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Patriot Front Demonstrates in Boston March for Independence Day

Patriot Front Demonstrates in Boston March for Independence Day
Patriot Front Demonstrates in Boston March for Independence Day

Update: While heading to the demonstration via train, Patriot Front members were heckled by an Antifa leftist trying to become e-famous and collect accolades from his equally vain peers online. For his sad and pathetic efforts, he ended up not only stopping the march or attaining status, he just blocked his own microphone and looked like a tard. Many such cases! 


Undeterred by previous legal harassment, Patriot Front has once again decided to do a public march along the Freedom Trail in Boston this Independence Day weekend.

In a continued increased demonstrative presence by pro-White groups, along with The National Justice Party’s protest in Akron for Ethan Liming, Patriot front has taken to the streets, once again espousing their “Reclaim America” rhetoric. This happened despite and in response to being targeted by law enforcement for opposing children being exposed to gross sexual content.


Average conservative responses have continued with baseless and limp-wristed claims of federal agent affliction (because yes of course the feds would arrest the feds for being feds).

It’s honestly pathetic that they are so demoralized that they can’t even fathom young White men organizing politically to stand up for what they believe in, but I guess we’ve known that for a while now.

Meanwhile, the “antifascist left” ironically seems to have a better understanding of the legitimacy of these brave men standing up for their principles and are rightly terrified.

Take a look at how terrified this “purple witch” is over seeing strong White men peacefully demonstrate.

It shouldn’t even need to be stated that the Hyphen-Report commends these men for their courageous actions, and we hope this is just the beginning of a new stronger, and public-facing approach to politics.

We will continue to be seen.

Stay tuned for future updates.



Sam Caldwell
Social Nationalist and based book enthusiast. Hail National Justice Party.

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    1. Thanks for the sympathetic report. I’m also watching these sterling patriots with much interest from the sidelines. Their optics are slick!

    2. Glad to see these men still on the march and unafraid after being targeted and doxed by the police during their last action.

      I salute their bravery!

    3. […] entirely unexpected. With the current rise of pro-White street activism from organizations such as Patriot Front and the National Justice Party taking the nation by storm, the system can only respond with […]

      “Patriot Front are feds because they’re not fat retards!” – conservatards

      The system better come up with better rhetoric because this is pathetic. We’re going to win.

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