Think It, Dream It, Do It – New Documentary by Sam Hyde Warms Hearts and Opens Minds… Or Does It? secretly loves Sam Hyde. No, this is not Paid Promotional Content. No, Sam didn’t install cameras and microphones into our office. We are 100% Genuine Fanstm, and he has single handedly saved us all from suicide at least once.

A true Hero for the weak and underprivileged (Us). We all willingly paid his small monthly ‘protection’ fee and Sam made sure no one got hurt, that was the agreement…

…Until now. His recent actions have confused Were we in the wrong? Were our offerings unworthy? It is hard for us to understand the motivations behind the latest Hydewarstm drop. Sam may have gone too far this time. But our job at isn’t to rush to unsupported conclusions; our job is to provide YOU with THE FACTS.

What has made Sam turn to bullying? Why are his views on the homeless so violent? Why is he amassing a following of fighting age males? Why did he choose z-list celebrity ‘iDubbbz’ as his latest target? Why hasn’t he finished his female to male sex change yet?

…A truly fallen prince.

During the next day(s) or so ( 🙂 ), we’ll be fighting the tears streaming down our faces and working our amateur little fingers to the bone while answering these questions. Until then, stay tuned, stay litty and please send your hopes and prayers (and cardano)… 

jignat's very own tech slave. GOMAD enjoyer. Sam Hyde's #1 Fan.

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    1. He’s a TDS listener as well — or at least he was.

      I remember he wrote in ages ago to say he liked that the show was less planned and a bit kooky.

      Still makes me laugh.

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