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Pedophile Antifa Terrorist who Mowed Down Freedom Convoy in Winnipeg Granted Bail

Dave Zegarac at an event promoting a Rock Against Racism concert in 2007. (Shauna Jurczak photo / Winnipeg Free Press files)


When Hyphen Report last left off, David Alexander Zegarac, 42, of Headingley, Manitoba had just attempted murder via driving over 4 innocent protesters of the Canadian Freedom Convoy. However, it’s since come to light that much like many of his “anti-fascist” brethren, David is a sexual predator, so much so his own record label had to drop him because the various allegations plaguing The Brat Attack’s lead, most notably grooming & raping a 13 year old among dozens of other allegations. Now, David has been released on bail for the 11 charges he faces, despite his lengthy criminal history. It’s too the extent his local antifa groupies totally disavowed him soon after due to his predatory, nomadic nature.

He initiated beginning a sexual relationship with me over the internet, asking me questions about my sexual activity, sending me pictures of his body, telling me that because he was an anarchist he didn’t believe age dynamics were relevant. At the time he was 27. At the time, I believed him. At 13 I just wanted to be taken seriously.

tl;dr he was a known pedo in at least 2004, but his friends put up with him until at least 2015

David’s bail release terms are 10,000$, no possession of weapons, he can’t enter Winnipeg, he’s confined to his house except for going to court, and he can’t drive. The justice system at work? Hell no, right off the bat they’re giving this psychopath the minimum, he attempted to take the lives of multiple people for simply protesting for “freedom”, yet somehow that ends up being just 4 “assaults with a weapon”, because this is totally akin to attacking somebody with a baseball bat and a car isn’t significantly more deadly. At a minimum, this anti-White terrorist attack should be aggravated assault which caries a 14 year maximum, rather than 10 years maximum with assault with a weapon. If they’re already going this easy on him, things aren’t looking good.

David is a redskinned rapist, sexpest and hedonistic fire-water chugger. He used his little relevance within the Winnipeg anarchist punk scene to groom dozens of children into becoming what amounts to being his personal sexslaves, which his antifa buddies didn’t feel like telling anybody about for decades. If this were your standard cuckservative outlet, we would be going on about “cancel culture” against poor old people of colour, maybe by anarchist he meant anarcho-capitalist? /ourredskin/?

David drew these when he was 31

All jokes aside, pedophilia is rife throughout the Native American community in both America(where studies have referred to reserves as “sex havens”), but particularly Canada where they have their own legal system based on people within their tribe voting on their innocence. For the victims in these communities there’s no recourse and it’s easy to see how a vicious cycle ensues, depressingly anywhere between 25-50% of adult Native Americans in Canada are childhood sexual abuse victims. The fact that this molester medicine man wasn’t already locked up despite all of this drama coming at him around 2015 goes to show how broken the legal system has been in Canada for many years, the game is very rigged.

So you figure, ok, so maybe Canada messed up in not arresting this degenerate freak yahoo prior, so now they’ll make up on the sentencing, but nope he gets off with a lesser charge that what would be reasonable, and then maybe David Zegarac won’t get bail because he’s a clear psychopath? Keep believing, this punk rockstar antifa was oppressed by society, throwing the book at a guy who made simple mistake would undermine the whole Canadian legal system, imagine the precedent! If anybody else did this to any other event, a man at a feminist event, etc. the media would give this 24/7 coverage, but you see maybe 1-2 articles a day now at most, and only from local Winnipeg news places or CTV. In fact, when you search “CBC Winnipeg”, the Canadian state media, the first result is this insightful piece:

Horns loud, more news at 8. Please ignore the terrorism.

As Hyphen-Report covered before, the police are saying there was no political motive and up to this point the only three outlets(Rebel, Post Millennial and shockingly, Tucker Carlson) even daring to reference Zegarac’s heavily antifa roots. An antifa activist driving into a right wing protest couldn’t be political. Notably, Conservative media outlets in Canada such as True North, Toronto Sun, and even the more reliably right wing National Post have neglected to cover the story entirely, covering the Freedom Convoy in the most dismissively neutral tone possible, if at all. You figure conservative media would be dying to cover an antifa terrorist attack against a protest for freedom during this down turn in news?

Much like the Waukesha terrorist attack, there’s been a very clear attempt to cover up the narrative here by the media, police & politicians, even despite David’s longtime infamy. Don’t let it or the injustice be forgotten like figures on both the left & right desperately want it to be.



John George

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