Above Time Coffee Roasters

Attendees to the recent National Justice Party rally will have noticed a new booth this year: Above Time Coffee Roasters.  Like Antelope Hill which launched two years ago, Above Time’s launch was marked by a professional site, in-group networking, and a carefully prepared stock.  Mike, Sven, and Alex of The Daily Shoah talked about it on last Friday’s episode. 

To paraphrase Mike in the above clip, it doesn’t matter that antifa is boycotting Above Time because we are at the point where nationalists will just buy all the coffee.  The store has caught up on stock but at the time of the podcast, supporters had totally cleaned them out.  

It’s a good time to give pats on the back all around for helping another new business but we would be remiss to thank an unlikely sponsor: antifa.  Antifa’s protest of Above Time owner Sarah Dye was repulsive in the extreme and, as usual, motivated normal Americans to do the opposite of whatever the trans freaks want.

For those who aren’t familiar with her previous business (alluded to in the TDS clip), Sarah and her husband ran a small farm that made most of their income at a local farmer’s market.  Here’s a clip of one of the theatrical performances antifa put on at that market:

 The optics of this are pretty solid, or they would be, if Bloomington embraced their de facto status as an all-Aryan police force removing the trash: blond gestapo agents (including a girl-boss cop) round up a communist professor and presumably send her back to the jungles of Southeast Asia.  Other demonstrators chant “shame! shame!” as the third-worlder is being corrected but, regrettably, they are shouting at the cops.

Black blob protestors ruin a perfectly good shot of heirloom tomatoes.

This protest was just one of many that saw the rights of normal Americans be infringed by rabid leftists, sometimes with implicit support by local authorities.  While it may seem commendable the police dragged off one of the offenders, the situation only became so heated because the city and police repeatedly allowed trespassing at a city-owned venue.  These protests at times included antifa standing directly in front of the booth so that customers couldn’t pass, photographing and intimidating shoppers, and lawfare against the market.  City planners at one point attempted to privatize the entire farmer’s market so that they could get around the constitutional issue of banning Sarah for her political views which they desperately wanted to do.

Fake blood was poured on Sarah’s car while she was speaking to a local conservative group.

Here is a short list of the outrageous and illegal behavior by local officials:

  • Police called to inform Sarah there had been a sniper threat.  During a legal deposition, Sarah’s attorney was able to get police to admit no threat had ever been made.  
  • Mayor donated to a No Space for Hate fundraiser for arrested black block rioters.  The mayor repeatedly met and coordinated with antifa.
  • Indiana University employee publicly described Sarah’s chest-carried baby as a “bullet-proof vest.”  Employee was not fired or charged.
  • City allowed protesters to meet in council chambers and broadcast protest information on the local tv channel.

Dawn Johnson (in teal hat), wife of the mayor and former Clinton staffer, coordinating with antifa.

Sarah Dye’s political views, in antifa’s own words are the central issue at play.  Sarah was active as a member of Identity Evropa but what may have enraged the left most about her was that she was a former leftist.  Despite supporting the WTO protests back in the day, Sarah became totally disenchanted: the left was only serious about being anti-White and just play-acting when it came to opposing global MegaCorps.  Like so many of the best pro-White Americans today, Sarah was considered a traitor by Jewish power and given a high priority for destruction.  We can see today that their efforts have failed.

The online store is thriving thanks to zealous support by friends all over the world.  Sarah’s business venture is proof that even in the face of the worst censorship and state repression, we are capable of building networks of financial resistance.  Every dollar spent at one of our stores is a finger straight in the eye of Jewish kleptocrats and a repudiation of anti-White terrorism.  It’s time to throw out the “zog” coffee made with poison by slaves and get real coffee from real Americans.  The Hoosierborean blend is a good place to start.  Keep an eye on the site and follow them for stock-updates on Telegram


William Durand
Founder and former Editor of the Hyphen-Report.

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    1. My wife and I have known Sarah and Doug ever since moving to the area seven years ago. We have found them to be responsible and caring individuals. We have entertained their entire family in our home and enjoyed our time with them immensely.

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