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Vincent James Slanders Rob Rundo, Spins False R.A.M. Conspiracy Theory After Misunderstanding Court Documents

Hot off his AFPAC3 speech, Vincent James Foxx is back under a pseudonym to make cowardly false accusations. From his DailyVeracity outlet, Vince has twisted debunked FBI documents to claim Rob Rundo is taking state department money. Despite that, Rob and Vincent have a long established past.

Vincent James shaking hands with Rob Rundo, Vince would later train with R.A.M

Vincent James Can’t Read Court Documents

Unfortunately for Vince, nowhere does the FBI document allege foreign funding via Azov or even reference foreign funding. What the document states at the start is “interstate or foreign commerce”. Problem is, if Vincent James actually read the past the first page, the document exclusively references to “interstate commerce” on the 3rd page. Additionally, if Vince did real research, he’d find that these charges went nowhere and it was a typical post Charlottesville hitjob. Rather, the DailyVeracity.com is being used as a clearing house for debunked FBI narratives.

Vincent James

3rd page of the documents, 4th page of the PDF. https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/RAM-rioting-Rundo-et-al-COMPLAINT133873.pdf

Nowhere in the document is “foreign funding” mentioned, outside of the initial “interstate or foreign commerce” which is later defined as interstate. The only reference to Ukraine is a European trip to multiple countries, where Rundo was hosted by the National Corps. The National Corps are Azov Battalion’s political wing, however, the allegations only go so far as to say at worst they “trained” together. The FBI affidavit alleging the “training” went nowhere, because the “training” R.A.M got was entering one of several nationalist MMA tournaments. Notably, R.A.M was only in Ukraine for a week total, then went to Italy, but Vince James wants to imply some deep relationship to Azov.

The Nationalist MMA fight in Ukraine, featuring Rob Rundo.

Repeating Debunked FBI narrative

The document simply does not imply that Azov was giving money to R.A.M or there was any financial relationship. Yet, Vincent James’ entire article is full of baseless conspiracy theory using the framing of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hilariously, Vince also messed up the timeline, because he claims that R.A.M’s 2018 Ukraine Trip occurred before Charlottesville in 2017. The article claims somehow the US government through Azov Battalion funded R.A.M to do Charlottesville in the past. The article then devolves into random seething over Richard Spencer, who has 0 relevance to R.A.M.  The premise of the article hinges on the misunderstanding of the initial page, without actually getting into the complaint itself.

Vince Pretends to be a Woman

Now as for the DailyVeracity.com and “Jill Schrider“. Firstly, Vincent James on his streams all the time brags about The DailyVeracity being his personal outlet. Secondly, every link the DailyVeracity has to their social medias, is also linked to one of Vincent James personal accounts. Thirdly, “Jill Schrider” has a remarkably similar writing style to Vince, in addition to sharing virtually all the same interests. Those interests being sperging over black crime, Richard Spencer, democrats and writing puff pieces for everybody in America First.

Finally, “Jill Schrider” suddenly pops out of nowhere in November 2021. Jill suddenly has all this obscure far right knowledge and starts publishing articles, with zero social media, links or proof she’s real. So yes, Vincent James is larping as a woman online because he’s afraid of the heat. Not to mention, people would bring up his known history with R.A.M.  Even if this somehow isn’t Vince, the URL for “Jill Schrider” lists the name “Matthew Corporate”. At a minimum Vince is hosting a man pretending to be a woman who’s publishing libel. Isn’t this the same guy who constantly cries over trannies?

“”Journalist”” Who Can’t Remember His Past Spreads Antifa Propaganda

It’s rather rich that Mr. Red Elephants of all people would attempt to lecture nationalists on Ukraine. During January 2022, Vincent James spouted long debunked antifa narratives that the Azov Battalion trained the Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant. A google search would have sufficed in clarifying, however that’s too much work for ace journalist Vincent James. Seemingly Vince believes just traveling to Ukraine means you’re literally in the Azov Battalion, regardless of the details. Applying this same standard, does this mean Vince is a sex trafficker because he got his wife from Brazil?

Vincent James, noted FBI respecter and truster.

The History of Vincent James and the Red Elephants

What’s even more rich is Vincent James’ history, Rob Rundo and R.A.M made this guy. Early in his career, around 2017 to mid 2018, every single huge break for Vince in catching the mainstream’s attention, would feature him tagging along with Rob Rundo and R.A.M. This means that R.A.M was covering Vince’s ass while he was filming antifa super soldiers running into the hearty nationalist masses. ProPublica even described Vince as R.A.M’s “unofficial propagandist” as he would make videos for R.A.M and carry around merch to their events. Does Vince realize he spent most of his career promoting what he now calls a US state department “extremist” honeypot?

Needless to say, Vincent James is a untalented hack, grifter and a compulsive liar. He’s more than willing to throw his longtime allies under a bus with a baseless insane conspiracy theory. Vince writes many pieces chasing after our readership, because he knows we’re more real than his current groyper grift. I would implore any dissidents reading this article to stop sharing Vincent James articles, videos and content. Most importantly, inform your fellow dissident.  Despite Vince being a groyper general, a number of /ourguys/ aren’t aware of the depths of his slime. Vincent James is truly a VJ.


John George

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  1. Wasnt this guy an alleged meth smoking cock sucker?

    1. I haven’t heard anything like that, Vince has like 3-4 kids and he’s had them for awhile now.

  2. Interesting, he uses the “baseless conspiracy theories” accusation… that’s a familiar, leftist trope… usually meaning “Im a socialist dickhead who is determined to attack the truthtellers by any means necessary”

    1. Interesting, constructing arbitrary shibboleths to avoid providing any refutation or relevant informational content… that’s a familiar, homo-rightist trope. What basis is there for you to claim that it isn’t baseless? Are all conspiracy theories, particular conspiracy theories that aren’t about Jews, equally based in such a way that they could not be properly described as “baseless conspiracy theories”? Leftists lie about the basis for some conspiracy theories with basis so all conspiracy theories are thereby valid without basis because muh socialism?

  3. Rundo was a fool for meeting with ZOG agents. There was complete and total awareness that gayZOG was a jewish controlled honeypot operation years before he met with them. He must have known a jew gangster was funding them, and the CIA was training them(and using them for intel on us), the mainstream media widely reported that during the first war. We need to be clear, anyone who associated with gayZOG battalion will be seen as tainted, especially by younger nationalists who are coming into the scene now. Learn a lesson from this. Do not meet with or associate with in any way pro-ZOG european “nationalists.”


    1. It was a wrestling tournament, read the article. I’m not sure why you’re using a literal FBI narrative, but you’re certainly not owning “gayZOG” doing that. Hyphen-Report has published articles before advocating for people to not go over to join Azov Battalion as some on telegram shill for, it’s something everybody here is staunchly against. Through publishing an article, we got American Futurist to stop shilling to join the Azov Battalion.

      1. Doesn’t matter what the event was. GayZOG fagtalion has been openly a jewish owned group for many years before that. He did knowingly associate with ZOG agents and he was rightly called out for it. Your site ran an article openly supported gayZOG jewish owned CIA agents until I had to correct you. Pathetic.

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