We Want the Perfect – Viktor Orbán is the Good

A post by White-Papers

EUROPE: Last night the incumbent Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, and his Fidesz-KDNP coalition won a resounding victory against the United Opposition For Hungary.

Combining Orbán’s percentage of the vote with that of the Our Homeland Movement shows that 60% of the vote in Hungary went to parties which genuinely care about the Hungarian nation. For those of us watching from other parts of Europe the victory reaffirmed beliefs in the popularity of Mr. Orbán despite widespread predictions of his impending defeat by the European media.

The Hungarian people rewarded a leader who has remained dedicated to protecting their nation, their children, their culture and who recently refused to take them into a geopolitical contest with Russia over the frought war in Ukraine. Among the Prime Minister’s many accomplishments include: a ban on changing one’s gender on legal documents, passing a law in 2020 which banned single persons and same-sex “couples” from adopting children, signing a decree which required shops within 200 meters of a school or church remove openly homosexual books and material from the shelves and all other shops to physically cover such material and sell it in a separate area.

A parent won’t have to worry about seeing material like this in Hungary.

By no means is Viktor Orbán a perfect leader. He has referred to Benjamin Netanyahu as his “best friend” in the past. Mr. Orban also vetoed a European condemnation of Israeli violence against Palestinians, and has been seen palling around with distasteful oligarchs from time to time. There are also those opposed to his welcoming of a Chinese university to the Hungarian capital of Budapest, as well as public displeasure with other agreements made with the Chinese government on infrastructure related projects that the European Union refuses to assist in funding over concerns about the “rule of law” in Hungary.

But here at White-Papers we simply cannot abide allowing those who spend their days imagining a “perfect leader” making an ideological and rhetorical enemy out of a truly good leader like Viktor Orbán. Those of us who live here in Europe often look upon the accomplishments of Viktor Orbán with intense jealousy. His border fence and immigration policies have been a rallying point of pro-White Europeans for over 7 years, while Hungarian universities, controlled by Orbán’s government, are not entirely overflowing with left wing intellectuals. The Prime Minister also tried to shut down NGOs, and his policies on marriage and family formation have become a successful model which nationalists around the world point to. A nationalist would be hardpressed to find another leader which has risen a fertility rate from 1.23 to 1.60 since taking power.

Hungary’s border barrier – Image Credit: Bőr Benedek

In acknowledging that Viktor Orbán is most certainly not perfect but has had positive effect for his country and for Europe, the Dissident-Nationalist movement demonstrates an ability to discern the perfect from the good and the good from the bad. This movement should learn all it can from Hungary’s much loved Prime Minister, while at the same time keeping an eye on his less than savoury actions with regard to Israel and capitalists. 

A hazáért

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