In Shocking Turn, Jews Demand More War

Yesterday, December 28th, Jewish media treated us to a massive PR blitz calling for escalation against the Axis of Resistance.  Unfortunately for the Zionist project, it isn’t clear that anyone really cared.  

Lindsey Graham, John Bolton, Naftali Bennett, and the NY Times each did the bit yesterday.  The NYT were doing the “crying out” part about fake rapes and the other three were doing the “striking” part, calling for open-ended conflict with Iran.  Here’s how the NYT starts:

New York Times – The Crying Out Bit

Already I find these Jews immensely irritating.  Firstly, sit up straight and put on some damned clothes.  Actually, what they need to do even before that is stop being so weird and gross-looking.  You had a few thousand years to study for the racial-hygiene test and you showed up looking like this?  

The authors, a bevy of Jews with silly Israeli names, dive into how you should feel terrible for these pajama-race proto-hominids because their family member died.  The whole article in fact is an “inb4” directed at doubters of the Oct. 7th myth.  The more lurid, disgusting, and dishonest the authors get the less you are supposed to criticize it.  When you know what many around the world including normies now know about Israel exercising the Hannibal Directive, the filthy – truly obscene – lies about sex and violence are even more disturbing.  Even Israeli mainstream news has had to talk about the Hannibal Directive because it has become so obvious to Israelis that their own government killed most of the civilians and “civilians” on October 7th.

Here’s how those spinmasters at the NYT start off:

At first, she was known simply as “the woman in the black dress.”
In a grainy video, you can see her, lying on her back, dress torn, legs spread, vagina exposed. Her face is burned beyond recognition and her right hand covers her eyes.
The video was shot in the early hours of Oct. 8 by a woman searching for a missing friend at the site of the rave in southern Israel where, the day before, Hamas terrorists massacred hundreds of young Israelis.
The video went viral, with thousands of people responding, desperate to know if the woman in the black dress was their missing friend, sister or daughter.
One family knew exactly who she was — Gal Abdush, mother of two from a working-class town in central Israel, who disappeared from the rave that night with her husband.
As the terrorists closed in on her, trapped on a highway in a line of cars of people trying to flee the party, she sent one final WhatsApp message to her family: “You don’t understand.

Overall this breathless writing style sucks.  It doesn’t even work on the target audience because they hear it all the time in the various system-approved echo chambers.  Tranny gets killed — breathless mewing, nigger of color dies of a heart attack — breathless mewing, Jews need another war — breathless mewing.  Like so much of the Israeli PR assault, this story is distinctly Last Gen.

The authors get two sentences in before they start describing genitals on corpses which is a theme they keep up throughout the story.  Like the Holocaust you aren’t supposed to criticize it line-by-line because it is so gross and only media platforms in positions of extreme power can get away with being this filthy.  

The closing line of that section makes me wonder what the hell the conversation was about for her to text her family “you don’t understand.”  What idea are the authors trying to even form in their audience?  It seems like Breathless Style for the sake of Breathless Style and it also sidesteps that all-important question of “what did she actually text her family though?”  Was she talking about how Israelis were hunting her and other civilians to prevent them from becoming hostages?  Israeli survivor Yasmin Porat described such an encounter and Israel has targeted their own people at many points in the past including the Lavon Affair and the false flag attacks in Iraq to convince Jews to move to Israel.

Here’s a picture from the article of totally normal damage you would expect from rifles and grenades:

The whole article is full of repulsive artifacts of the demented nature of the Jewish imagination.  Here are some choice examples and they are worth reading completely:

That same morning, along Route 232 but in a different location about a mile southwest of the party area, Raz Cohen — a young Israeli who had also attended the rave and had worked recently in the Democratic Republic of Congo training Congolese soldiers — said that he was hiding in a dried-up streambed. It provided some cover from the assailants combing the area and shooting anyone they found, he said in an hour-and-a-half interview in a Tel Aviv restaurant.

According to Jewish tradition, funerals are held promptly. The result was that many bodies with signs of sexual abuse were put to rest without medical examinations, meaning that potential evidence now lies buried in the ground. International forensic experts said that it would be possible to recover some evidence from the corpses, but that it would be difficult.

A combination of chaos, enormous grief and Jewish religious duties meant that many bodies were buried as quickly as possible. Most were never examined, and in some cases, like at the rave scene, where more than 360 people were slaughtered in a few hours, the bodies were hauled away by the truckload.

Investigators with Israel’s top national police unit, Lahav 433, have been steadily gathering evidence but they have not put a number on how many women were raped, saying that most are dead — and buried — and that they will never know. No survivors have spoken publicly.

Yossi Landau, a volunteer with the nonprofit ZAKA emergency response team, said he had not taken pictures of the bodies because it was not allowed. “In retrospect, I regret it,” he added.
The trauma from sexual assault can be so heavy that sometimes survivors do not speak about it for years, several rape counselors said.
Many people are looking for the golden evidence, of a woman who will testify about what happened to her. But don’t look for that, don’t put this pressure on this woman,” said Orit Sulitzeanu, executive director of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. “The corpses tell the story.

Sapir, a 24-year-old accountant, has become one of the Israeli police’s key witnesses. She does not want to be fully identified, saying she would be hounded for the rest of her life if her last name were revealed.

She said she then watched another woman “shredded into pieces.” While one terrorist raped her, she said, another pulled out a box cutter and sliced off her breast.
“One continues to rape her, and the other throws her breast to someone else, and they play with it, throw it, and it falls on the road,” Sapir said.
She said the men sliced her face and then the woman fell out of view. Around the same time, she said, she saw three other women raped and terrorists carrying the severed heads of three more women.

Ok, quick recap:  We’ve got a literal spook who trains Congolese killers being quoted as some sort of reliable source.  He tells about how the 6 million were raped right in front of him but he escaped notice hiding behind a leaf or something.  Then we’ve got several cases of the authors preempting concerns over a lack of physical evidence by explaining how Jews routinely hide evidence by not exhuming bodies and not getting testimony from witnesses.  If you were about to laugh at the overwhelming lack of evidence, remember you aren’t allowed to do that because the Jews made the story so gross no normal person could mock it.

The whole point of this fake – totally fake – NY Times story is to justify an expansion of force against enemies of Israel who are generally speaking the children of their enemies.  Those child-targets are on film being killed but we are supposed to believe some Israeli spies who “forgot” to collect evidence.  Oops!  

The last time the NYT did a big push with gross sex fantasies was right before Israel broke the ceasefire on December 1st, unleashing another wave of massacres on a nation of kindergarteners.  It’s fair to suppose this narrative is being drudged up in coordination with the opinion pieces released yesterday.

Bolton, Graham, and Bennett – The Striking Bit

Brace yourself: you are about to enter the “ayatollah-mullah” zone.  I’ve always wondered what an ayatollah-mullah is and have been following the news closely for over a decade trying to find out.  Apparently it is someone who does the evil because they are bad and if you kill them, you win.  This threat is distinct from other threats a nation might face because killing those threats does not solve anything and you need to accept unlimited immigration and Jewish tricks.  An ayatollah-mullah is like a sort of Coelacanth in that it follows an ancient evolutionary tree and no one who is looking for one can find it. 

Why do they behave the way they do?  Ancient evolutionary traits that probably make them evil, I don’t know.  

Where are they located and what are they?  Can you name one?  Why are you with the terrorists?

It has been said that there is a Top Ayatollah-Mullah in Tehran who goes by the spooky name Khamenei.  He has no national interests, plans, or diplomacy but nevertheless exists everywhere and does the terrorism perpetually.  He’s the number one sponsor of attacks you’ve never heard of and that didn’t happen.  This is because Iran is the #1 State Sponsor of Terrorism© which you would know if you weren’t a terrorist.

Bennet’s article in the Wall Street Journal begins: 

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, backed by Iran, massacred 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, resulting in full-scale war in Gaza. Hezbollah, also backed by Iran, has launched more than 1,000 rockets at northern Israeli communities since then, risking regional conflagration. Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen are attacking and hijacking ships in the Suez canal, threatening one of the world’s most vital waterways. Militias in Syria and Iraq, with support from Iran, are attacking U.S. bases and—as always—threatening moderate Arab nations.

First off, Hamas didn’t kill any civilians so jot that down.  Secondly, the name is not “Houthi”, it’s “Partisans of God” and you’ll show some respect.  You’ll have plenty of time to ponder the meaning of respect as you are waiting for food shipments that aren’t coming through the Red Sea.  Think of it as a meditative fast.  Thirdly, moderate Arab nations are gay and like all gay things, they won’t last so I’d encourage you not to get too worked up about who Syrians and Iraqis do or do not hit with drones.  These events are just happening to monkeys on a pale blue dot so chill, man.

The rest of the article pretty much is a snooze fest but Bennett reveals that he attacked Iran in 2022 which had not previously been confirmed.  He makes the bizarre claim that because an Iranian military official was assassinated,

It turns out that Iran’s tyrants are softer than one might expect. They gleefully send others to die for them. But when they’re hit at home, suddenly they become timid.

My jigga, what?  Weren’t you just complaining about how they are tearing you up?  I know Jewish IQ studies are all fraudulent but damn, you are one dumb son of Abraham.  Obviously he just thinks his readers are dumb but the fact that the best they can do is this Last Gen PR really doesn’t bode well for their brain trust which still doesn’t understand that the public has passed a critical threshold and is now just a little too informed for this stuff.  What other options do they have though besides the same old tricks?

Next up we have Ladybugs Lindsey Graham who crawled out of the bathhouse to deliver an important message:

According to Newsweek he went on to say, “If you really want to protect American soldiers, make it real to the ayatollah [that if] you attack a solider through a proxy, we’re coming after you.”

I hope you had your ayatollah-mullah bingo card out.  The winner who gets five-in-a-row first gets 100 attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria and absolutely nothing through the Red Sea.  

Have you seen my deterrence?

Hey where’s that deterrence 1st Sgt called for?

I didn’t bring the deterrence, I thought you were doing that.

Seriously Joe where did you put it?

Is this it?

Last up is John Bolton who is stuck with the Telegraph which no one even reads.  After reading it, I’m not convinced even I read it.  It’s quite a bit smarter than Bennett’s pea brained drivel but it’s bogged down by the fact that the US and Israel don’t have a plan so Bolton can’t offer one.

The Biden administration, much of the media, and Iran’s propagandists will probably continue ignoring the reality of who is calling the shots in this conflict. But the evidence is growing inexorably that October 7 was intended to draw Jewish blood to implement Soleimani’s “ring of fire” strategy, with Iran pressing Israel on multiple fronts, directing operations via terrorists and state actors it has armed, trained, and financed. 

It has been clear for years that overthrowing the mullahs, replacing them with some other form of government that enjoys the support of Iran’s citizenry, is central to decreasing insecurity throughout the Middle East. Arab funding of terrorist actions against Israel is hard to find today, especially as full, open diplomatic relations with Jerusalem continue to expand. If Iran’s line of credit to the likes of Hamas, Hizbollah, the Houthis, and other barbarians disappears, their ability to survive except in remote Afghan encampments will palpably decrease

That is the outcome Washington and London should seek. Instead of pushing Israel for more “pauses”, “truces”, “ceasefires” or the like, allow Jerusalem to achieve its legitimate objective of eliminating Hamas as a military and political force. That is one sure way to convince the ayatollahs their gambit has failed, and their own end may be near. 

It’s remarkable how General Soleimani lives on in their heads.  You killed him, didn’t you?  Big victory?  Where are your smiles?  Let me show you how you should be smiling right now:

Funnier than all get-out is this image Bolton paints of ayatollah-mullahs retreating to remote Afghan encampments as if he doesn’t remember who is in Afghanistan right now.  For one, the Taliban and Iran have beef so they wouldn’t allow it but also the US has no control over what goes on in Afghanistan.  Zero.  The US proved that when they ran away, evacuating the mobile Burger King and the pederast translators and leaving a few Marines behind to get blown up.  

Forget that US foreign policy is based around defending these things (and probably planned over a Burger King meal between fag Generals) and focus on that ghetto stack of wood they designed as a ramp. Greatest logistical force on Earth, folks.

I’ve read and scanned the Bolton piece a few times and couldn’t find anywhere in it any plans or even any bold words to match the threat in the title: “The West may now have no option but to attack Iran.”  Bolton just ends it with asking for the US to stand aside so Israel can kill the kindergarteners in Gaza and take their organs.  No big words like Ladybugs about bombing oilfields and command centers.  No attempt to outline what the next stages of the war will be if the reader does what Boltons says.  Nothing.  They have nothing in the tank and are demanding the US “do something.” 

Is there a secret plan to expand the war to Southern Lebanon?  Are they plotting to attack Iran directly?  How are you manufacturing consent inside and outside the US government if no one knows what you are talking about?

I’m not saying they won’t do it but I am calling into question that anyone even knows what “it” is.  It would be a bad idea to do, that’s for sure.  What exactly?  It.  Anything.  Nothing they can do would be a good option to let off the heat on Israel and CentCom.  The lack of good options is why they called off the Oct. 11th attack on Southern Lebanon so is this all a bluff?

For it to be a bluff, Iran would have to be deterred which they aren’t.  Israel knows they won’t be deterred but are doing it anyway because they are stuck in the Last Gen framing of “we need to attack so we don’t look weak” but they are just hitting kindergartens so they look weak and despicable.  Weak and despicable is not a great platform from which to launch a 2024 military campaign but what can they do except attack so they don’t look weak?

I don’t have a hot take on whether they will push the Mystery Button and I’m not embarrassed to say so because the Israelis may not have a firm plan yet.  They could just be A-B testing and keeping their options open which is what all nations do.  Unlike other nations, Israel isn’t adapting: they are Last Gen.  Hamas announced a pop-quiz and the Israelis showed up in pajamas.

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