White Nationalism 3.0 and Music

Last week, the Hyphen-Report was on the ground and covered the Birth of a New Frontier boxing and kickboxing competition here.  Since then, Media2Rise put together a teaser trailer for their upcoming documentary about the event.

As we said in our article, the event is the culmination of years of work to create a real-world movement for young White men who feel a greater calling than a lifetime of Twitter ban-evasion.  The match, put together by SoCal Active Club with critical support from Will2Rise and Patriot Front, is a physical testament to the often intangible and fleeting work put in by small groups of men all over the West.  Stickering, training, and just creating a normal social environment are not easy to quantify on a spreadsheet nor would it be wise for dissidents to keep detailed records, so mass-meetings serve as landmarks for progress.  

After the most recent milestone event, our researchers were eager to learn more about the Active Club scene and stumbled on a useful piece from none-other-than the notoriously anti-White Anti-Defamation League

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt proves that you can take the beady-eyed globalists out of the Shtetl, but you can’t take the Shtetl out of the beady-eyed globalists.  

The ADL was founded by Jewish supremacist organization B’nai B’rith after the conviction of Leo Frank, a Jew who had raped and murdered a 13-year-old White girl.  Leo Frank tried to frame up his black custodian for the crime, but White juries repeatedly saw through the ruse and he was sentenced to swing.  Like the Hilsner case in Europe (which we covered here), Jewish activists cajoled the Governor of Georgia into commuting the death sentence.  Unlike Hilsner, however, Americans rallied at the jailhouse and enforced the original sentence on Frank. 

While they wouldn’t put it in such plain terms themselves, the ADL was founded to prevent Gentiles from being able to enforce laws on the worst Jewish offenders.  This is the group that presents itself as classically liberal, tolerant, virtuous, and definitely not a bunch of inbred, murderous hillbillies from the Pale of Settlement.  It is also the group that wrote a very flimsy but informative hit piece about Will2Rise for us to pull apart.  From the ADL article “The Rise Above Movement Plants a Flag in the White Power Music Scene“:

Will2Rise Records’ inaugural artist was rapper No-Face Nate, who released an album titled “3.0 album” in early 2022 – a reference to “white nationalism 3.0,” a concept Rundo introduced in a December 2020 essay in which he wrote that R.A.M. and other white nationalist groups were part of “white nationalism 2.0.” These groups, he wrote, had upwards of 50 members and were active on mainstream social media, making it easy for researchers to identify members.

White nationalism 3.0, the result of lessons learned from the 2018 arrests and prosecutions of R.A.M. members, favors groups that are local, decentralized and careful about their online image, making it more difficult for researchers and law enforcement to identify members and shut down operations.

This is quite the useful definition of 3.0 and the ADL lets the mask slip somewhat, showing frustration that they can’t follow activists online as easily as before.  While many dissidents don’t care to hide their names or faces, those who do provide an unending source of aggravation for Jewish supremacists and their FBI creatures.  It is easy to see how paranoid anti-Whites could imagine that behind every blurred face in an Active Club promotional shot may be the secret string-puller and behind that leader there is another deep level of pro-White conspiracy brewing. 

Privileged Jew Paul Sagan: media executive, venture capitalist, and chairman at ProPublica.

Four years ago, the Wall Street insiders at ProPublica who led the charge to harass RAM may have felt comfortable in their villas but now have to wonder at every board meeting: “is Joe Goy at the Board Meeting funding White Nationalism?  Does my CFO watch anti-Semitic TikToks with his teenage sons?”  It simply drives them insane not to be able to put people neatly into spreadsheets and send creeps to their job or home to intimidate them.  This factor makes it a necessary tactic but, almost as importantly, just a heck of a lot of fun to keep information close to one’s chest.

The ADL article goes on to talk about their main point of interest which is No-Face Nate.  NFN is someone who has been on the Hyphen-Report radar for months but we didn’t give him much of a look.  However, at the inverted advice of the ADL, we took a deep look into Nate and his songs.  Here’s what the ADL had to say about his lyrics:

No-Face Nate’s album focuses on a variety of white nationalist themes, including an entire song from the perspective of Rob Rundo and R.A.M. titled “Rise Above.” His other songs, like “Maskup [sic],” are calls for young white men to participate in real life activism. Lyrics include: “Mr. Nice Guy’s dead…the bullets come free for the Fags and the Reds,” “Time to cause a ruckus, time to cause a scene, time to mask up like its fucking Halloween” and “Deep inside the soul of every whiteboy is a bronze age savage.”

As usual, everything these cretins do just makes our guys seem cooler than they already were.  This observation of the media stubbing their toes constantly is actually a central theme in “Rise Above” which is told from the perspective of Rob Rundo but is also generalized throughout to apply to anyone listening.  While the balancing act of personal and general is already masterful storytelling, the lyrics of the song are tight and stay consistent in their theme resulting in a work of actual art.  Many of Nate’s listeners seem to have been won over to the music style because of the care that goes into making each song a piece that could stand alone and compete with the best-produced mainstream music.  Simply put, this isn’t the low-effort, “just-another-racist-rapper” we were expecting.

One of the things that the ADL is trying to present in their article (and all of their blog posts, really) is the idea that being pro-White is somehow dangerous, violent, and just plain rude.  To this effect, they point to tough-talking lyrics but, as usual with these people, they put in half the effort they should have: if they wanted to focus on Nate as a truly spooky guy, they should have picked “Bleed Red” instead of “Maskup” because the lyrics are even spicier.  While the ADL is comfortable misrepresenting song lyrics as threatening, they are absolutely not comfortable putting the same spotlight on how the lyrics are often hilarious and charming.  Here’s a clip and the relevant lyrics from a different part of “Maskup” which has become the research team’s favorite after perhaps “Eternal“:

(Turn down your volume; it came out of the editor loud)

Pierced in the nipples and emotionally-crippled,

Smoking chronic, talking in ebonics, getting softer in the middle.

“I don’t wanna grow up, I don’t wanna grow up”

Is the slogan of just about every traitor that I know of.

You know you want to be like me and get away with it,

You know you’re thinking all the same shit when I’m saying it,

Freedom of the Soul is right here and you can have it,

Deep inside of every White boy is a Bronze Age Savage.

Whether a person likes rap or can’t stand the jungle beats is immaterial to the importance of a song like this because it is clearly funny, inspiring, and flows.  The production value is high but, more importantly, people feel something when they listen to it that drives them to do more in a day.  The songs challenge the listener to get out of their seat and listen while doing rather than being a passive participant in some strange and mopey internet culture.  Lyrics like “finish the set or you’re fucking gay” and “I expect nothing but the best of every one of you” establish positive community values while lyrics like “[your] only cardio is beer runs and for that it’s a mad dash” establish which values are outside the community.  

Potential result of not being bullied by 3.0 rappers.

One of the things that unites a people is its culture, but the pro-White community is a very opinionated one with many different tastes.  It is hard at times for the Bach-and-Brahms crowd to accept that the most ambitious men in our movement don’t want to make soirées great again but would rather edit videos of their friends doing sports and putting contemporary music to it.  It would be unfortunate to hold these men at arm’s reach because, far from being the equivalent of a guy in a lifted truck with a Punisher and Monster Energy stickers, the men listening to 3.0 music are inspiring those around them to live more virtuously.  Their values are arrived at through careful examination the same as any pro-White only, unlike many nerds, the Active Whites are probably less likely to drink themselves silly, waste away in front of a screen, or make a poor first impression on others.  

A new No-Face Nate album has been announced at an unspecified date and the teaser is posted below.  The first album can be found in its entirety here.



William Durand
Founder and former Editor of the Hyphen-Report.

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