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Aafia Siddiqui Did Nothing Wrong

Note: The Hyphen Report supports non-violent political activity and strongly opposes taking any person hostage, Jewish or otherwise.

The Jewish Daily Forward is melting down due to an FBI agent’s implausible claim that the recent Texas hostage crisis was “not specifically related to the Jewish community.”

“Do we really need an investigation to call holding Jews hostage in their place of worship antisemitic?” – Jews

I don’t know, Jewish Daily Forward, do we really need an investigation to call the vehicular murder of White people by a black person who said he wants to hurt White people an anti-White terror attack? Apparently so.

“It is also undeniable that Jews were targeted for a reason: the attacker thought Jews literally control the world.” – Jewish Daily Forward

I don’t know why the attacker, Malik Faisal Akram, would think such a stupid thing but right after that FBI agent made his “not specifically related to the Jewish community” statement, a bunch of Jews threw a fit about it and the FBI immediately walked that statement back.

Akram wanted to negotiate with Jewish power for a specific outcome: the release of Aafia Siddiqui. This JDF article laments this and calls Aafia Siddiqui a terrorist and provides some details about her “conspiracy theories” about Jews (as if that itself were the terrorism).

Aafia Siddiqui. Grainy old photographs of female Pakistani neuroscientists got me acting all strange.

Siddiqui ended up on the FBI’s wanted list for terrorism, after she was named (under duress, in Guantanamo Bay) by Khalid Sheikh Muhammed as an Al-Qaeda courier. She is also alleged by the US government to have supported numerous terrorist attacks and planned several more. She’s currently serving an 89-year sentence.

There’s a big problem with the claim by the JDF and other outlets that she’s a terrorist. It’s something that might be recognizable by many of us or by some of the January 6 “insurrectionists”: Siddiqui was never charged with anything even remotely related to all the terrorism she allegedly participated in. She was instead charged with trying to harm the US personnel who were imprisoning her.

She had been detained in Afghanistan after soldiers at a checkpoint found her suspicious. They later realized they had someone who was on a wanted list. She claims to have been held at a black site for much longer than she is officially acknowledged to have been in custody. The secrecy surrounding the CIA torture program renders US government denials completely meaningless.

The “Salt Pit”, a CIA torture camp in Afghanistan

In July of 2008, an American officer shot Siddiqui. American prosecutors claim she somehow got a hold of an American rifle and was trying to kill her captors. Some Afghans on the scene claimed the American soldier was trigger-happy and had been startled by her coming around a corner or something. Either way, she was transported to Bagram Air Base, given medical treatment, and then later put on trial for “assault with a deadly weapon”, for her alleged attempt to shoot her captor. Note that this has nothing to do with any of the terrorism that she was supposedly on the wanted list for in the first place.

During her trial, she made the poor decision to put herself under oath and ended up coming off real schizo and was probably lying about things unrelated to the matter at hand. Some of the cross-examination was trying to portray her as someone who was planning to do terrorism in New York. So despite charging her with assault with a deadly weapon, prosecutors effectively charged her with terrorism in the minds of the jury. Now she’s in jail. At her trial, she denounced the verdict as coming “from Israel”.

The story of this Muslim woman’s mistreatment by the US government has been galvanizing in many circles. Her cause has been taken up by many groups including US anti-war activists, the Taliban, the cringelords at Democracy Now, and the government of Pakistan. President Obama wasn’t having any of it though:

“The Obama administration batted down rumors of a potential swap of Siddiqui for Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani doctor who worked with the CIA on a fake vaccination campaign to help track down bin Laden. For officials in Washington, just suggesting receptivity to a discussion of Siddiqui’s release could be perceived as caving to terrorist demands—a political nonstarter.” – Foreign Policy

Back to the Jewish Daily Forward. They have been oy-veyying over Siddiqui. Not because of any terrorism she wasn’t charged with doing. Not because she allegedly tried to kill her captors. But instead because she had conspiracy theories about Jews running the world and harming the interests of Muslims.

“‘Her beliefs that Israel, the United States and India are conspiring to invade Pakistan, that Jews are responsible for 9/11 and have infiltrated American political and nongovernmental organizations,’ said Thomas Kucharski, ‘pointed to her insanity.’” – Jewish Daily Forward

This is just bizarre. I can’t speak to Aafia’s concern about America and Israel teaming up with India against Pakistan (I think they prefer to just play those two countries against each other), but the rest shouldn’t even be controversial. I’d like to encourage whoever is writing for the Jewish Daily Forward to just follow the work of Eric Striker and others so they don’t keep getting confused like this.

To summarize, this is the situation: Aafia Siddiqui was a J-woke Muslim with understandable anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiments. She landed on the FBI wanted list due to confessions from as dubious a source as Guantanamo Bay, and was arrested. She was denounced by the US government as a terrorist, but only charged with an in-custody altercation, and is defamed in the Jewish media for neither of those things but instead for her attitude towards Jews.

Meanwhile, after a hostage event where the attacker wanted Siddiqui’s freedom, the Jews at the Jewish Daily Forward are mad that the world isn’t bending over backwards fast enough to stand in solidarity with Jews. (At the time of this writing, a search on the JDF website for “Waukesha” provides nothing relevant – certainly not solidarity with Whites, proving this concern to be completely fake).

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