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The jewish Inversion Principle: A Not-So-Concise Primer


The jew lives in an alternate reality based on what is completely inverse of what OUR(gentile) reality is. Everything is the inverse when it comes to the jew. Even the words they speak are just patently false in the 1st sense and insulting to Gentiles in the 2nd. Always remember that a lie is the inversion of a truth. Therefore if a jew does nothing but lie to the Gentile, unless it is specifically designed to insult or curse or to raise up the jewish ego further, he exists in a completely opposite and false reality. Corporeally speaking, the jew can be seen by us. But his inverted reality is hidden; twisted by strands of corruption, schizophrenia, disorder and chaos that surround them. A jew exists specifically to harm Gentiles. They have been since they first cropped up 4000 years ago in Indochina.

“Everything the jew does is specifically designed to curse you, the Gentile/White reader.” – FG, 2022


There are many examples of the Inversion-in-action. The first is the use of the jewish holiday. You must always keep in mind that everything a jew does has a purpose. This includes the celebration of their holidays. Their version of the holiday is nothing more than a celebration of the death of the Gentile. One clear cut example is Purim. Purim is a tool to mock and revel in the betrayal of the Gentile Adviser Haman who was simply trying to keep the king up-to-date on the jewish shot at the time. He probably did an ancient early life check and found out Esther was a jew and hid it from the King, which is now a confirmed and jew canon tale. Esther gayopped Haman and had the King hang he and his sons for a fake plot that never existed.

Where does the mockery come in? Haman’s Ears. The night before purim, jews make tons of these little devilish pastries. It’s in the shape of a triangle, half of the Star of Remphan. It has a jeweled center, typically orange or red jelly of prunes or apricots. The Yiddish word for them is Hamantaschen.  The jew has many “public” meanings for what they symbolize. All of them are irrelevant except for the fact that they are always made in pairs, in the shape of triangles. You get my drift here? They symbolize the control and destruction of the 6 “nations” or continents. The 6 points of the Star of Remphan, more widely known as “The Star of David” has an eternal symbolism of slavery and control over all nations(goyim). They separate the two halves as a way to hide the true meaning. They divide their speech. They divide their actions; they even divide their own souls. The entire “tradition” of “celebrating” purim is to spit on you and the ones that can spot jews and try to do something about it. They even dress up, like the Gentile Halloween tradition. Except that it is sticking a finger in your eye. The dressing up is how they praise Esther for hiding her jewishness to trick the King into betraying Haman and his family.

Haman’s Ears or Hamantaschen.

Another vile practice of jews on holidays is called Kapparot or Kaporos. This is the “chicken swinging” we all know and love. You may think that it’s just about jews “transferring their sins” into the chicken. Nope. Sure, the sin-chicken narrative is horrendous in its own right, but somehow Gentiles can stomach that from them and go “oh well”. Somehow unphased other than a comment of “that’s horrendous!!”, the wayward person goes on about their day, not realizing that they were told something so egregious that any real person would swear violence upon them and have the base urge to drive them from their lands. They designed that sick and disgusting practice as a means to show the Gentile that the jews “sins” are miniscule compared to the evil and awful things us Gentiles do to the jew on a daily basis(simply existing). The other purpose of this is to remind jews that what they do to the chicken, ultimately is deserved by every jew. It says so in the Talmud. Therefore, instead of actually atoning for their “sins”, they wave them away as they slaughter innocent animals in as cruel and grotesque manner after mistreating them since the day they were born. Sounds sort of how they treat us. Noticing a trend yet? 

“This is your exchange, this is your substitute, this is your atonement. This rooster shall go to its death, and you shall proceed to a good, long life and peace.”
 – Metsuda Machzor, Machzor Yom Kippur Ashkenaz.

Let’s use our Inversion Principle on this to decode what this means.

“This is what you use to atone for the things you do to the Goyim as they mean less than the chicken you will slaughter. The Gentile will die at your hands and you will take the Earth and destroy it, in peace.”

This is but one example of their ritualistic humiliation practices they do to us. Let’s move on.


A jew and money exist because of each other. This is indicative of their behavior, hoovering up as much capital as possible. Taking ownership of everything just to destroy it. A jews moral-set is guided by the idea that their control is through the “power” of money.  This is a total inversion of Gentile power and strength. A Gentile(White) person derives his societal strength or power using the physical manifestation of the latter through violence and adherence to an agreed upon set of rules of what you can do and what you cannot. It has been this way since the dawn of civilization. The jew however, derives a false strength via parasitism. Mostly using shiny objects dangled in front of Gentile faces. As they use stones and glass carved and fabricated out of the ground to illicit a chemical response inside your brain; Making you want to buy the shiny object being dangled in your face, they steal the money that you suffered to receive at the behest of the jew that owns the company you work for. The brother-cousin of the JEWeler you are staring at. In fact, the jew has done this on numerous occasions, but on a macro scale. Here’s just a few examples:

1. Trading negroes in Ghana and other places in Africa for shiny rocks directly to their own people, just to be sent to America and European nations to be used as slaves for jewish plantations. Not to mention keeping them here as a weapon against the Native White population.
2. Using diamonds as a means of hiding wealth from tax collectors in Europe in the middle ages.
3. Clipping the ends off of gold coins, then using the coins and just amass a small fortune and smelt the gold into bars. They were ejected from Ancestral Britain for coin clipping.

Much could be said in regards to jews and money. But I really want to show you the depths at which jews go to worship their sacrificial number magic demon god. They have a word for a sacred practice of moloch worship. 


What is Tzedakah? Tzedakah is the art of money-punishment or Geldstrafe-Arbeit. It is how the jew punishes the goyim while worshipping their vile anti-God. It is also how they influence politicians, pay off the federal governments of nations to look the other way when they run Mossad operations using children as sex slaves and unwilling organ donors to their fat, bloated and dying jew brother-cousins. They also shelter a child sex abusing jew running a blackmail operation against US politicians to get them to do what Israel wants by having them fuck underage girls on camera(Epstein and Maxwell). But most of all, it’s how jews are always able to have money and use it for their influence.

Tzedakah is what I call a “Prime Word Inversion(1Wi)”. It is a single word that means 2 or more things in Hebrew or Yiddish. There are several of these words and they were created specifically to hide their money craft, insults or anti-White genocide in plain sight. Prime being a “sacred” or “vowed” word. The first meaning of this word is righteousness. The second meaning is justice. The third meaning is charity. The fourth meaning is fairness. All of these words, we know them all too well in our society, don’t we? These words have been used against us, White People for a VERY VERY long time. What kind of people do we know that somehow have the ability to mix “charity” with “justice”? The same people that tell us justice is White Men languishing in solitary confinement for 420 years. The same people that tell us that justice for women’s rights is giving them the ability to sacrifice their child to moloch through abortion.

In the middle ages, a filthy jew named Maimonides came up with a 8-tiered European Money-Punishment system. But before we go over what those are, we need to read up on a couple words jews use so you understand the context fully of how you should grasp this entire idea. Goyim. Another 1Wi. It means “The Nations” and “cattle”. When jews refer to Gentiles, they call us goyim. They say publicly that when they call us goyim, that they just mean the Gentile nations. They do not actually believe we have souls as they refer to the Gentile or goy as cattle or like cattle. So when jews talk about “HUMAN RIGHTS” or even use the word “PEOPLE”, they do not mean you or I. They mean jews. So taking this information, you now know that when they say something referring to people, they just mean themselves. “PEOPLE” can be interchanged with “RECIPIENT” The other term I will be using here is “PUBLIC FUND”. Now we all know already where I am going here. If you hear anything having to do with monetary funds with FOUNDATION or FUND in the name, chances are, it’s a jew managed money-pool used specifically for different forms of tzedakah.

Let’s go over those 8 tiers of Money-Punishment.

1. Giving an interest-free loan to (((a person))) in need; forming a partnership with a (((a person))) in need; giving a grant to (((a person))) in need; finding a job for (((a person))) in need, so long as that loan, grant, partnership or job results in the (((person))) no longer living by relying upon other (((people))).

Translation: Give to other jews, but make sure you give them enough that they wont fail so they won’t ask you for anything again. But fuck the goyim too. Don’t give them anything.

2. Giving tzedakah anonymously to an unknown recipient via (((a person))) or (((public fund))) that is trustworthy, wise, and can perform acts of tzedakah with your money in a most impeccable fashion.

Translation: Put your money into a bank account that your brother-cousin manages so you can fund a White civilization destroying project without directly funding it yourself to stay off the books.

3. Giving tzedakah anonymously to a known recipient.

Translation: Create a PAC, put in dollars, give to politician.

4. Giving tzedakah publicly to a known recipient.

Translation: A donation that you want everyone to see, such as to a college(endowment) or to a city(philanthropy). This is usually done to act as if they care about the city or thing but in fact, the money is used to imbed their hooks into the initiative and corrupt it with their own wants.

5. Giving tzedakah before being asked.

Translation: Nobody at XYZ publishing house asked for the cash injection of 3 million dollars, but when the check cleared, there were strange looking gaunt people in full Gaberdine and fedoras at the door an hour before it opened. 

6. Giving adequately after being asked.

Translation: If one of your jew-kin asks for money, give it to him.

7. Giving willingly, but inadequately.

Translation: If a goy asks for money, give him a pittance. An example would be the coofbux/Covid Stimulus payments.

8. Giving “in sadness” or out of pity. It is thought that Maimonides was referring to giving because of the sad feelings one might have in seeing (((people))) in need. It is also translated as “Give unwillingly”.

Translation: Trick the goyim into donating money to our grift by exploiting their atruism. Example: “Donate to these starving elderly holocaust survivors in Israel.”

Abschluss der jüdischen Wirklichkeit

So as you can tell, the very essence of the jewish existence is a threat to all human existence on this planet, as well as nature in general. My intended goal with this massive and painful project is to uncover and deracinate the very deep roots of Der jüdischer-Giftbaum. I want to pull at every single thread until all that is left of the jewish identity is but a mockery of any real human existence. I want everyone to be able to counter every single word spoken to you. I want everyone to be able to listen, hear and protect yourselves and your families when the time comes.  This article should serve as not only a guide, but also a key. This key will hopefully open a door that is in front of you. I won’t be able to open it, that is up to you. Do you walk through the door and continue on with your journey? Or do you stand idle and let the door swing shut in your face?

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