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Turkroach and Gender Abolitionist Banned off Twitch

Hasan Piker, aka hasanabi, the self-described “Bernie-bro,” anti-white advocate and overall degenerate, was the first to go in the latest surprising bannings off Hasan has created a string of controversies over the years, causing some headaches for his uncle Cenk Uygur, the creator of the Young Turks homosexual advocacy group. The banning stems from his use of the anti-White word “cracker” on stream.

After the Twitch hack in October 2021, we learned that this “democratic socialist” Antifa, who claims to be a working-class member, has made $2,810,480.11 since August 2019. That’s right, in just 26 months, he made more money than vast numbers of the working class will ever see. The victimhood from the top down is alive and well. 

Hasan also made waves in August 2021 after buying an almost $3,000,000 house despite advocating for the world’s workers. Unable to see the irony in this, he doubled down. “I’m doing this in the least exploitative way you functionally fucking can,” he stated in an interview with New York Magazine. “It’s my labor.”

Hasan continues to double and triple down because he knows attacking Whites is a limitless revenue source. Since Twitter is a safe space for anti-White vitriol, it’s no surprise he can defend racist ideology blatantly with impunity. 

Coat-tail Riding Pedophile Banned Next.

Ian Kochinski, aka Vaush, has made a name for himself by continuously sharing his views on lowering the age of consent and supporting pedophilia despite no one asking him. Vaush was second to go in the banwave. Vaush, perpetually jealous of Hasan beating him out in support of jewish financiers to be the #1 streamer, seems to be on the receiving end of an abusive relationship.

Vaush has tweeted at Hasan almost weekly since 2019. There may be earlier tweets, but this account VaushV was created in 2019, so that’s as far back as I could find.

Hasan has never responded to Vaush. More proof that these libertarian socialist types like to be abused.

For Vaush, his continuous parroting of more famous people’s statements seems to have permanently cost him his Twitch account. Again we see Vaush repeating what Hasan did, which is to double and triple down in his Twitter safe space where anti-White speech is wholly protected.

A Wild jew Appears!

The unfunny narcissist who lives in perpetual drama, Ethan Klein, decided to weigh in. Due to his protected species status as a jew, Twitter is unable to ban him, so he gets away with saying Whites aren’t oppressed in any way. The unifying factor in Hasan, Vaush, and Ethan Klein’s rhetoric is, as always, punching down at people without power while feeling morally superior about it.

The Next Steps

It is not clear whether Hasan’s ban is permanent or not. This is his third ban on Twitch. Either way, Hasan now has to appease the capitalists he pretends to fight.

Vaush appears to have received a permanent ban.

Our intern has reached out to the appropriate outlets and may have some additional reporting in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Adam Champion
Reporter on racial and economic injustice. Fact checker of certain events.

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