Ukraine Update #110

The Times of Israel is reporting that  “The Israeli government is preparing for the possibility that thousands of Ukrainian Jews will want to immigrate to Israel in the event of a Russian invasion of the country”. A report cowritten by the diaspora affairs ministry states that “75,000 people eligible for Israel citizenship live in eastern Ukraine.”

That’s more than I expected, most jews live in west or central Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine was never in the pale of settlement. Western and Central Ukraine have a long jewish history, notably as the vast majority of arendators were Jewish. One can immigrate to Israel as long as you have one jewish grandparent and are not Christian. Given that 3% of Ukraine’s population identifies as atheist, perhaps there is a population of cryptos-jews who could claim birthright.

Perhaps some of the Ukrainian jews will relocate to Sheikh Jarrah. If someone in Ukraine criticises jews for fleeing and not fighting for Ukraine, they better be careful they don’t break any laws.

Remember the “Ukraine scandal”? 



Donald Trump Jr. with “Ukrainian-born American businessmen”. 

Challenge: Name one ethnic Ukraine involved in the Ukraine scandal. Zelensky, Vindman, Giuliani’s “Ukrainian” business associates? The media never pointed this amazing coincidence out.

You won’t find this discussed in the “Trump-Ukraine scandal” wikipedia page, even ctrl+f jew doesn’t bring anything up, even in the “conspiracy theory” subsection.

One thing that Giulani and his friends did do was help build a new Chabad shtetl, that Giuliani was made the mayor of, in central Ukraine, called Anatevka.

Israel protects criminals

So who might want to flee from Ukraine to Israel? Well some will be “Ukrainian born” gangsters! 

This is the state that Epstein was considering fleeing to. Israel is a shelter for many criminals. For example a literal concentration camp commander, Shlomo Morel, fled to Israel to avoid being prosecuted for his HORRIFIC crimes against mostly German/Silesian civilian prisoners after the war in the Zgoda labour camp (subcamp of Auschwitz) and then later Polish teenagers in the Jaworzno concentration camp.  Israel protected him from extradition. Perhaps some murderers and thugs in Ukraine will take opportunity to flee, especially if they committed crimes against Russian people, then they would have additional motivation.

War seem likely

Other embassies have also withdrawn diplomats, including today the United Kingdom. The entire Russian navy has been activated, all Ruski fleets are doing navy drills. And Ukraine’s only hope and savior, the leader of the only country really capable of protecting Ukraine from Russia has said this:

RIP Ukrainian territorial integrity.

Some thoughts from a local perspective

Poland has 2 million Ukrainian immigrants, as a result of 2014 Maidan immigration wave. Actually the largest immigrants influx by in Europe. Will we get 2 million more? Should we help our neighbor defend itself by deporting all Ukrainian males capable of fighting to Ukraine? Good thing this minority doesn’t have any political power yet and no ability to pressure us to send Polish soldiers to Ukraine.

A war could cause perhaps millions of people to flee, it is cold now in Ukraine and there might be no heating. Not everyone can get on the airlift to Israel.

I’ve heard some say that Ukraine’s only purpose is as a large area of land where many Ruski tanks can be destroyed and many Ruski soldiers can die. I don’t like this viewpoint, but it’s common among political spectrum. No more brother wars is something we should strive for. 


Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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    1. Anyone writes a piece on Ukraine and says “protect Ukraine from Russia” clearly knows nothing about the Ukraine or History.

      Speaking of the pink piggy inbred Ass-ke-nazis who live in Ukraine and in decent percentage because another wart-hog greasy tribe member named Stalin starved to death the actual Noble-raced humans in the Millions about 100 years ago – you mentioned nothing about the gaggle of these pig-vomits: Nuland, etc that stole the Ukraine leadership under Obongo the Homo and then called themselves neo-nazis for obvious reasons.

      Most retarded.

      1. Please re-write this in English.

      2. Stalin wasn’t a kike. He tried to cleanse the soviet party of jew influence. For that, his jew doctors poisoned him.

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