Comedian Forced To Be Funny Against Her Will

Actress and comedian Heather McDonald, who may be jewish, finally made a name for herself. She was doing a standup routine and part of her act was sharing with the audience that she received 3 experimental gene therapy treatments, commonly referred to as “Covid Vaccines.” She’s just as shocked as the rest of us that her body still functions with this potentially lethal combination of drugs. We learn that she also can’t be referred to as a stand-up comedian by the end of this video.

Right after mentioning Jesus, he came in with the official fact-check. For those of you who aren’t believers maybe that video will change your mind.

While funny in an ironic sense, this isn’t something to celebrate. Celebrities who worship big pharma don’t understand the harm they’re causing by lying or downplaying potential side effects. Heather is just following what her handlers are telling her. Most people haven’t thought about COVID in two years, but collapsing on stage is a good way to get people talking. Obviously injecting herself with so many drugs could have played into Heather’s fainting spell.

Heather took to her Instagram saying she suffered a skull fracture and all of her blood tests came back normal. It is still unclear what exactly happened to her.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that female comedians can be funny.

Adam Champion
Reporter on racial and economic injustice. Fact checker of certain events.

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    1. A comedian named McDonald? She’s going to live in Norm’s shadow even if she’s the one funny “comedienne” out of every 9000 (she isn’t; from the clip on this page, she gives the typical “muh vagina” cliches).

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