Ethnic Neocon Weekly Roundup – January 3rd, 2024

Another week down, another week closer to the Great Roundup of beady-eyed, rat-faced globalists.  Are you ready for the Great Event, Patriot?

Jews Summoned to Genocide Court

No one likes a summons to court, especially Genocide Court.  It’s real harsh on the vibes.

Some people can show up with a stiff upper lip, maybe even have a laugh or two, but Jews are made of different stuff.  You see, when Jews have their back against the wall they don’t take a big breath and channel the virtue of their honorable compatriots who already fell in combat.  No, Jews bomb Beirut and call Alan Dershowitz.

From Haaretz:

An inter-ministerial team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, IDF Advocate General, and National Security Council has begun preparing a defense against the recent petition filed by South Africa with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, which claims that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

At the hearing, Israel may have four government-level representatives to find international jurists of the same stature to help argue the Israeli position. One name suggested for this purpose is the American lawyer Alan Dershowitz

The primary objective in the first stage is to block the possibility of the ICJ issuing an injunction to stop the combat. A senior Israeli official says, “Israel was a founder of the ICJ in the 1950s, following the Holocaust, and who could have imagined that today we would be accused of genocide, when Hamas is the party that committed murder with intent against us on 7 October.”

The article goes on to explain why Israel can’t boycott the proceedings:

Adv. Nick Kaufman, an expert in international law who has appeared before the ICJ, mentions Jewish Adv. Raphael Lemkin as the man who established genocide as a legal concept. “The Genocide Convention to which Israel is a signatory was created because of the Holocaust and thanks to the work of a Jew. Therefore, morally, Israel cannot boycott the proceedings,” he says. “Israel must and can disprove the blood libel against it.

This explanation would make sense for a normal people and a normal nation but ethnic neocons are anything but normal.  When has Israel ever obeyed an international summons or ruling?  The UN General Assembly basically exists to be ignored by Israel so why should the ICJ be any different?  

My only guess is that Israel feels they can dominate the proceedings and score a win over public opinion, devoting a large PR effort to owning the Nigtard.  No one who is offended by the bombing in Gaza is going to be convinced even if South Africa and the whole ICJ were dragged crying in front of the cameras, apologizing for their anti-Semitism.  The public just isn’t taken in by any court or institution that says it is ok to blow up a nation of kindergarteners.  If Jews think they can turn this into a win, they are mistaken.

They could be just feeling the heat and are afraid of the backlash if they boycott the ICJ.  That would be somewhat unprecedented but it would make a sort of sense because Israeli policy and discourse is basically an 80-year-long schizopost.

Hezbollah Rat Traps Superior to Hamas

From the Times of Israel:

The Lebanon tunnel project was begun and developed long before the one in Gaza. Existing intelligence indicates a vast tunnel network in southern Lebanon, deep and multi-pronged.

We have identified several kinds of tunnels in Lebanon: First, what everybody calls attack tunnels, particularly large and long tunnels that lead from area to area. One can enter them in vehicles and even medium-sized trucks.

Along with them, there are tactical tunnels, which the IDF exposed and destroyed in Operation Northern Shield in January 2019. They are intended for people only to move around in, and in extreme circumstances, maybe a motorcycle. Tactical tunnels are close to villages, and they enable terrorists to fight from underground — to fire from tunnel shafts and duck back in, to rearm from weapons stores inside, to rest, and emerge again.

So much disrespect for the motorcycle tunnel.  How many motorcycle tunnels does Israel have?  I don’t have any and I’m feeling big envy for Hezbollah.  While some people work overtime just to get one fifty-yard stretch of foot-tunnel, Hezbollah is basically saying “here, you can have a few miles, bro, I’ve got truck tunnels to spare.”  That’s essentially how the wars in 2019 and 2006 went down.  In 2019, Israel blew up just the tunnels that crossed into Israel and it took them two whole months.  In 2006, Israel was fought to a standstill and had to declare “victory” after taking out some tunnels and before the operation became a disorderly rout.  If Israel wants some tunnels they are going to have to work a bit harder in 2023. 

Digging tunnels in Lebanon was done from the start with the assistance of North Korea — as far back as the 1980s and especially toward the end of the 90s. There is evidence of this. North Korea has historic expertise in the digging of tunnels in mountainous and rocky areas.

After the second Lebanon War in 2006, the connection with North Korea was maintained, and aid was also received from Iran.

These projects were overseen by a company called Jihad Construction, that presented itself as ostensibly carrying out agricultural projects and building reconstruction for the benefit of the Shiite community, but actually took on the building of the tunnels.

North Korea and a company called Jihad Construction have been teaming up with Hezbollah to make ballistic missile shelters that Israel can’t spot from the air.  The Fatah 110 can strike deep into Israel, can’t be spotted, and the Iron Dome is a miserable flop but the Jews behind this report are wasting time trying to prove that Jihad Construction is involved in Jihad!

No, I don’t think Hezbollah is going to be handing over too many tunnels this time.  The authors of the article seem to be arguing caution in Southern Lebanon but it’s too subtle of a message for Ben Gvir and Gallant.  More importantly it is just plain too late.

Jews Push Big Red Mystery Buttons 

Ethnic neocons are cruising.  No, not for underage Bangladeshi boys, but for a bruising.

From Axios reporter Barak Ravid:

Two U.S. officials told me Israel was behind the strike in Beirut but didn’t notify the U.S. in advance of the attack. A senior Israeli official confirmed Israel didn’t give the U.S. a heads up but said Israel notified the Biden administration “as the operation was happening”

Nasrallah has gone on the record several times saying that attacks on Palestinian officials in Lebanon will be treated like attacks on Hezbollah officials.  The warnings have not been lost on radical Jewish policymakers who are evidently trying to gain a fait accompli over US officials and centrist Israeli officials, literally owning the Selftard.  In past decades Israeli toughs have been able to drag their coethnics kicking and screaming into the fray, knowing that the US will have their back but this isn’t the paradigm in 2024.  The US doesn’t even have the ability to move troops and supplies around that they had in 2003, much less the political will to do any fighting.  Are the Israeli hardliners gambling that the US will have no choice but to jump in rapidly at several rungs up the escalation ladder?  Seems like it!

This morning we heard the news that Israel had blown up a remembrance service for General Soleimani, killing over 100 people including first responders in a really sinister secondary attack.  It is basically written in stone that Iran will have to respond with several ballistic missile strikes from Iraq and Syria at this point, something we talked about last week on the Hyphen-Report after last week’s assassination of IRGC General Mousavi.

It seems that Iran is not going to be satisfied with one little freak going to the big concentration camp in the sky but intends to hold their ass to the fire a bit more.  It is worth pointing out that Iranian neets have made videos like this about blowing up Trump in the past but killing a national leader has no precedent and would not advance Iranian goals.  Killing Netanyahu or a cabinet official would be many steps up the escalation ladder and Iranians probably also see Netanyahu’s continued tenure as a case of “don’t stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.

What will the response actually be?  I’m thinking a new weapon based in Iraq or Syria, perhaps a ballistic missile strike.  There have already been some strikes on Northern Israel just before the Mousavi assassination which were conspicuously not from Lebanon but from Iraq and Syria and some may have used ballistic missiles.  I think we will see something like the 2020 Al Asad Airbase strike or the 2022 attacks on Saudi Aramco but targeting Israeli military targets in Israel with a larger-than-usual amount of drones and ballistic missiles and with a goal of killing concentrations of personnel, not material.

This is still my prediction and Israel probably predicts the same thing which is why they are panicking and escalating every day.

Partisans of God Chase Jews from the Red Sea

In the past seven days we saw Maersk cancel trips through the Red Sea, Maersk resume the trips after receiving assurances from the US Navy, and then cancel them again after a supposed defeat of Houthi speedboats.  Apparently, when shtetl inbreds kill their enemies, they really do lose because traffic through the Red Sea is not looking great.

Hegemon respecters over at Twitter have been unleashing a storm of retardation with takes like “the Houthis are about to find out why the US has no universal healthcare” and posting pictures of carrier groups from 2003.  Well, I’m waiting.

The US Navy is perhaps the biggest failed institution to ever exist with record losses on the cancellation of the Littoral Combat Ship project and the complete loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard.  You may recall that the Bonhomme Richard was lost to fire at port in San Diego because of the lack of fire control boats which had been cut due to budget restrictions.

Instead of fixing the issues with, well, everything, the US Navy zeroed in on a young Sailor, Seaman Recruit Ryan Mays who was acquitted last year after the Navy couldn’t bring any evidence to court.  Oops!  Just stuff that happens when you have the greatest logistical force the world has ever known (TM).

On the stand, though, the sailor admitted that his account had evolved under pressure from law enforcement. Initially he said he was unable to recognize the person who walked past. Later he agreed that the person “might be” Seaman Mays, and eventually, after seven interviews, he said that he was “90 percent sure.”

For six months, Navy investigators pursued a sailor other than Seaman Mays, whom a witness said she saw sprinting from the vehicle bay at the time of the fire. A military expert said that sailor’s handwriting was a probable match with a message scrawled in a portable toilet at the base saying: “I did it. I set fire to the ship.” Other evidence from that sailor’s internet searches and personal writings also seemed to suggest possible involvement.

The lead investigator in the case, Special Agent Maya Kamat, testified in Seaman Mays’s trial that she interviewed that sailor four times, and shortly after the fourth interview, the sailor attempted suicide. He was administratively separated from the Navy a few days later. The Navy no longer had jurisdiction over him and stopped pursuing him, focusing instead on Seaman Mays.

Seaman Mays made it no secret that he had come to hate the Navy. Prosecutors played video footage of him telling investigators in crude language that he saw the “fleet Navy” as worthless, and that the only sailors “doing real stuff” were the SEALs and other special operators. But investigators turned up no physical evidence linking him to the fire, and he repeatedly denied setting it.

What was the race and motivation of the person that NCIS didn’t pursue?  I guess we will just never know!  

No, the US Navy isn’t going to fix anything.  Even if they manage to stay floating long enough to send a cruise missile or two, Ansar Allah isn’t going to go away.  The only choice left is to just do as they say and remember: pool’s closed, Jews!

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