History of the Supreme Court’s Jewish Seat

The Roberts Court, April 23, 2021 Seated from left to right: Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr. and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor Standing from left to right: Justices Brett M. Kavanaugh, Elena Kagan, Neil M. Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett. Photograph by Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

Did you know that just 2% of the population calls “dibs” on 11% of the Supreme Court?

Of course, Jews are 22% of the Supreme Court (Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan). But apparently only one of them is in what is known as the “Jewish seat”.

From the Jewish Insider:

“Breyer’s seat on the Court was once routinely, if unofficially, called the “Jewish seat,” because five of the last six justices to fill that seat were Jewish. After Louis Brandeis’ nomination to the Court in 1916, he was the sole Jew until President Herbert Hoover appointed Benjamin N. Cardozo in 1932.”

That seat of Justice Benjamin Cardozo became the Jewish seat. There have been six justices since that seat since 1932, and the only one of those who wasn’t a Jew was Roe v Wade author Henry Blackmun.

As mentioned, this pattern began in 1932, after the retirement of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes at the age of 90. President Herbert Hoover was encouraged by Senators and existing Supreme Justice Stone to nominate the Jew Benjamin Cardozo.

Benjamin Cardozo, Jew #1 on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

I can’t tell exactly why the establishment pushed this guy so hard, but he was a respected legal author at the time. He was also a Democrat, so his nomination by President Hoover was one of those moments of kosher bipartisanship that we see from time to time. Cardozo was confirmed unanimously by the Senate.

He became part of what was known as the “three musketeers”, a reference to the three libtard Justices at the time: Cardozo, the other Jew Brandeis, and Stone (not a Jew). They were doing a lot of dissenting when the Justices of the conservatard majority were striking down New Deal laws as unconstitutional.

Other than this, there isn’t much remarkable about Cardozo. He died in office in 1938 and was replaced by Felix Frankfurter with the nomination from President Franklin Roosevelt.

Felix Frankfurter, Jew #2 on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

Justice Frankfurter is more famous and a little more confusing. He climbed the ladder with support from Jewish financier Jacob Schiff. He got a reputation for having socialist or at least progressive leanings, and ended up becoming an advisor to President Roosevelt.

When Roosevelt nominated Frankfurter to replace Cardozo, there was opposition from Republicans to a Roosevelt advisor and suspected communist sympathizer being placed on the court. Apparently, the controversy around Frankfurter is what started the practice of Supreme Court nominees being called to testify and be examined before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We wouldn’t have moments like this if it weren’t for Frankfurter

After being confirmed to the Supreme Court, Frankfurter evolved over time towards being more “conservative”. He developed and still has a reputation for being a big “judicial restraint” guy. That just means he tended not to strike down actions of states or other branches of the federal government. Of course, he didn’t judicially restrain from joining the unanimous decision to ban school segregation in Brown v Board of Education.

Frankfurter had a decently long tenure and is a major name in Supreme Court history. He retired in 1962 and was replaced by Arthur Goldberg, with a nomination for President John F Kennedy.

Arthur Goldberg, Jew #3 on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

Now this guy is a real Jewy Jew. During World War II he was bureaucrat in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the gay-op agency of the War Department and precursor to the CIA. President Kennedy picked him for his cabinet as Secretary of Labor, but then nominated him to the Supreme Court when Frankfurter retired.

Goldberg upheld the right to degeneracy in Griswold v Connecticut, where the court struck down a Connecticut ban on birth control. He also promoted the view that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment and should be illegal.

He only stuck around on the Supreme Court for a few years. He left to go be the US Ambassador to the United Nations for President Johnson. He helped put together UN Resolution 242 on Israel after the 1967 war. The resolution asks Israel to withdraw from some vaguely defined territories and asserts the right of Israel and all other countries involved to sovereignty. He was later the president of the American Jewish Committee, a Jewish advocacy group.

When Goldberg resigned from the Supreme Court, he was replaced by Abe Fortas with a nomination from President Lyndon Johnson.

Abraham Fortas, Jew #4 on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

Fortas was a fairly standard left-leaning judge. He attracted criticism from Senator Strom Thurmond for his consistent votes in favor of expanding the First Amendment to protect pornography.

Fortas had to resign after a few years due to a scandal surrounding money he took from Wall Street. He was replaced by Harry Blackmun with a nomination from President Richard Nixon. Nixon had a combative relationship with Congress at the time, and he made two failed nominations before Blackmun was approved.

Harry Blackmun, Shabbos Goy on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

Justice Blackmun was a little gentile interruption for the Jewish seat, and he is most famous for writing the opinion for Roe v Wade. He continued to support Roe in later decisions as well. He drifted left over the course of his tenure and by the end was a rather standard libtard. He dissented in a case that upheld a Georgia anti-faggotry law, wishing for more expansive constitutional protections for gay buttsex than the court was willing to provide in 1986.

He retired in 1994 and was replaced by the seat’s current occupant, Stephen Breyer, with the nomination from President Bill Clinton. Breyer had been a clerk for an earlier Jew, Goldberg. He was approved by the Senate without much controversy.

Stephen Breyer, Jew #5 on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court

When Breyer joined the court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg  was already there and together they made a change.

“‘The argument that was utterly convincing for the chief was that in an argument, there will inevitably be Jewish lawyers,’ Ginsburg said in a 2018 speech. ‘Do you want to take away from them the opportunity to present their case? And that resonated. So now we don’t sit on the High Holy Days.'”

Breyer became part of the standard 4-4 Supreme Court gridlock system (with Kennedy in the middle) that defined Supreme Court politics from Reagan to Trump. He joined the libtard faction on all major cases, including the one imposing the homo mandate.

Given the electoral outlook, Breyer decided it’s a good time to retire now. President Biden has already promised to nominate a black woman to this very Jewish seat. He also said he will make the final decision by the end of February (Black History Month).

Speculation already abounds. A black woman would be a major break from the tradition of this seat. Or would it?

While some of the people people under consideration are standard DMV ladies, there’s one option that would allow Biden to potentially satisfy both his retarded base and his Jewish masters.

Yes, that’s a “black” “woman”

One of black women under consideration is Leondra Kruger, pictured above. And that’s exactly what it sounds like. Somehow a Jew managed to get Biden’s shortlist of black women. It’s unreal. If picked and confirmed, she would become Jew #6 in that spot.

Anyone else would be the first Shaniqua to squat in the Jewish seat.

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      Really completely beside the point.

    2. Thanks. I hate it.

    3. I heard about the non Jew Harlan Fiske Stone because of the fact that he called out the hypocrisy and double standards of the Nuremberg Tribunal 1945-46. He referred to the proceedings as a “lynching party” and a “sanctimonious fraud”.

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