Why Poles Despise Banderists

In the Lipniki district the UPA and the local Ukrainian peasants murdered 179 Poles. During the night attack, using torture and rapes, many families were burnt in their houses. Surrounded and set on fire, the fleeing Poles were shot at. Those caught were tortured, brutal rape of girls and women took place, chopped with axes, stabbed with bayonets and pickets, and cut with knives and scythes. Families, especially women and children, burned alive in houses. Children’s heads were smashed against walls, thrown alive into the fire of burning houses and farms. 3-year-old Stanisław Pawlak was killed by hitting his head against the wall. They tied 29-year-old Jan Śnichowski with barbed wire and stabbed him.

A group of about a hundred people who did not manage to escape and hid in the drainage ditch were surrounded and mostly murdered using bayonets, knives, axes, pitchforks, etc.

The Ukrainians encouraged Poles to return, arguing that the slaughter in Lipniki was perpetrated by Soviet partisans. Those who returned after the harvest were tied up with wire, they were taken to the marsh near Lubomirka Stara, stabbed with knives and bayoneted

In the village of Szpikołosy, poviat Krzemieniec, the UPA murdered 12 Poles, including 2 families, after the massacre, “Ukrainian insurgents” carried the corpses of 5 children impaled on pitchforks around the village.

In the village of Sośnica, poviat Jarosław, the UPA burnt 280 farms and murdered 5 Poles, including a 75-year-old woman burnt alive.

“I went to see what they opened that morning, and the whole family was lying on the floor, murdered. I saw that the ear was lying here, a piece of the body was lying there, the eyes were gouged out, and my friend, 17-year-old Kasia, had her breasts cut off.” – A Polish girl, Maria Konopka, from the village of Bucyki.

Throughout what is now western Ukraine, Ukrainians tied Poles in barbed wire and threw them into the wells, they chopped off hands, legs, ears with axes, gouged out eyes, cut out their bodies, ripped belly and dragged out their insides. They chopped off hands, legs, ears, genitals, gouged out eyes. Women had their breasts cut off, others were impaled. They sentenced many people to death – chopping off their hands, feet and at the end of their heads.

The Poles sent representatives of the Polish government, including Zygmunt Rumel, to negotiate peace talks with the UPA. Instead they were tortured for days then tied to four horse and ripped apart.

If you want to see evidence of this, simply do an image search for “rzeź wołyńska” to see pictures of bodies. You can also see illustrations here.

Here is one victim, a Polish girl chopped up by Ukrainians.

Another, a Polish woman ripped open and her infant put inside of her

A child with her head smashed in

Remains from the exhumation of Wola Ostrowiecka

Children butchered

A polish woman with her hands chopped off and intestines ripped out

In August 1943, the Polish village of Gaj was burned and some 600 people were massacred. In the village of Wola Ostrowiecka 529 people were killed, including 220 children under 14, and 438 people were killed, including 246 children, in Ostrowki. In September 1992, exhumations were carried out in those villages and confirmed the number of dead. Ukraine has refused to allow Poland to conduct more exhumations.

There are recorded cases where the Ukrainians found that the Poles were sheltering jews, would let the jews go and slaughtered the Poles.

How could such cruelty be done?

One explanation is the ten commandments of the Ukrainian nationalist, an important teaching aid which was read in all UPA cells during the war and helped guide their actions. Banderism is a nationalism without god, the nation above all, as several Ukrainian nationalist ideologues explicitly stated. For an independent Ukraine, stuck between settled peoples and the steppe, to survive barbaric steppe methods had to be used. And these methods were effective in realizing their goal, the land is now Ukrainian.

Contemporary Ukraine

No Ukrainian government has ever issued an apology for the massacres.

This is a still from a video from a 2015 party in Kiev, where a “Wołyń slaughter” dish was served. The menu during the also included dishes such as the “Odessa trade union house” (several dozen people burned alive there in May 2014, Ukraine did not arrest or punish the Banderists who beat up people fleeing the burning building), also a meat burger  called “raped pensioner”. A one off in bad taste?

The Polish school in Lwów is number 10, now named St. Mary Magdelene. Not only is it off Stepan Bandera street, but to this day a plaque of the UPA commander Roman Shukhevych is on the school.

In Janowa Dolina, a Polish settlement that was massacred by Ukrainians, the Ukrainians have installed a monument to the UPA.

Why do Ukrainians celebrate Bandera and the UPA? Some say they have no nationalism other than Banderism.

Wołyń is now taboo in Poland. We are to forget and not mention it. This is what our president said this week, a week after going to Auschwitz and declaring the importance of the eternal memory of Jewish experience in WW2. PiS seeks to integrate Ukrainians into the Polish state.

I’ll leave you with this thought. If the Ukrainians manage to win the war, and the Russians are forced to retreat from Ukraine, what do you think the Ukrainians will do to those people in the area now occupied by Russia who they suspect collaborated with Russia?

Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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    1. Really? All I see are poles gobbling up NATO/pro-Ukraine propaganda like it’s their last meal on earth. We went to the local polish festival the other week and saw a bunch of pro-Ukraine garbage. Poland is Donald trump: the country. A lot of tough talk, but no action. Poles getting sucked into the kind of conservatism that was American conservatism 20 years ago. The poles need to pick a damn side or they’ll be just like the US soon enough.

    2. So….in 2022 we have Nazis in the Ukraine who have been endorsed by Jews.

      These Jew endorsed Nazis are obsessed with Nazi Stefan Bandera who was responsible for mass killings of the Polish.

      The Polish are now funneling equipment to the Ukraine who’s hero Bandera killed their ancestors?

      Ten years ago I knew the future would be rough….but this……never.

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