An Intervention for “Thin Blue Line” Respecters

I can’t count the amount of young, intelligent, and energetic White men that I’ve come across, who still, for whatever reason, want to willfully engage in the world of law enforcement. Perhaps it’s the allure of the badge itself? A magic, shiny piece of tin that serves as a means for financial stability, and as a magnet for female attention. We inhabit a world that promises neither and demands you, as a man, consistently have both at your disposal. Why submit yourself to the thin blue line mindset?

Perhaps it’s the ceaseless propaganda of movies and television which makes them think this way. There’s a never-ending deluge of jew-written, hack media that permeates through screens every minute of the day. Without fail, always depicting strong, gruff White men and their comical black partners making tough decisions under gunfire, stopping comically evil bad guys, defusing the bomb at the last second, all while walking away from explosions and receiving the utmost respect of every supermodel co-worker back at the precinct.


thin blue line

“Wow, that was so cool how you stopped those evil bad guys with your huuuge gun, Officer Anon! Wanna take a knee with me after lunch?

While those elements certainly contribute to the delusion, the real reason for this pathological obsession with joining the “thin blue line”. White men, by and large, respect those that enforce the law, and have a healthy desire to keep bad actors away from their own communities themselves. Demanding law and order in a world that increasingly has neither is a normal reaction to have. I just wish it wasn’t such a suicidal prospect.


Jim Roger and the Thin Blue Line

Take, for instance, the story of 54-year old street vagrant Jim Rogers. Rogers, like the seemingly infinite legion of African American men who came before him, perished as a vulgar caricature of his race, by resisting arrest in the city of Pittsburgh on October 13th, 2021. Rogers was stopped by Pittsburgh Police as a suspect in petty bicycle theft.

When officers found him, Rogers was sitting on the porch of the family that owned the bicycle, smoking cigarettes and hanging around as if he were a close acquaintance all along. When asked why he took the bike, Rogers claimed that he was merely taking the bicycle for a “test drive.” He then followed up this ridiculous explanation by refusing to comply with legal direct orders from on-duty, uniformed police officers, which resulted in the deployment of a taser eleven times.


According to an anonymous witness account, they said: “I think the policeman maybe told him 30 times to get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back. And at one point, the suspect got up and ran and the police officer said, ‘I have to tase you,’ so he tased him,”


Despite the generous amount of warnings and several clear-cut, direct legal orders to comply, Rogers, the disheveled vagabond, continued to resist. Ultimately, he was arrested, and after slamming his head against the window of the squad car and whipping himself up into a frenzy, he died of cardiac arrest on the way to the local hospital.



This is the face of a man who is worth more in the eyes of your Watch Commanders and Commissioners than you and your families ever will. Only you can change this.

No Justice, No Peace?

For their heroic-like vigilance and strict adherence to the constantly morphing and selectively enforced list of police policies and procedures, five of the arresting officers on scene were fired, betrayed by the thin blue line they so valiantly served, and are now potentially facing criminal charges for the “murder” of Jim Rogers.

When you’re fired, facing jail time, and can’t bring in enough money to feed your wife and kids, you’ll at least go to bed every night knowing your city took a “good first step in the direction of justice and accountability…”

The men that attempted to bring Rogers to justice and keep their communities free from the petty tyranny of local scum are Keith Edmonds, Greg Boss, Pat Desaro, Neyib Velazquez and Sgt. Colby Neidig. All five were sworn badge-brothers and members of the Pittsburgh Police Department, and with the exception of Neyib Velazquiz, belonged to a fraternity of men far greater and far superior to any local police unit.

What they also belong to, whether they realize it or not, is the international brotherhood of White men, an organization that has no fancy tin badge, has no laminated ID card, and one that, when forced to show even a modicum of unity against those that would see them harm, can cause the world to tremble, bring the seas to a froth, and cause the very skies to open up with rippling cascades of lightning and fury from above. Where is that thin blue line when your “brothers in blue” kick out men for doing their job?

Never-Ending Blood Libel

It’s too bad then that these policemen had no idea that they were long-standing, vetted and vested members of this illustrious organization, otherwise they never would have had the compunction to seek membership anywhere else. They never would have found themselves in this particular legal turmoil, and never would have faced prison time for the simple act of doing their jobs to the letter. If convicted, these innocent people could follow the sullen footsteps of other condemned men of our race. Derek Chauvin comes to mind. As do the McMichaels.

Regardless of what you think about police officers, or our criminal justice system in general, the case of Jim Rogers should be appalling to anyone who has even a modicum of normal, everyday common sense, and for those of us who actually engage in reality, it’s downright maddening to watch unfold with all-too-predictable results. At the end of the day, however, this tale is just a drop in the bucket, a splash in a sea of thousands just like it, all of which seem to congeal into a solid mass of evidence that serves to highlight a career path that is absolutely doomed from the start.

Yet, if it’s so clear, why do we, as White men, continue to glamorize and salivate at the thought of joining such an insidious industry? Why become jackboots of a regime which delights in the torture of its own henchmen? Why do we continue to smile and take these idiotic civil service exams, apply ‘thin blue line’ bumper stickers to our pickup trucks, and binge-watch Cops and Live PD as if it’s in any way rewarding for us? Because it’s in our blood.

This could be you, a year away from retirement, just to lose it all because someone recorded you on an iPhone not smiling at a minority.

Honor and Blood

One of the toughest things that we must do as White men, if we have any hopes of surviving into the next cycle of human history, is to swallow and suppress our natural instincts to assume the role of enforcers and guardians of our current nation-states and various tin-pot empires which grip mother Europe like a carrion bird. While these global “leaders” may currently have the express privilege of calling us their citizens, we cannot allow them to summon our blood every time they have a tough job to carry out. We are not their thugs or their sellswords, free to use at every beck, call, and sounding of the shofar.

We are White men, and it’s time we stand in defense of our own families, and our own people, and not the interests of a corrupt, fifth column elite who would just as easily lock you away forever over a car accident as long as it benefited them to do so. It’s time to start acting in your own interest, and champion that glorious organization to which you belong by birth. It all starts with suppressing that instinct to enlist, whether it’s in law enforcement or the military apparatus. Chasing heroic deeds and a life of adventure might be enticing, but the current system has nothing but death and despair awaiting you.

It’s not the instincts themselves that are bad. They’re healthy, natural responses to violence and injustice. They make us who we are. We just have to become accustomed to using that resource for ourselves. Watch the world quake when we do it and the thin blue line will cease to exist.

Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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