The European Union Backs Down

On April 1st, 2022, the Editor of White-Papers appeared on The People’s Square and made the following statement: “The EU has no alternatives but to buy Russian gas … there is just no choice”. That Prediction was correct.

It was a compartively easy prediction to make given the reality of the infrastructure and financial sitatution in the European Union and of its various member states. We knew at the time that Europe does not currently have the infrastructure that would be needed to import the volumes of natural gas necessary to replace its reliance on Russia. It was also evident at the time, and remains so today, that OPEC nations are refusing to increase production, and that the private sector in the United States has absolutely no intention of producing more natural gas while they are able to make record profits from the regularly surging prices.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and American President Joe Biden appeared together on March 26th, proclaiming their intention to work together on moving Europe off of Russian fuel.

After blustering for weeks about a supposed plan to cease buying Russian natural gas, the European Union has been forced to back down. The EU is set to release a draft plan which will give companies and governments guidance on continuing to purchase Russian natural gas and other commodities. It seems that no amount of Washington, Brussels and Soros funded media could prevent the inevitable reality of economics from rearing its head.

This seachange comes after the rhetoric swiftly diverged in European capitals, such as when French President Macron, in a stunning shift of attitude, proclaimed Europe was indeed not at war with Russia and eluded that Russia may get a say over the security arrangements in Eastern Europe going forward. Likewise, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also made statements regarding the future security situation in Europe where he called for balance and a ceasefire, but not for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, is actively calling for a peace deal. It is highly likely that this magnificent shift has everything to do with the fact that the Russian economy has its inflation under control while the Eurozone and the United States are truly locked into a price spiral to which there is currently no exit.

Swiftly following this change in tone was an announcement from the European Commission and European Central Bank that growth will be lower than expected, and that inflation will continue to worsen if nothing is done about energy prices. And one cannot forget that the German Central Bank has been warning about the potential for recession in Europe since February and their predictions only continue to become more dire. This announcement was immediately followed by stories that the European elite are no longer in agreement on the matter of sanctions against Russia. Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, the Czech Republic simply cannot replace their energy reliance on Russia in a manner which is swift, let along afforable.

It is worth noting that he Russian economy has its inflation under control while the Eurozone and the United States are truly locked into a price spiral to which there is currently no exit.

The anti-White elite which rule Europe could only take this ruse and their rhetoric so far, and we appear to have reached the limit of what they are willing to risk, for the time being.

An affiliate of the Hyphen-Report, White-Papers was founded in April 2020, and produces policy related articles from a pro-White, pro-family and pro-worker perspective.

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