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Victoria Partridge, 55yo Female UBER Driver BRUTALIZED by Seven Black Females During Trip in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, NV, Victoria Partridge, a 55-year-old White Uber Driver was brutally assaulted by a gang of seven black females in what can only be described as an Uber ride from hell.

Newly released dashcam footage shows the exact moment when one of the black females unleashed their coordinated attack, first splashing the victim in the face with soda, while another female riding in the back, immediately swipes Victoria’s tip jar and cell phone.

What comes next, is revolting.

One of them opened my driver’s door and they all start beating me up with their fists in my face mostly, all over my head, neck, shoulders, and back. All I could do is try to protect my face. I was trying to keep my hands on my face and I prayed that they don’t cut my eye or both eyes open and out. This was going on for a few minutes but it felt like an hour.

After sustaining brutal injuries from the diverse gang of passengers, Victoria immediately drove home and dialed 911 to report the incident. While she was promised that a detective would be sent to review the dashcam footage and begin an investigation into the event, Victoria says, it’s a no-show for law enforcement.

Police officer told me that a detective will come to my house ASAP. Well, 3 days already passed, no detective, no reply from Uber

Why is law enforcement so lax when it comes to investigating crimes when the victims are White? Why does the system move veritable mountains when the victims of crimes, no matter how small, are non-White? These are the kinds of questions that everyday White people in America continue to ask themselves, as the unspoken racial double standard at play within the criminal justice system continues to reveal itself.

Some of the wounds sustained by Victoria after being brutalized by a gang of seven black “women.” Courtesy of Gofundme

Alongside multiple injuries to the head, arms, back, shoulders, and face that Victoria has claimed left her “unrecognizable,” the family car that she and her husband both used to run their rideshare business, has been left in serious need of repair. 

Partridge Car Damage courtesy of Gofundme

Unfortunately, Victoria is just one name on a long list of White victims of violent black crime. On February 12th, Christina Spicuzza, a Pittsburgh, PA-based Uber driver was violently executed in her car by the viciously evil black, 22-year-old Calvin Crew. The surge of black violence throughout the United States comes in the wake of the 2020 George Floyd riots, where law enforcement agencies kneeled in unison, signaling to the public that their values lay more in line with diversity, equity, and inclusion than that of basic law, order, and justice for working-class White people.

VIctoria Partridge was a victim of “black girl magic,” and the Las Vegas Police Department cares more about the consequences of getting entangled in a racially inconvenient case than proper justice for its citizens.

In an effort to offset many of the physical damages Victoria sustained during the racially motivated attack, Mrs. Partridge has created a Gofundme. While the monetary goal of $20,000 is a nice start for Victoria, the real restitution begins when those that brutalized her are met with proper justice.

For continuing updates regarding the attack on Victoria Partridge and the countless other victims of black crime, visit the Hyphen-Report.


Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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    1. if you guys are in contact with TRS there is some good info on this site (Wyo History) about lynching of blacks in Wyoming that might make for good material for the show or might make for a good article on Hyphen-Report:

      there might be a few other links to black lynchings on that site too

      the TLDR is that they try to write these stories in a somewhat sympathetic way for the blacks but then you find out that one after another had already been in jail or prison and was now accused of slashing the face of a random white woman or of attempted rape of 3 others or of shooting some random white guy, its hilarious

      if these are representative examples of those who were lynched across the US then most of them deserved it

    2. Her car looks like she drove through Jurassic Park. How could they cause so much damage?

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    4. […] was violently executed in her car by the black, 22-year-old Calvin Crew. In June, 55-year-old Victoria Partridge was brutalized by a gang of black females who robbed her of her belongings and totaled her vehicle […]

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