, it checks out. Just read any random local affiliate news website. Seven shot in Chicago, thirteen injured. It’s the same for NYC, St. Louis, and virtually any large metropolitan American city. The story will often be about blacks killing innocent victims. I’ll spare us the specifics, but we can easily recall a headline of a black randomly killing a child, a pregnant lady, or an Uber driver out of pure racial animosity. The story will most likely be recent, too. But, like many of these headlines, it will quickly be erased from public memory, replaced by another story of equal depravity. Almost all of them were assuredly carried out by a black.

This leads to the next bit, where he cries bloody tears for these people, complaining about why criminal blacks can’t legally purchase guns. Chris even invokes Jim Crow laws, as if any one of these alleged shooters could name one of these laws in an open book test. But, fear not, these criminals, who already serve minimal time for these explicitly heinous acts, will find a way to get their hands on a gun regardless; unlike the White parents who want to protect their growing families from surging black violence.

● White people built their supremacy in America and globally with violence. They
massacred Native Americans and stole their land. They kidnapped Africans, shipped them as cargo to the Americas, and then enslaved, lynched, imprisoned, and impoverished Black people for generations. They have always gunned down Black
people with impunity, a historical reality only recently discernable to most white people because of cell phone videos of killings.

While the massacre of Native Americans did happen, these actions didn’t happen in a vacuum. The settlers of these territories often suffered from wanton brutalism at the hands of the savage. The barbarity was mutual, albeit one-sided, in favor of the natives. Let’s not get too Victorian over the idea of land theft, either. It’s just a fact of history that we conquered them, and the land they roamed for hundreds of thousands of years became ours for proper civilization.

If decades of embarrassing, degrading, anti-White propaganda in our media, institutions, and workplaces are the result of chattel slavery, then one wonders who truly benefitted from the slavery?

As for slavery, what have I received from it? If you ask me, its result has been a net negative to the same White populace you denigrate in your article. While blacks were indeed lynched, Whites (and Jews) were often lynched for similar crimes with similar haste. This was not a racial phenomenon, as much as it was a sign of the times. Vicious crimes call for illiberal forms of punishment. What’s more severe than being made an example of by society? Don’t rape children, and you won’t be made into a wind chime. Shocking stuff!

 The gun enforced white supremacy. It should not be surprising that it is embraced as the instrument that will prevent whites from being dethroned… The specter of societal collapse, less and less a conspiracy theory as we barrel to climate breakdown, reinforces the gun fetish. Survivalist cults, infused with white supremacy, paint the scenario of gangs of marauding Black and brown people fleeing the chaos of lawless cities and ravaging the countryside. These hordes of Black and brown people, the survivalists believe, will only be kept at bay with guns, especially assault-style weapons. This is not far removed from calling for their extermination.

What about the guns the violent blacks use? Do those enforce White supremacy? The double standard Chris is enforcing is condescending and outright bewildering. Climate Control? Am I high? I thought we were talking about the problem of White (nonexistent) violence? Just further proof this is a kook pimping his pet view. Survivalist cults? Just call them Atomwaffen, a honeypot operation that was revealed to be completely organized by federal agents. They tried to trailblaze popularity in impotent White violence, but nationalist journalist, Eric Striker, and many others have disassembled that better than I ever could.

America’s gun fetish and culture of vigilante violence makes the U.S. very different from other industrialized nations. This is the reason there will never be serious gun control. It does not matter how many mass shootings take place, how many children are butchered in their classrooms, or how high the homicide rate climbs. The longer we remain in a state of political paralysis, dominated by a corporate oligarchy that refuses to respond to the mounting misery of the bottom half of the population, the more the rage of the underclass will find expression through violence. People who are Black, Muslim, Asian, Jewish, and LGBTQ, along with the undocumented, liberals, feminists and intellectuals, already branded as contaminants, will be slated for execution. Violence will spawn more violence.

I’m not going to add much to his opinions as they are objectively deluded, and more of an expression of what he thinks rather than anything based on reality. The idea that White Americans are at fault for the epidemic of violence in America is laughable, if not a downright evil proposition. As a group—especially those of us under 40 who were raised in the multicultural, deracinated joke of a nation that America has now become—we were taught the virtues of equality, and the sinful nature of our history from as early as we can remember. Most of us tried to live by those lessons with all the heart we could muster.

But eventually, you get burned out like I did, still in high school and forced to hide from packs of angry black kids with my tech teacher who understood the problems we White kids faced. To be fortunate enough to witness these casual acts of violence on the news before it’s swept under the rug or on social media before it’s removed. The evidence is out there, but to blame guns for the failure of our society is to try and cure an illness by targeting individual symptoms. The institutionalization of anti-white rhetoric taught at a young age and reified throughout mass media is what truly leads to today’s racialized violence. Guns allow White people to think that in this twisted society, they might be able to defend their own families and property if—god forbid—it ever came down to it. As we have seen in cases of straightforward self-defense, there is rarely an argument that can save you from a potentially lifelong prison sentence, prevent your character and good name from being destroyed, and finally, be used as one more instance to justify further black reprisals against White innocents.

If White people and their guns are such a problem, then how come when they use them in self-defense they get life imprisonment? Even the cameraman will die behind bars for being NEAR the death of one of America’s most sacred cows.

Bringing an end to this senseless violence is paramount to securing our children’s future and stopping young men like Dylann Roof, Brenton Tarrant, and Peyton Gendron from providing these violent thugs more “justification” for the senseless violence they produce. Organizations like the National Justice Party are part and parcel of a solution. The only way we can win is by cultivating our collective will and never giving in to the cultural desires of the elite class that Chris Hedges often speaks about.

They want you to be a Roof or a Gendron; it sells itself to their base. 

Only by organizing and collectively rejecting the culture and narrative pushed by social and mainstream media can we prize our birthright back from all those who desire it. 

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hyphen-Report. Any content provided by our editors or anonymous authors is of their opinion.*


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