Ethnic Neocon Weekly Roundup – December 28th, 2023

This may not become an actual weekly roundup due to the great difficulty in keeping a schedule going but what’s a new year without risking a few failures to launch?  For our roundup we will not be physically hogtieing beady-eyed, rat-faced globalists but will satisfy ourselves with studying some of those characteristic eccentricities they are known for.  

World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Jew Cleared of Nepotism 

This story comes to us from Bloomberg and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Starting from the top, we are talking about Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater, the biggest hedge fund in the world.  Bloomberg acknowledges right away that the new CEO, Nir Bar Dea, has been cleared of wrongdoing after an investigation into claims he promoted a former girlfriend.  What is news-worthy about this situation exactly?  A Jew didn’t do the nepotism?  Color me truly shocked.  Shocked but also confused as to why this article exists.

The whole article oscillates between “he didn’t do anything” and “look at how weird these freaks are.”  It’s a little funny but I’ll save you some time and say you can skip it.  The real reason for the article isn’t hinted at until the very end.

Bridgewater also faces closer scrutiny after the publication last month of Rob Copeland’s The Fund, a book that describes a dysfunctional organization under Dalio and his obsession with the Principles.
Bar Dea’s rise at the firm is barely mentioned in the book, but he does appear in one episode in 2018 involving a different intra-Bridgewater romance. In it, he grilled a female employee about a sexual relationship she was having with a colleague that Bridgewater executives claimed wasn’t properly disclosed — a line of questioning that a person familiar with the incident confirmed to Bloomberg.
In Copeland’s account, which the firm denied, Bar Dea demanded she tell him the dates that she’d had sex with her co-worker.
She refused.

Big “Boss Girl” energy flowing from this one.  Apparently it is a heroic act of resistance to not tell the creepy Jew in your office about times you had sex with people he knows.  You’ve probably heard of Spartacus and George Washington but, honestly, those guys are chumps because this Bad Bitch over here declined to talk-off a Jew.

I like the morals and drama that Bloomberg is toying with here but what the hell is the reason for this article?  I did promise that it was hinted at, after all.  Well, it seems to have to do with the timeliness of the book dropped by Copeland.  Without reading the whole book, it sounds like a hit piece on Dalio who has been proclaiming the imminent collapse of the US global order for several years now.  I’m not sure if that is a sincere belief on his part or if his saying so is a real threat to any part of the system but it’s the only thing I can come up with to answer the question “why the hell is this news?”

The real interesting thing going on with this story is CEO Nir Bar Dea and the little details surrounding his rapid and frankly unaccountable rise to replace Dalio.

40-year-old Nir Bar Dea from Netanya, Israel which one presumes is located in the Uncanny Valley.

Bar Dea hails from that luckiest of places for future world leaders to be born: Israel.  He served as speechwriter for the Israeli Ambassador to the UN and was a Major in the IDF.  His father was CEO of Strauss Group which owns most, if not all, of PepsiCo (it is somewhat unclear).  His brother is CEO of First Digital Bank in Israel and served in Unit 8200, a prestigious cyber and intelligence command for elite young Israelis to build their resumes.

Gal Bar Dea, CEO First Digital Bank.

Gal Bar Dea was interviewed by something called the Calcalist and had this to say about his values and upbringing:

I like to be in places where I can influence. We’re a family of Israeli Scout types. My father was the head of the Tel Aviv tribe and I coordinated the Kochav Yair tribe. I’m waiting until my son can become the leader of a tribe and wear the kerchief. It’s in our blood.

There are a lot of Israeli spooks who talk like this and think this way.  To hear it from them, you’d think they are Knights of Rome, aspiring to the greater glory of Family and Nation but really they are more like disheveled, paranoid vagabonds who can’t see obvious real threats coming two feet from their noses.

So Nir Bar Dea is very well-connected.  Indeed, to hear it from Jewish Insider, it almost sounds as if he was picked specifically because he was an insider.  His qualifications are pretty slim in their telling.  So slim that they have to pad his resume with useless, demented factoids like how he officiates weddings for Jewish lesbians.

Does this make him technically a Rabbi?  Someone should tell him that powerful Israelis don’t need to get ordained to do a little Metzitzah B’peh.  

Here’s Jewish Insider on his qualifications back in 2021 when he shared leadership with a gentile.  Compare these qualifications carefully and critically to the real brains behind everyday operations, Bertolini:

As co-CEO of the company, which manages $150 billion in assets from hundreds of clients around the globe, including pension funds, university endowments and central banks, Bar Dea will draw upon his diverse professional experience, which includes work in real estate, at a drone start-up he founded, and his army service as a major in the Israel Defense Forces.

Until now, Bertolini served as co-chairman of Bridgewater’s operating board and worked as a Bridgewater director. Prior to that, he was CEO of Aetna, Inc., an insurance company.

Bridgewater praised the “powerful combination” the new leadership duo represent in a statement signed by board chair Ray Dalio, highlighting Bertolini’s “enormous experience,” and Bar Dea’s talents as a “well-respected internal leader.”

It sounds like Bar Dea sold a house at some point and completed Israeli OCS.  He may have also completed LLC paperwork with his own two hands to do some sort of warm-up graft.  Compare that to Bertolini who gets a tiny sentence about being, oh by the way, CEO of one of the biggest medical insurance companies in the world.  Bertolini has got “enormous experience,” sure, we will grant that to the goy but what he doesn’t have is respect as an “internal leader.”  Someone please send these freaks to Gaza.

Top Jew Spook Blown Up in Israel

Speaking of Jews, freaks, Gaza, and the town of Netanya, Israel, this next story has a bit of all of that.  

On Christmas Day, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps General Sayyid Razi Mousavi was apparently killed in a missile attack on a Syrian farm.  Israel is understood to have targeted him for his work arming Hezbollah that he had worked on with a previously assassinated high-ranking colleague, General Soleimani.

Generals Mousavi and Soleimani. 

Iran promised some form of retribution and just a day later an Israeli was blown up in a targeted assassination deep in Israel.  The only sources claiming that the Israeli was a high-ranking intelligence officer are various accounts on Twitter and Telegram that don’t provide any evidence but what evidence would we expect to get?  Neither Iran nor Israel are going to publicly confirm the details of this attack.  While the much more reliable Haaretz does not appear to have reported on it, the Times of Israel says there were explosives, one person is dead, and it is being treated as an assassination according to a confidential Israeli police source.  Presumably a desk clerk was not targeted with a car bomb but rather someone whose death could actually spark fear among Israeli management so I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Telegram channels are right.

One thing that stands out about this is that Iran typically takes longer to answer a major escalation.  A one-day turnaround is very unusual for them which leads me to believe the assassination was already set in motion before Mousavi was killed and real retribution may still be a few days out.  Mousavi had a funeral in Damascus yesterday and just today a funeral was held in Tehran, led by the Supreme Leader himself.  Iran has also promised retribution, notably stating this after the assassination in Netanya, Israel.  From PressTV:

There is also this hilarious video that I don’t disavow at all but which probably doesn’t constitute an actual threat anyway:

It seems that Iran is not going to be satisfied with one little freak going to the big concentration camp in the sky but intends to hold their ass to the fire a bit more.  It is worth pointing out that Iranian neets have made videos like this about blowing up Trump in the past but killing a national leader has no precedent and would not advance Iranian goals.  Killing Netanyahu or a cabinet official would be many steps up the escalation ladder and Iranians probably also see Netanyahu’s continued tenure as a case of “don’t stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

What will the response actually be?  I’m thinking a new weapon based in Iraq or Syria, perhaps a ballistic missile strike.  There have already been some strikes on Northern Israel just before the Mousavi assassination which were conspicuously not from Lebanon but from Iraq and Syria and some may have used ballistic missiles.  I think we will see something like the 2020 Al Asad Airbase strike or the 2022 attacks on Saudi Aramco but targeting Israeli military targets in Israel with a larger-than-usual amount of drones and ballistic missiles and with a goal of killing concentrations of personnel, not material.

Jews Harvest Organs from Killed Gazans

This last story was brought to my attention by the Justice Report news feed and was produced by The Cradle.  

Hamas accused Israel on 27 December of mutilating and harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army during ground operations in Gaza. 

The accusation came after Tel Aviv handed over the bodies of 80 dead Palestinians, returning them to Gaza via Kerem Shalom (Karam Salem) crossing. 

Israelis don’t really like talking about it but they have a bit of a history doing this.  Newsweek even had to comment on it in November because Palestinian celebrity Gigi Hadid blew up their spot on Instagram.  Take a look at Newsweek’s weasle-words:

Allegations that Israel harvested the organs of Palestinians, based on a true story published 14 years ago, have resurfaced as the nation’s war with Hamas continues.

On Monday, supermodel Gigi Hadid was among the latest to share allegations that “Israeli authorities had harvested the organs of dead Palestinians.”

While the content Hadid shared is based on facts established following a leak to an Israeli news source in 2009, her post did not include information such as when the allegations were made or how authorities responded.

“Ok so they took the organs but they said sorry afterward.  Probably.  Maybe.  Ok they didn’t apologize but what do you want from them, Jew Hater?  What can we do to appease you??”  Newsweek goes on to both shuck and jive:

In 2009, an interview with Dr. Yehuda Hiss—former head of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute—was leaked. Recorded in 2000 by Nancy Scheper-Hughes—professor of anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley—Hiss said that pathologists at the institute took skin, corneas, bones and heart valves from the bodies of Israeli citizens, Israeli soldiers, Palestinians and immigrants, often without consent from the deceased’s family.

The release of Scheper-Hughes’ recording was in response to an article by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The publication featured interviews with Palestinians who alleged that young men from the West Bank and Gaza Strip were being killed by the Israeli military and their bodies returned with organs missing. Its content was condemned by many leaders and journalists across the world.

In a statement at the time, Israel’s health ministry said: “The guidelines at that time were not clear. For the last 10 years, Abu Kabir has been working according to ethics and Jewish law.”

While Hiss was dismissed from the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, left-leaning Israeli media outlet Haaretz reported in 2015 that he had been paid as a witness by the Israeli Justice Ministry for his expertise in “important cases” since leaving the post.

In 2008, under the Organ Transplant Act, Israel forbade the trade of organs in exchange for money or any other benefit.

While Israel has attracted attention for alleged connections to wider global organ trafficking, this is distinct from the allegations shared by Hadid, among others, about the taking of organs from dead Palestinians.

Wait, WHAT?  They’ve attracted attention for alleged connections to global organ trafficking?  Tell me about that, you jackals!  It was a little hard to track down but here’s the story from Haaretz back in 2018:

A number of organ trade networks were uncovered in Israel, but until the 2008 legislation, the subject was addressed officially only in circulars issued by directors general of government ministries. In a 2003 trial of members of an Israeli network that engaged in illegal organ trade, the court expressed disapproval at the prosecution’s attempt to convict the dealers on a variety of charges ranging from forgery of documents to offenses against the Anatomy and Pathology Law.
“Punishment is meted out solely according to the law,” the court stated, “and we found no law prohibiting trade in organs. The legislature needs to take action on this matter and close the existing breach, which is liable to give rise to unacceptable situations and the exploitation of the plight of unfortunate individuals in order to acquire organs from them.”

“The court expressed disapproval at the prosecution’s attempt to convict the dealers.”  Read that 6 million more times.

“Wait, wot?”

Rest assured that no laws were broken by stealing organs and as the prosecution you should really feel a bit embarrassed for bringing it up.  I mean, how rude!  There are some things you don’t ask about like a woman her age, a man his income, or an Israeli where he got his latest kidney.

Basically, they did it.  They stole the organs and they probably didn’t even get useful material out of it, they just did it to be catty in that nebbish little way they do.


Tune back in to the Hyphen-Report for more Ethnic Neocon Roundup soon!  

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