In Defense of Patriot Front: Words From a Former Member

The following article was submitted to the Hyphen-Report by former Patriot Front member “Adam MacDonald” after witnessing the extrajudicial arrest of 31 members of Patriot Front in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Like many people, Adam was upset at the continued mudslinging bandied about on social media and felt compelled to stand up for an activist group that he perceives as a model example of right-wing outreach.

With the completely unjustified arrest of 31 Patriot Front members, including their founder, Thomas Rousseau, of conspiracy to start a riot in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, I feel as if I have no choice but to come out and stand with them in their defense. Not just from our usual list of enemies, like Antifa doxxers—who sharpen their blades and prepare themselves to ruin the lives of everyone that was victimized—but also from a growing list of Conservative pundits and Q-Anon morons, who laughably insist that Patriot Front is a group of federal agents. 

Artwork courtesy of Will2Rise Telegram.

For context, I am a former member of Patriot Front, having been at the Independence day march in Philadelphia, and I am not someone who will hesitate to be critical of the organization. But, first, let’s make one thing clear: Patriot Front is not a federal group by any stretch, and anyone claiming that is an idiot who is probably still ‘trusting the plan.’ The organization is rigorous in vetting its members. No one uses their real names. To this day, most of my Patriot Front friends still don’t know my birth name, and I am comfortable not knowing theirs. 

Is it possible an informant or two may have slipped through the cracks in the past? Who is to say? That is always a risk we all take when we engage in these sorts of right-wing politics. Still, many of the operating procedures made this notion difficult. The way we were searched before an event for anything that could even be remotely considered a weapon or electronic device—including cellular phones which were securely confiscated—and the way only the higher echelons of the organization knew where the march, or event, would take place, made leaks to law enforcement agencies, or Antifa, virtually impossible. 

Patriot Front members being detained in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho by White police units more interested in distant pensions than their own race and well-being.

Second, the charges that have been lobbied against them, that there was a conspiracy to commit a riot, are just a laughable injustice. Patriot Front has always striven for nonviolence; if you need to fight, it should always be a last resort. When I was present for the march in Philadelphia, as some may know, we were harassed, attacked with fists, and smashed with bottles flung at us by street thugs. Even after all those attacks, as we were being detained and the police were looking for any reason to arrest us, they ultimately had to let us go. Despite the public image, Patriot Front is bulletproof because of its aversion to violence. Even discussions of fighting in private chats, or any glorification of it, for that matter, were not only discouraged but could land you in trouble from the higher-ups. 

Members of Patriot Front were ambushed by feral street animals occupying the city of Philadelphia July 4, 2021 after a flash demonstration in the area.

I will end with this. I may have my own disagreements with the direction taken by the leadership of Patriot Front. I sometimes think there are opportunities for improvement regarding allowing differing opinions or ideas. But this article is not about critique; it’s about defending the brave men of Patriot Front from the ludicrous charges laid at their feet, which might alter the lives of some of those young, innocent men.

Courtesy of Gab user @Darheel 

To those who were arrested, know this: even if you are doxxed, it’s not the end of the world. You will survive. You will be stronger by the end of this, and you will emerge from the chaos a better man. A better activist. Patriot Front being arrested does nothing but prove that young men are willing to take up the torch and struggle so our children may fight and survive. May we all be lucky enough to do the same. I hope that my two cents on this issue may help some people understand that we, as White nationalists, must stand together against everything thrown against us, no matter how difficult it might seem. In this way, we will win.

Remember: kneeling in the grass with cuffs behind your backs is more dignified than kneeling with a raised fist for BLM as those pigs did in 2020. Reclaim America!

-“Adam McDonald”

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  1. “I may have my own disagreements with the direction taken by the leadership of Patriot Front. I sometimes think there are opportunities for improvement regarding allowing differing opinions or ideas. But this article is not about critique”

    If the author is reading this, I think it would be interesting to hear your constructive criticism of Patriot Front in another article, given your first hand experience with them. It would be incredibly insightful imo, though I get why you might choose to not release that type of article right now.

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