Mike and Warren of the NJP Interviewed! – Justice for Ethan Liming, Akron, OH

On Saturday, June 25th, the Hyphen-Report, along with our collaborative team at the :Report, covered the Justice for Ethan Liming protest hosted by the National Justice Party. In the aftermath of the successful event, Warren Balogh and Chairman Mike Peinovich agreed to an exclusive interview, lending their thoughts on the Ethan Liming case, conservative political strategy, and the future of White people in America.

Interview Link:

For the Hyphen-Report’s full coverage of the Ethan Liming case, you can read our full write-up here.

For updates regarding the released 911 call and media spin of the tragic murder, you can read our article here.

Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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    1. This Mike guy seems based.

    2. These NJP protests often/usually advocate for ‘hate’ charges, something I see as misguided and pointless.

      It’s clear ‘hate’ statutes were enacted mainly to legally intimidate and harass Whites as their country is demographically stolen from them — they are a tool used to oppress Whites — in fact, you can find video of Eric Holder testifying before Congress that proposed federal ‘hate’ legislation was not intended to prosecute ‘hate’ against Whites, rather ‘hate’ directed at traditionally marginalized groups — he could not have made it any clearer: federal ‘hate’ laws will not be used to prosecute ‘hate’ against Whites, and even today they generally are not.

      Self-respecting Whites should not support the existence and use of ‘hate’ statutes — just like Whites will never win a ‘racism’ contest, i.e. they will never succeed when trying to convince people that ‘Blacks are the real racists’, acquiescing to the existence and use of ‘hate’ statutes will always be to the disadvantage of Whites.

    3. […] NEWS: The pro-White activist group the National Justice Party, led by Chairman Mike Peinovich, has once again taken to the streets of, Akron, Ohio to protest the racially motivated killing of […]

    4. […] NEWS: The pro-White activist group the National Justice Party, led by Chairman Mike Peinovich, has once again taken to the streets of, Akron, Ohio to protest the racially motivated killing of […]

    5. […] work, the Beacon Journal is totally willing to drag out tired character smears against NJP leadership in an attempt to spoil the pot. By labeling Chairman Mike Peinovich as a  “white-nationalist […]

    6. […] their long history of openly targeting, and antagonizing White people for their political beliefs. Warren Balogh of the pro-White National Justice Party—an organization that has marched twice demanding hate […]

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