Tucker Says the American Establishment is Evil.

This hot shot comes to us from Striker over at National Justice Party as well as the entire cast and crew of The Daily Shoah who covered this shortly before Tucker did.  Are we returning to the good old days of 2017 when Tucker covered every single thing Mike Enoch said?

As most of you know I’m living in Rob Rundo’s basement in Tajikistan but I regret to inform you that my wife has kicked both of us out of his house for being out after 6pm and mildly drunk (it isn’t my fault, please text me).  As such, I am writing from a series of internet cafes in Dushanbe and Rundo is pursuing other housing in one of the many Duginist safehouses around town.  We at the Hyphen-Report hope he is successful.

From Ned Price at the White House:

This is intelligence information that we have declassified.

We have just delivered it.

This is literally all he has to say.

Ned Price was born in 1982 and worked at the CIA from 2006 to 2017.  Tucker goes pretty hard in this clip but he doesn’t mention this fact.  His steady disengagement from facts and questions is just par for the course and Tucker is all on board but, again, he goes pretty hard.  Tucker:

Where is the declassified information other than you coming out and saying it?

Oh.  But wait.  Tucker does name the CIA training of Price.  Ok.  I’m actually taken aback.  Tucker knocked Price out. 


We can tell you that Ned Price’s superciliousness gets more nauseating as it goes on.  Does make you wonder about the CIA: do they hire people this oily on purpose? Well, the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, of course.

Tucker is going 2018 levels of hard.  He wants us to be dragged in by this basedness and this redpilledness.

He didn’t call Matt Lee racist, he is probably saving that for next week, but he did suggest that Matt Lee is more sympathetic to Russia than he is to his own country, the United States.  He implied Matt Lee is a shill for Vladimir Putin.

I love Vladimir Putin.  Every time I snuggle into my cobblestone pillows in the debris-filled expanses of America, I warm my nuggets to the thought that Putin might someday save us from the judaism he himself oversees.  I don’t care if Putin is arresting nationalists in his own country to serve the jewish oligarchical system there; it isn’t my business and, frankly, it isn’t yours.  Just get excited for next nationalist boogeyman to support semi-ironically.

Actual Russian Nationalists under persecution by Putin.

This is all pretty gay.  Tucker goes on in a bitchy attack against those who are attacking him personally.  This is just e-drama on a national scale and it only confirms my view that Tucker is some sort of controlled-opposition Thiel operative: if you make everything personal and can’t refer back to the grounded claims you were just making, you are simply not interested in the claims you were making and only see them as a sideshow.

You better believe Tucker goes on:

This is scary behavior.  It’s also revealing.  After a full year of governing, all the Biden administration can muster when challenged is ad hominem attacks and more spying from the intel agencies.

Ok, Tucker, I’m scared.  Spooked, even.  But why should I give a hecking dang about intel agencies?  

They now believe that Russia is our greatest enemy.

If five Republicans held a press conference tomorrow to declare that the territorial integrity of the United States is more important than the territorial integrity of Ukraine, this couldn’t continue.

I think I see what Tucker is doing here and it is really pretty basic: China is bad, Russia is ok.  I’m almost inclined to let him get away with it except for the fact that I know he is funded by some clique that doesn’t care about China but does care about Russia.  It is anyone’s guess as to why this is.  Personally, I’d rather live under Chinese gook kleptocracy than the “Russian” or “American” variants of jews.

Disclaimer: Striker did not come up with this shot.  Please don’t pull his RT funding.

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