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Who is Holly McGlawn-Zoller, The Spiritually(?) Jewish Self-Admitted Antifa “Bail Disruptor” for The Bail Project?

The Antifa Forces have deployed their tank unit to the battlefield. These are NOT the mommy milkers you are looking for.

       After the racially-motivated vehicular hate-crime committed at the Waukesha Christmas Parade, many news outlets on the left and right have been quick to issue hand-wringing statements encouraging all who still read their rags to avoid jumping to any conclusions about the nature of the attack. Despite their futile attempt at vague warnings and a newly-rediscovered sense of commitment to due process, it becomes immediately clear to anyone with an above-room-temperature IQ what the shot is. These outlets and their financial backers are scared absolutely shitless at the notion of White people collectivizing and waking up to the escalating racial war being waged on them day after day.

The Waukesha terrorist attack was an extremely noticeable escalation in this war being waged upon us and our people, and the kosher media narrative is that they want this memory-holed as quick as possible so as not to allow Whites to view themselves as a collective with collective interests. We here at the Hyphen Report would like to express our verbal support for organizations that are committed to not letting the nature of this escalation get swept under the rug, such as the National Justice Party. and the fine journalistic endeavors of the contributors at National-Justice. Please support their efforts however you can.

       The National Justice Party on 11/27 demonstrating against Anti-White terrorism and hate crimes in Waukesha, WI. Since Antifa was not tipped off of the protest ahead of time, they were not able to deploy violent agitators to stop the demonstration, and as a result no violence occurred.

       There have been a bevy of articles posted to the Hyphen Report concerning the Waukesha terrorist attack, so I’m going to stay away from doing more of the same. Rather, in this article, I would like us to take a quick look at the subversive and evil jewish elements working behind the scenes to fund and subsidize this racial war being waged on us and our people.

Enter Holly McGlawn-Zoller, who typically goes now by Holly Zoller, despite being divorced from her husband Tom. While we cannot find anything directly indicating that Zoller is a chosenite, she is surrounded by plenty enough of them to send one’s jew-dar flying off the charts, with such notable names as Robin Steinberg, Lisa Gersh, Michael Novogratz, and others. Which, as far as this author is concerned, makes her at the very least a spiritual jew.

The remainder of The Bail Project’s team page seems to be a mixture of blacks, hispanics, and other assorted mystery-meat, non-binary creatures that I just don’t have the stomach to look at this morning. Other notable names from the team page are some celebrities that serve in an advisory role, such as Richard Branson and John Legend.

Looking further, despite Politifact’s attempts to paper it over, the organization does on some level have ties to George Soros, with one of their members (Dolores Canales) having formerly worked as a Soros Justice Fellow. As of FY 2018, the organization received nearly 25,000,000 dollars operating as a non-profit dedicated to getting people like the Waukesha terrorist out of prison to continue their war on this nation’s native population. There is no reason to assume that this number has not climbed since then.

The power of makeup. Don’t let the Nickers see this one.

       If you think you may have heard the name Holly Zoller before, you wouldn’t be mistaken. Back in September 2020, Zoller was spotted at the Louisville, KY BLM riots handing out supplies to the rioters from the back of a U-Haul van that she had rented. Among the items were medical supplies, water, shields, umbrellas, helmets, and other objects that could be construed as weapons meant to attack White people and/or police.

During the Louisville BLM riots, two police officers were killed. Websites such as 4chan immediately jumped to work on analyzing the video and they determined that Zoller was the one captured on video distributing the supplies to the rioters. This was further confirmed later when an anon managed to obtain her phone number and called her posing as a U-Haul employee to discuss the details of her rental. During the call, she revealed that she was indeed the person who rented the van, saying that she just rented it to drive there and “drop some stuff off”.

The Bail Project, in an ensuing statement, went into CYA-mode and stated that Zoller was not working in any capacity for them when she was providing aid to rioting criminals, and that the money for the rental was provided by her personally. While this may set off the bullshit alarm for many (and it should), it seems like Zoller crossed her T’s and dotted her I’s enough to make this statement legally accurate. However, when this is held up against the backdrop of the mission statement of The Bail Project as well as their notable Antifa/Marxist affiliations, it’s hard to believe that she didn’t receive overwhelming non-fiscal support from her cohorts in the organization, up until she was found out.

An Enterprising anon was able to release a copy of the rental agreement Zoller signed with U-Haul. Second pic related- a graphical representation of Zoller’s efforts in Louisville.

       So, now that we have covered Zoller’s former efforts that may have directly contributed to the deaths of two people, we need to retvrn to the present. After the Waukesha terrorist was arrested, a GoFundMe page was started to raise money to collect for his bail. The fundraising page was set up by a person named James Norton.

GoFundMe, having stated literally the day before that they do not allow fundraising campaigns for people accused of homicide, were put in a position where they had to pull the campaign to save face. More likely, however, is the fact that the person posting under the name James Norton, did not link their fundraiser to any particular movement or organization, and could likely have been a troll trying to fleece some money off of virtue-signaling shitlibs.

Pic Related: The initial GFM fundraising page for the Waukesha terrorist. Second- Zoller’s thinly-veiled GFM that was similarly taken down. Third- Zoller’s second attempt at a GFM page ostensibly for the terrorist, but she changed the amount to $4M, down from $5M so it doesn’t match the bail fund exactly. What do you need 5 million dawlahs for, Goy? How could I possibly handle 4 million dawlahs for ya?

       Undeterred by how many of these bullshit GFM pages set up for this terrorist keep getting taken down by mass-reporting, Zoller is now leading the charge on the third attempt to free this terrorist so he can get one more shot in before spending the rest of his life in prison. The Hyphen Report strongly suggests that all viewers visit this page and report Zoller’s most recent campaign as a repeat offender and violator of GFM’s terms of service. Luckily, the campaign has not gotten any significant funding or donations, but it’s not about the money- it’s about sending a message.

Zoller’s request for this much funding in the area on behalf of The Bail Project is transparently an attempt (in the opinion of the author only) to get whatever money they can to free the terrorist. With no description on the campaign page about where the funds will go, it could be reasonably assumed that the intention now is to launder the money through the local Antifa/BLM organizations with the express purpose of having them (along with other outside, very tribal benefactors) contribute to letting the terrorist out of jail.

In Wisconsin, no provision exists that allows a judge to deny bail outright, even if the accused has already been charged for jumping bail once before, so the bail for this terrorist was set at $5M, with the expectation that he would likely not be able to fill it. But, as we’ve seen, no price tag is too high for a jew (spiritual or otherwise) to wage war on their host population.

EDIT: IN THE 3 HOURS SINCE THIS ARTICLE WAS DRAFTED, HYPHEN-REPORT HAS BEEN INFORMED THAT THE GFM PAGE MENTIONED IN THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN. Should any similar campaigns be created after this article’s publishing, please reach out to the moderators of the Hyphen-Report Telegram channel at @hyphenreport.

       So, where does that leave us, looking forward? As mentioned earlier in the article, this case should (in a non-fully-pozzed world) be open and shut. Instead, while the terrorist will likely be convicted of vehicular homicide and get sentenced, we will never hear his name or see his picture again, at least from mainstream propaganda. Get excited for next news cycle, goy.

However, this trial cannot be allowed to be swept under the rug. Currently, the charges of vehicular homicide do not do true justice to the nature of this anti-White terrorist attack. The terrorist will likely (barring any TNB in the courtroom) hide behind his lawyers and stay quiet, as many of those with ulterior motives regarding this case will try to do.

What will go completely ignored is the fact that this terrorist will not face any federal hate crime charges, which would be a major black eye for BLM/Antifa-adjacent causes going forward- the prospect of a savage gorilla being convicted of a hate crime against White people doesn’t shake out well on the optics front for the leftist, jews, trannies, and mystery-meats working non-stop to turn our country into a degenerate brown shit-hole. Avoiding this outcome at all costs, even if you use an Occam’s razor approach, serves only to benefit some of these wonderful yenta cunts you see below, Zoller included.

Protip: If you see any of these faces, regardless of the topic, the only answer is NO.



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    2. christians need to wake up to the synagogue of satan because they are the target just like the spanish were in year 1000 AD until 1492. interestingly, i learned in catholic high school world history about catholics kicking all jews and muslims out of spain, but we never talked about how the catholics spent centuries coming back from their own genocide as the reason for the expulsion

      1. it is not a race thing…it is a belief thing…Christians of any race or tribe are my brother….ALL Christians are targets

        1. Lol.

          “Fuck Whitey.”

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    3. This was a crystal-clear attack on the White race; JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-sus & his sheep had nothing to do with it.

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