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Look at the Flowers, America: Commentary on Children’s Limited Diet of Jewish, Female Authors

Recently, anti-White, U.K based media outlet The Guardian released an article titled “Children need more than this limited literary diet of white, male authors.” When we break down what books kids are reading—and why—it turns out books penned by White authors aren’t emphasized as much as they were in decades past. This article, submitted by one of our anonymous authors, details his thoughts on the matter.

The reason most timeless staples in high school English classes were written by prominent, long-deceased White men is a simple concept to understand: they’re able to speak broadly to the human condition and the many things that remain a constant throughout time. It’s why even though they may appear dull while you’re forced to read them in your local indoctrination camp of a high school, the stories and messages of the classics typically stick with you forever.

Steinbeck’s irreverent classic Of Mice and Men clearly illustrates the dichotomy between classical and progressive interpretations of his classroom evergreen. I remember reading it more than a decade ago, and I am glad I wasn’t subjected to what its understanding has become.

Despite most libraries in the west maintaining displays just like these, British libtards are still unsatisfied.

The classic American novel that I fondly remember covered the Frontier West as it entered the final stages of European-American colonization. Somewhere between the Anarcho-Capitalist utopia of the Gold Rush era frontier and Golden Age America, it was a story about hard lands and even harder people. It displayed the necessity and duty of brotherhood; George and Lenny’s relationship is one of having a commitment to no one but God and your own conscience in these unforgiving locales. It’s about the insistence of pesky dreams, pushing you on, striving for something that you’ll probably never achieve.

The modern dissection of this work, however, never fails to zoom in on the more minor details while dismissing the larger themes, a trademark of the culture of critique. To them, this is merely a story about the abuse of a mentally disabled man at the hands of a conniving White man—someone who will do anything to become the lofty image created in his own head. Rape narratives and female objectification are boldly highlighted as well. Why were they so quick to want to lynch the single black?

…boys need to be taught to listen to and respect female voices as authoritative, and to be empathic to the viewpoints of women and girls. This is essential in tackling one of the root causes of male violence against women and girls. And girls need to be taught that our expectations of them are not tied to life-denying gender stereotypes.

Obergruppenführer John Steinbeck, infamous Nazi propagandist best known for his vicious sexist and antisemitic screed, Of Mice and Men

They often have to find ways to remove authors from their pedestals. Steinbeck isn’t alone, either. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest also receives plenty of leftist criticism. More kvetching about ableism, racism, abuse, sexism, and other -isms, are all just devices Kesey uses to lean on to weave a narrative. Everyone in the story is retarded, either in the mental sense or the moral sense, but they all remain unique. The biological imperative that the individual must exist literally and metaphorically is on display. Even modern authors receive this treatment. James Patterson, whose novels line the shelves of every big box store, has been in the news as of late. Innocuous comments about the racism white men face in the publishing field and finding people to publish their work have landed him in hot water. 

Someone tell Jim about Antelope Hill Publishing, the premier dissident publishing house. But his point stands. You can even ask Kevin MacDonald, author of the famous trilogy of scholarly works on Jewish evolutionary biology, who is persona non grata among academic authors, even with his tenured university position.

It’s not just the inclusion of White authors that irritates this group. They bemoan the lack of black authors as well. Horrible cat ladies cry about why, in 2017, only 15% of new books were written by blacks. Oddly enough, the percentage aligns with their demographic representation, but high school curricula have traditionally avoided more modern works. Pair that with the reality that black literacy is still arguably unachieved; there is no surprise as to why their few inclusions are token at best.

Libtards believe this is what the average reader actually looks like, and for whom all reading material must pander to henceforth.

So, who is getting published? If it’s not blacks, and it’s not White men, then who is it? According to the Diversity Baseline Survey, conducted in 2019, it’s White women. It should be no surprise that the conformity-enforcing shock troops of the Jewish elite have been paid fortunes to demonize system dissidents, demoralize those who bought in, and demean White men and Whiteness in general. Just look at what is being pushed upon high schoolers in the form of summer reading lists. 

These optional yet often incentivized lists are issued to kids as extra credit assignments where rewards—from gift cards to laptops—are available to those who torture themselves with liberal rhetoric. These lists are now replete with self-hating diatribes by Jewish intellectuals trying to shame us for the alleged sins of our racial past. Elite-approved authors, who appear to be on sinecures after reading their works, play the role of hype man and infiltrator seamlessly. It’s no wonder they won the culture war for so long.

There has never been a strong, unified voice to fight it until now.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hyphen-Report. Any content provided by our editors or anonymous authors is of their opinion.*

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