The Crown Heights Intifada: Hate Crime Charges For Me and Not For Thee!

A long time ago I used to live in New York City, a place I once had fond memories of. Unless you’ve spent a great deal of time there, the idea of loving something so monstrously modern, loud, and busy seems like a foreign concept. How could one enjoy living in what has essentially become an open-air factory whose only product is traffic congestion, shameless consumerism, and wanton violent crime?

If you think this way, I won’t blame you in the slightest. I’ve come to join that side of the “city life” debate only after years of being divorced from the metropolitan area in favor of more idyllic, New England climes. That doesn’t stop me from keeping up with the veritable treasure trove of news articles generated from inside New York City limits, however. Devouring these often sensational stories is a guilty pleasure of mine, but now that I’ve matured politically as a nationalist, the headlines have become more interesting with every passing issue of the daily blues. They’re insightful and addictive. Nothing hits quite like the confirmation bias of a New York City crime report.

The Durag/Keffiyeh Connection

Take this headline, for instance. “2 Teens Arrested on Hate Crime Charges in Attack on Jewish Man in NYC: Police” Now, before we even look into the details, we can already make some fairly educated guesses as to what might be going on here. Whenever they say “teens” it’s a journalistic euphemism for blacks. If the victim is a jew, one can safely assume the incident probably took place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; a hotbed of orthodox activity. Let’s see how we did with this assumption.

Two teenagers have been arrested and charged with hate crimes related to an attack on a Jewish man in Brooklyn, according to police.

Police said in May that the 18-year-old victim wearing traditional Jewish attire near the corner of East 18th Street and Avenue M in Midwood”


Bingo. Just for reference, let’s take a quick look at the street view of where this crime was allegedly committed.

Courtesy of Google Maps Street View

While the innate ability of a White Nationalist to be correct on most basic instincts continues to be a superhuman feat, for Crown Heights, stories like these are just another drop in the anti-Semitic bucket. But what really breaks the mold from many of these petty black-on-hasidic assault cases, is what the victim in this particular case claims to have happened.

…(the jew) was approached by a male, who demanded the victim say something about Palestine. The suspect then punched the victim in his right eye, and ran off.

Incredible! Do they mean to tell me that the two random street blacks who stuck this jew had the wherewithal to press the geopolitical issue of a two-state solution? That’s a very astute issue for blacks to be championing. Maybe they were older, more educated niggas who really felt a strong connection with their brown brothers in the West Bank?

The two teens, ages 14 and 16 years old, arrested on Wednesday were charged third-degree assault and first-degree harassment, both as hate crimes.

Hate crimes! For a punch in the eye! A pair of black minors that mildly harassed an adult jew are issued hate crime charges, but in the tragic cases of Ethan Liming, Jupiter Paulsen, and countless others—all cases where adult blacks brutally killed innocent White children—hate crime charges were nowhere to be found! 

The chutzpah on display here is astounding, to say the least. For the jewish victim of this recent crime to expect us to believe that a fourteen and sixteen-year-old street black is capable of addressing the ongoing conflict between Palestine and the Zionist entity mid-mugging is a stretch that even the most loyal shabbos goy will find difficult to believe. Once again, jews, in their twisted attempts to leverage diverse populations to their own advantage, reveal the tenuous situation that they’ve built for themselves. You can play one race off against each other all you’d like, but when it comes to bite you in the ass, you can’t pretend like it’s unfair!

This blurry photo of the young troublemakers in question fits the description of any black guys in the tri-state area.

In short, no one believes blacks—especially teenage blacks—even know what Palestine is, let alone press a jew on the issue while they allegedly commit a racially motivated assault against one (protip: it never happened). But why do these stories keep happening to poor innocent jews? How come they are allowed basic racial restitution in the form of hate crime charges at the drop of a Shtreimel, while other races have to kick, claw, and scream for even a basic resemblance of justice?

A History of Dwelling Alone

It’s no secret that Crown Heights, Brooklyn has, for decades, existed as a racial flashpoint for orthodox jews and their predominantly black neighbors. If you type “Crown Heights Hate Crime” into your favorite search engine, chances are you’ll be inundated with such stories, with almost all of them assuredly involving a jewish victim. As early as 2015 we can see stories with quotes like these: “a group of black men yelled “Heil Hitler” and struck a Jewish man on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.” Sometimes, they can get a little more violent, such as in this story, where “three men fired an unknown projectile out of their Hyundai Sonata at a man in traditional Jewish garb.”

The paving stone used to attack a 63-year-old orthodox jew back in 2019.

One might also recall the particularly grisly 2019 attack of Avraham Gopin, the 63-year-old orthodox jew who was clocked in the head by a black guy wielding a massive paving stone. The week that the crime took place, there had already been 145 anti-Semitic hate crime complaints in New York City so far. While blacks have always lashed out at neighboring populations with spur-of-the-moment violent crimes, when it comes to the jews of Crown Heights, something certainly appears to be in the water.

anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City were up by nearly 100% in March compared with March 2021, per NYPD data. That followed an even more disturbing 400% hike in February and a 300% hike in January.

But why? Jews would have you believe that any slight against them, from outright violence to mild critique, is entirely spawned out of the ether, a result of racial jealousy, opportunistic scapegoating, simple misunderstanding, or latent antisemitism within the hearts of non-jewish peoples. But the reality is far from the truth. Using our innate power as White Nationalists, we can continue to make educated guesses as to the real reasons that these “hate crimes” keep happening in places like Brooklyn, New York. Your gut feeling probably wouldn’t be too far off.

Alternatively, however, we can use facts. As it turns out, unsurprisingly, the jews in Brooklyn have a real bad problem when it comes to treating their bigger, tougher, and wildly overabundant black and brown Brooklynites with mutual respect. Despite being a minority population in Crown Heights, jews and their management companies make up a vast amount of residential property owners in the area. In short, they’re slumlords, and with a notorious reputation for sleazy business practices, a penchant for deregulating price-controlled apartments, and allowing buildings to fall into complete disrepair, jewish names often appear in domineering positions on “100 worst landlord” lists. 

A quick search of this list leaves you wondering if this is for the worst landlords in NYC, or if it’s the Yad Vashem database.

If shoddy maintenance of residential properties was the only mark against them, Brooklyn jews might have more ground to stand on when it comes to crying out in defense of soaring black crime against their co-ethnics. Racial grievances against them, however, grow far deeper than just leaky faucets and crumbling drywall. Wounds are still festering from the 1991 Crown Heights Riot, where two children of Guyanese immigrants were struck by the motorcade of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. The traffic violation resulted in the death of Gavin Cato, a seven-year-old black boy, only after first responders—the jewish Hatzalah ambulance corps—attended to jewish injuries from the car accident instead. This failure to triage the wounded in a fair and equal manner—created due in part to the Hatzalah’s strict adherence to jewish law which prevents them from rendering certain aid to goyim (considered unclean by comparison)—led to a spree of black violence in the neighborhood for three days and included attacks on jewish homes and businesses.

During the 1991 Crown Heights riot, predominately White NYPD officers were sent in to suppress blacks with an actual legitimate racial grievance, proving that all cops are shomrim.

As a response, jews were quick to cite antisemitism as the main impetus behind the riots, and completely dismissed reports of drunk driving, driving while on a cell phone, driving without a license, and unfair medical attention issued by the Hatzalah. Despite the clear case for vehicular manslaughter, the driver got off scot-free.

A writer for City Journal criticized the news media for downplaying the role of antisemitism in the riots, noting various antisemitic displays, such as a banner displayed at the funeral of Cato that said, “Hitler did not do the job”.

Kosher Pigs

While Orthodox jews in Brooklyn benefit exclusively from their own ambulance corps, the same kind of racially specific civil services can be seen with the Boro Park Shomrim, just one of many extra-judicial orthodox police forces that operate in NYC, that many non-jews liken to bullies or thugs. Much like Hatzalah, the Shomrim work intimately with the orthodox community and, unlike the NYPD whom they often emulate, they have no problem in ruthlessly cracking down on black crime no matter how petty it may be.

Despite their extrajudicial advantages, the Shomrim have often indicated that they are not without scandal. Back in 2011, the Shomrim was slow to notify the NYPD when an Orthodox child by the name of Leiby Kletzky went missing. The slow reporting may have cost the child his life, as three hours later, Leiby was found smothered, dismembered, and left to rot in garbage bags left behind by a socially awkward Orthodox jew named Levi Aron.

In 2016, their leader, Alex Lichtenstein, was caught bribing NYPD officials in an attempt to expedite pistol permit applications for members of the Orthodox community. When pressed on the issue, he deflected by claiming he was an alcoholic for twenty years, and that his addiction, and his addiction alone, led to the lapse of judgment and resulting bribes (I’m sure race had nothing to do with it, Alex). In 2021, the founder of the Boro Park Shomrim, Jacob Daskal, was indicted for the rape of a fifteen-year-old girl. Even with its long list of blemishes, this constitutionally questionable para-military organization only ever seems to grow and remain a weaponized arm of jewish interest in Brooklyn, New York. 

The group itself has been accused of violently beating suspects it apprehends […]Moreover, the Shomrim too often act as if they’re the police — to the point where many residents contact them before the NYPD. But they execute police-like functions with precious little accountability.

With a veritable stranglehold on city government, jews are able to operate with total impunity when it comes to the operation, organization, and law enforcement of their own communities. When outright intimidation fails to achieve results, jewish money, funneled from the hands of individual jews directly into the campaigns of mayors, city councilmen, community boards, school systems, borough presidents, and with their less religiously inclined co-ethnics dominating the courts with pro-jewish activist judges, jewish racial interest is always considered first when it comes to making or breaking legislation. This allows them to own and operate a set of racial double standards that guarantee hate crime charges whenever one of them is wronged, but never for non-Jews unless it’s in extreme circumstances. In short, the New York City criminal justice system is the Hatzalah, and polite society is Gavin Cato.

Shomrim operate in cities all over the world, and will closely emulate the official police agencies of the host. Basically, if you see Shomrim in your neighborhood, you know your city is firmly in the clutches of jewish power.

The Crown Heights Intifada

At the end of the day, you can safely assume that if you see a headline in the news that claims a jew was a victim of a hate crime by a random street black, odds are that an orthodox jew did them wrong at some point in his life. Maybe the attacker has fresh memories of a skinny, nebbishy-looking guy in a long coat who raised the rent during the pandemic. Maybe a man with long, curly sidelocks refused to fix the hot water heater, even though temperatures kept dropping. Maybe one of their hood brothers was put in prison after being mercilessly bludgeoned by a gang jewish racial mercenaries for swiping a bag of chips out of a kosher deli. Now I’m not making excuses for blacks, far from it! But knowing what we know now, we at least understand some of the impetus behind the violence. Simply put: jews are continually reaping what they continually sow.

While scenarios like these are sure to continue far into the future, it’s only when you look into the deeper, often obfuscated history of New York City can one begin to fully comprehend some of the racial grievances that blacks harbor in places like Crown Heights. Like much like the rest of the world, it’s jewish behavior, not jews themselves, that serves as the major catalyst for so-called acts of “anti-semitism.”

The only thing keeping the jewish enclaves in Crown Heights from turning into a full-blown Israeli-style stronghold a-la Tel Aviv (complete with iron dome and concrete rocket-proof vaults) is their lack of military-grade weapons and overt support from the Pentagon. Rest assured, if they could start illegal settlements in neighboring Bed-Stuyvesant, or perform roof-knocks on the black projects of Brownsville, they would do so.

What an Israeli air strike on a Brooklyn housing project might look like. Courtesy of AI image generator, DALL·E mini bot.

Until then, jews will continue their soft-power war against various ethnic peoples that swell on the border of their miniature New York City ethnostate while the blacks, browns, asians, and everyone else in the unfortunate vicinity of these people will have to do their best to survive. The orthodox jews of Crown Heights will continue to dwell inside a parallel society, one with its own civil services, rules, laws, culture, and protections. The price may be hefty, but it’s a price that jews will continue to pay in order to keep their non-White golems du jour in line. Just call it the Crown Heights Intifada, because just like their bigger cousins in Israel, the jews of New York City are engaged in a not-so-covert racial conflict with increasingly disenfranchised neighbors.

As for us nationalists, one doesn’t have to plumb the depths of lengthy tomes written by men with names like Mosley, Evola, Jones, Yockey, Farrakhan, Luther, or Ford to understand why jews present such a notable threat to our racial sovereignty. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that it’s “hate crime charges for me and not for thee.” All you have to do is pick up an issue of the New York Post, and all of a sudden, it starts to make perfect sense.





Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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