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Nick Fuentes’ Forbidden America Documentary Review


To begin Hyphen-Report’s Nick Fuentes’ Forbidden America documentary review we should first delve into the context. After almost a year of waiting, and almost two years since Nick’s contribution to this documentary’s production began. The documentary’s existence became known when Louis Theroux, was spotted speaking amongst the groyper legions at America First Political Action Conference 2(AFPAC2). Theroux, a journalist, was seen walking around with a camera crew, giving Nick’s enemies a view inside the America First movement. Nick as seen below even thought it was possible the documentary would be “slightly positive” and he described Theroux as “nice” in March of 2021.

AFPAC2 was preempted by warnings from Patrick Casey something may possibly occur, citing Nick’s inexperience and January the 6th. That’s not to say Patrick Casey was right, his angle was feds, rather than Nick letting the demons in himself. To set the stage; Nick is being now introduced to millions of normies for the first time, as a hateful incel psychopath.  Could this not be approximated to Vice’s documentary on Charlottesville? Now on prime-time TV. Theroux has millions of fans who don’t know Nick, then he gets to use the clout of the Britbong State media itself to shill his project.

Nick Fuentes Forbidden America Documentary Review

A preview for the documentary in a local british newspaper

Despite the hype almost no news came out about the project. It took until December 2021 for Nick to admit he thought it’d come out by now, in addition to finally conceding it was a hitpiece. Nick essentially admitted he lost control on the project, not realizing it until later. Much earlier in the project, Nick viewed the documentary as akin to the Boston Globe puffpiece from 2017. As late as May 14th 2021, Nick was allowing Theroux into his home. This was despite Theroux asking Nick if he was a White nationalist or believed in the holocaust on camera. That means Nick let Louis Theroux collect info on him for almost two years, with Nick just yammering away.

One of the biggest aspects of the “optics war” was that Richard Spencer appeared on mainstream media, most notably on CNN. Nick spent four years bemoaning Richard Spencer for it, only for Nick to fall prey to the dopamine rush himself. One must ask, what was the point of it all for the end result to be the same? Nick allows sex offenders on his site, so it isn’t the greatest shock.

The only three hints pointing towards the tone being the TV description, a short TV trailer and a small part in Theroux’s book. Read the whole thing here, but an excerpt:

Fuentes presided over his group, godlike amid the beta hordes, skinny but handsome, like an undernourished gamer-nerd JFK tribute act, with a Cheshire Cat grin so broad that it narrows his eyes[…]

We had lunch together, off camera, in an open-air mall in the shadow of a huge Ferris wheel, passing the time with conversation about food and Chicago, where he was born and raised, and other people in ‘the movement’. Loud music was playing and every fifteen minutes or so a colourful toy train carrying kids would pass by.

‘We should film you on that,’ I said. ‘Good optics.’

Bad optics,’ he said.

Late in the day, just before we called it a night, one or two of Nick’s more fringe beliefs peeped out. He’d prefer if women didn’t have the right to vote, he said. Civilization had started its decline with female suffrage. Women in general couldn’t be in the inner circle of the movement. This was followed by a random reference to the evil bigwigs who were, as he saw it, screwing up society. ‘They’re not all Jews,’ he said, again with an air of naughty humour.

Nick Fuentes’ Forbidden America Documentary Review

 I’ve seen just about every documentary on the far right, and this is unquestionably the best I’ve seen. Unlike every other far right exposé documentary, the main narrator is actually informed. When characters are drenched in irony, you need to know the terminology and dogwhistles.

To begin, we get a preview of a confrontation between Baked Alaska and Theroux. Baked is yelling about white people to Theroux, before it cuts to footage straight out of Charlottesville. Then it goes through a quick collage of Baked Alaska, Nick Fuentes, and Beardson Beardly (Matt Evans) spouting “ironic” racism, interspersed with footage of January the 6th in between. This displays the core theme of the documentary: how Nick uses irony as a tool to escape consequences. However, with this being made by a liberal hack, Theroux pushes it into a forced anti-democratic theme. You must consider the legal repercussions Fuentes has faced for his involvement in January 6th and how this film is taking aim to add fuel to that fire. 


The documentary starts with AFPAC2 in February 2021, where this all began. Hilariously, upon immediately meeting Fuentes, Theroux points to the badge Nick has his followers wear, which says “America First Bitch”. If you’re willing to wear a badge implying your Nick’s bitch, you should probably be the first in the ovens. From here, Theroux calls him stupid and basically asks him to explain why he’s a nazi. You would think at this point Nick would begin to grasp this was maybe a hit piece.

Most shockingly, Louis Theroux and the BBC didn’t censor the faces for the majority of the staff at AFPAC2. Nick allowed what is likely dozens of his own supporters to get doxed, with no attempt to censor them. Later in the film, when there’s not crowds of people, most people are censored. However, that doesn’t change that Nick let journalists dox dozens of his own fans at his own event. Additionally, Nick claim on his ‘America First’ show all the faces at AFPAC2 would be censored.

Jaden in the front of the groypers, literal soyface in the back

Optics is doxing your supporters while their groyper belly flops out

From here Theroux sets the narrative to make a bold claim: Nick is the successor to the alt-right. Whether or not this is true is another matter; admittedly the documentary succeeds in its portrayal. One could argue it succeeds so well in regards to proving the racial nature of America First, that it lacks in other areas. At this point, the film gives brief focus to Nick’s self described “incel” views on women, although it’s quickly played off as “Catholic”. If I had a problem with this movie is that it focuses too much on Nick’s optics game and race, rather than his incel tendencies. The film focuses quite a bit on Nick’s sociopathic, “ironic” personality, making Nick come across as the used car salesman of White Nationalism.

We Love Our Journalists

Then it cuts to Baked Alaska. Right off the bat Baked immediately starts telling Theroux he’s not a nazi. Then Baked reveals his 4D chess game; he’s recording Theroux too so Baked can say whatever stupid thing he wants. At this point Baked entirely lowers his guard, coming off as a fed provocateur, being as cartoonishly racist as possible. From here, Baked contradicts Nick and starts defending Charlottesville out of nowhere, completely unprompted. After this, Baked fangirls over Nick openly, expressing a desire for Nick to be president immediately. Without Theroux knowing how to react, Baked then starts rapping for several minutes about how he got banned from Twitter 4 years ago. Theroux is simply lost and confused but amused at his prey self immolating.

This is followed by a collage of clips from 2021, showing Nick saying black women are annoying, they will kill you, it’s a race war, etc. This is a weak point, and it’s a clear hit job because they spent hundreds of hours going through his footage for these clips. From here, Theroux goes mask off directly to Nick, dropping any pretenses this was anything other than a hit piece. Nick somehow doesn’t pickup the signal, then tries sucking up to Theroux after being metaphorically spat on. Theroux then calls Nick a white nationalist. At this point Nick doesn’t even attempt to disagree, even though just a few minutes earlier he was denouncing Charlottesville for white nationalism.

Nick Fuentes’ Forbidden America Documentary Review – Beardson Beardly

At this point, we reach the main Beardson Beardly / Matt Evans section. It starts off with a montage of Beardson acting like the disgusting, permanently online troglodyte he is. It then cuts to Theroux outside Beardson’s house, with 5’1 Beardson wearing a dorky Louis Theroux T-shirt. Theroux confronts Beardson about being a “groyper general”, which he agrees with. Beardson looks like shit. He recently shaved, so his soychin was fully exposed, showcasing what a hick looks like. This is not peak optics.

Manlet rage mode engaged

From there, Theroux lightly presses Beardson, much to his dismay. Theroux brings up that Beardson is constantly “throwing romans”, something Theroux associates with the alt-right. Beardson then has a full spergout, not knowing how to respond to a simple question. Beardson displays his catty, female-like anger, meltdown resulting in kicking out Theroux, before bragging about it on social media. This was despite the fact that Nick himself warned Beardson repeatedly “hey, this guy is going to do a hitjob on you, don’t talk to him”.

Source: NukeTelly

Hammerhead Attack

Here we hit a surprise, as a feral E-girl and scored lover, Brittany Venti aka Muttni appears. The viewer gets a female former groyper’s perspective into the hate, sexism and bullying of America First. All jokes aside, Venti sells the hell out of Nick & crew, throwing them under the bus as hard as possible. In her infinite wisdom, Muttni starts the interview by claiming Charlottesville was all one big joke, just a meme bro. Then in a sudden tonal shift, Venti is recorded physically recoiling in reacting to Beardson’s rape threat against her. This is the most powerful point in the documentary, showing how gross and depraved a “married man” like Beardson is. If I had to critique this part, it seems like Theroux was aiming for Muttni to call Fuentes an incel. She, however, didn’t deliver in that regard.

Muttni giving a new meaning to “burn the coal, pay the toll”

Then the movie hits its crescendo, covering the “domestic terror threat posed by right wing extremists.” Particularly, Christchurch gets brought up multiple times, even using footage from the event. From here, the viewer gets to see Baked Alaska’s infamous “Why I left the Alt Right” video, where he denounces Christchurch and the Alt-Right. Theroux then confronts Baked on stream, showing that video and giving Baked quotes from it. Baked is unable to reply, as he begins shouting slurs to transparently distract from the topic at hand. Theroux briefly focuses on IP2, an IRL streaming service with text-to-speech donations. Theroux sees IP2 as the prime example of the far right online: deceptively innocuous, wrapped in irony and driven by anonymous fans.

Finally, Theroux express the theme of his film: irony, and how it can be used to escape consequences, particularly within a democratic frame. The goal of the film is to destroy any plausible deniability for Fuentes and America First. In that regard, the film succeeds to an extent. This isn’t the nail in the coffin many were hoping for, but it certainly makes Fuentes have less breathing room. More importantly, the damage done to America First as a whole is tangible. Both Baked Alaska and Beardson Beardly were successfully portrayed as gross, weird, unhinged psychopaths. Most importantly, this ties Baked and Beardson to America First. Previously, both would try deny any connection in clear bad faith.

Max cope

Closing thoughts

My thoughts? I think this film effectively got its message across. While the documentary was hampered by its political themes, it would have been better as character study, exploring their personalities more. How much damage was done to Nick? We’ll have to see. However, Nick allowed dozens of his own fans to be doxed, which brings into question his leadership. Is the loss in those young men’s lives being ruined justified in the gain of having Paul Gosar give a speech?

Regardless, groyper or not, this is easily the best documentary on a far right group out there. From the presentation, to the story telling, to Theroux actually challenging the annoyingly smug “zoomer irony” that protrudes from America First, this one outclasses the rest. In the end, one must ask: what was the point of all this infighting, when you just to call yourselves white nationalists anyway?


John George

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  1. Real White Nationalists don’t talk to journalists- that’s been understood in our movement for years now. It gains you nothing. If a journalist wants to learn about us, tell them to f*** off. They’re not going to be allowed interview us, they’re not going to be allowed in our meetups and they’re not going to see our chats. Fuentes isn’t a serious guy. His “movement” isn’t serious. Nick and his boys falling for this journalist’s tricks just makes it clear that he and his people haven’t learned anything in the past 4-5 years. They don’t have the discipline, the ideology or the community that IRL White Nationalists do. They are unable and unwilling (due to greed and corruption) to keep (((subversive elements))) out of their organization- going from your whole shtick being about the USS Liberty to “some of the finest people in America first are jewish” is as incoherent as it is pathetic. Basically anything Nick tries to do, and we do more effectively, to him that’s “cringe”. It’s “cringe” for Patriot Front to March in town but it’s “based” for fuentes and his lot to get thrown out immediately at a cuckservative protest because his guys aren’t serious or disciplined? “America First” is a reactionary feeling- not a revolutionary ideology like fascism and National Socialism. When we win America Fisters will be waving Windmills of Peace pretending they were on our side all along.

  2. Holy shit, Nick looks like a skinny little dweeb in this doc.

  3. I am experiencing major douche chills, & deeply regret watching thaf.
    I do not understand what is so difficult in never talking to the cops, Feds, media, or IRS, yet, here we are, once again.

  4. I went into this documentary completely blind (never having followed Fuentes et al. nor having heard of Theroux).

    Honestly, I think this documentary was a total misfire on Theroux’s part. He ends up inadvertently painting a highly sympathetic portrait of the two main protagonists (Fuentes and Baked). They both come off as extreme yet sincere and likable.

    Theroux also tries to draw obvious parallels between Fuentes speaking at AFPAC and a certain other above-average public speaker from the early-to-mid 20th century. Maybe it’s just my right-wing sensibilities, but when a rousing speech is delivered under good lighting in front of an enraptured crowd, it gives me goosebumps. Maybe leftists have a different reaction?

    In conclusion: a leftist own-goal which might inadvertently draw more positive interest to the dissident right.

  5. There is a video out there of Nick calling Trump’s immigration policy “racist” around 2015. Nick started out as a GOPe grifter with no tendencies towards even being tough on immigration. He jumped on the bandwagon then built an audience, but he started as a pure mainstream, establishment friendly, open borders shill.

  6. >conceding it was a hitpiece
    The absolute state of wignats lol. Nick said from the beginning that it would probably be a hit piece and that he was ultimately ok with it, especially after he was banned from Twitter. That’s literally on video, multiple times.
    >Nick claim on his ‘America First’ show all the faces at AFPAC2 would be censored
    And they all were. Everyone who had their faces shown or was interviewed at AFPAC 2 gave their consent. So funny how you posted footage from outside of CPAC where multiple journalists were filming people in a public place and literally claimed that was somehow inside AFPAC lol
    >Nick allowed dozens of his own fans to be doxed
    lol this is what happens when you’re blinded by hatred and start believing your own bullshit. Debunked in the last point.
    >when you just to call yourselves white nationalists anyway?
    Just post the clip or quote of Nick saying that. I’ll be waiting.

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