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For those who don’t know, which is most, this site is definitely and literally an unofficial fan account page.  I don’t like to drop the veil of sarcasm, irony, and snark but the issue demands some semblance of seriousness: this is not an official National Justice Party site, for real.  I’ve sent messages to some of the guys at TRS and they have been immensely supportive of our retarded articles as well as our intelligent articles.  Sven, McNabb, and Striker have shared or at least chatted with us politely, but we aren’t part of their operation because we want to keep that organization at a respectable distance from any shenanigans that we on this site may come up with, intentionally or accidentally.  That said, let’s delve right into some National Justice Party shilling.

From the NJP site:

8. We demand the FBI, which acts as nothing more than a political secret police force for elite interests, be abolished and replaced with a legitimate federal law enforcement agency.

14.  We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.

The average NJP hater.

As someone who dis-enjoys niggers of all colors (NoC) and disrespects them immensely, this is encouraging verbiage.  The FBI?  NoC.  Israel? NoC.  I don’t want to get too crazy with a loose usage of a term that someone else came up with (my wife came up with it), but Niggers of Color are a major problem and some of them just so happen to be pale-skin FBI fags.  From SSRN

In the US, the words ‘telephone surveillance’ bring to mind contemporary security concerns about smart phone tracking, the NSA warrantless wiretapping scandal, and the telecommunications provisions of the Patriot Act. Yet telephone surveillance is as old as telephony itself, dating back to the nearly simultaneous commercialization of the telephone and phonograph in 1878.

I’m going to take their word for it and deduce that the rest of this paywalled study is about how the FBI is screwing Americans over, even before it was the FBI.  No, we can’t let it go so simply; let’s allow the SSRN to go on:

The late 1930s and early 1940s brought a new political context for
federal telephone surveillance. Federal prosecutors, politicians, and
newspapers focused their attention on organized crime syndicates operating across state lines.63 Eager to build the bureau’s credentials and
power, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover authorized extensive use of covert, unwarranted wiretapping. Evidence has since emerged that FBI
wiretapping extended far beyond the needs of criminal investigation;
Electronic copy available at:
432 The Fourth Amendment and Telephone Surveillance, 1878–1968
it became a political tool used by the agency in its battles with officials
of other government agencies, members of Congress, and even justices
of the Supreme Court, whose conversations were recorded and used
to intimidate them.64 The FBI was hardly alone in its appetite for wire-tapping: as a congressional report would later reveal, the Department
of Treasury installed more than ten thousand warrantless taps between
1934 and 1948.65 These are the verified instances from the Department
of Treasury alone; while this figure likely represents a fraction of the
total, it provides some sense of the routinization of wiretapping in the
federal government.

Ok, so the FBI and previous entities have been doing this since time immemorial to the detriment of the American populace.  No big deal.  I’ve got nothing to hide, right?  From National-Justice:

Documents filed in the case of Kaleb Cole, who is accused by the feds of being part of an Atomwaffen Division (AWD) conspiracy to terrorize journalists and minorities, have finally confirmed National Justice reporting from January that exposed Joshua Caleb Sutter (pictured above), the leader of a Satanic pedophile murder cult who took over Atomwaffen in 2018, as a long-time professional FBI operative. 

Sutter has been employed by the FBI since 2003. Starting in February 2018, he was paid over $82,000 to take over Atomwaffen and transform it from a mostly online based art group into a household name for “white supremacist” terrorism and moral depravity

These people. These clown niggers, have been using their position of public privilege to skewer normal Americans as terrorists and reprobates.  

“How about I give you 2 years and you FUCK OFF.”

I think I’ve said enough about the FBI and why it should be disbanded.  On to the next point, article 14:

Children of the al-Kawalek family, 5 to 17

Nine-year-old Yara (left) and five-year-old Rula (right)IMAGE SOURCE,AL-KAWLAK FAMILY/DCIP/NRC
Nine-year-old Yara (left) and five-year-old Rula (right) were killed alongside several family members on Sunday

When an Israeli strike hit al-Wihda street in central Gaza City early on Sunday, at least 13 members of the extended al-Kawalek family are believed to have been killed, buried in the rubble of their own home.

What would I even say if I was a Wiggers First activist?  These girls would have grown up to have deserved the terror bombing so just don’t even trip, I’m sure jews won’t do it to you.  Assurances?  Sorry, we can’t give you those.  Just hate brown people and live your triumphs vicariously through their suffering because it is BASED and TRUMP-pilled.

Look, I didn’t even know who these girls were until I wrote this article but I have to tell you: I’m going to fight with every fiber of my being to bring their killers to justice.  It doesn’t matter if some sperg thinks they aren’t White or they would have grown up to be American-influenced trollops.  Frankly, anyone who spews that garbage should be collared immediately.  

Yara and Rula represent everything that is wrong with this Satanic hell-scape we live under.  It is entirely within our control to destroy it in our lifetimes and send jews packing to God-knows-where.  If jews wanted mercy, they had a hell-of-a-lot of chances to show it.  Fight for these girls and fight for your kids against the Wigger Conservatives who want to return us to the status quo.

We will NEVER allow our men to fight for Israel or to kill in the name of jew supremacy.

Israeli nationalism and the FBI did this to our boys and girls.  Never let them forget that.  We know who you are.  We have your number and, frankly, we are going to win.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. Has anyone done more investigation into the anti-njp/anti-mike Enoch shilling that pops up whenever there’s a mention on 4chan?

    That shit is… extremely odd, I wonder if the intent is just to repeat the lie enough times that any people there the first time have doubts…

    You know, that’s pretty clever, even the jews know they’re so hated they just keep insisting someone is jewish people won’t like them.

    Really ironic that catbois and Covid fans who make excuses for the jews in their “movement” attack the people who have a simple rule of “no jews”.
    That rule is very helpful, it’s the reason that njp exists and we’re no longer hoping that blormph, the GOP, or based jews will save us.

    1. It’s worse than plain old lies, it’s lies mixed with truth and a heaping helping of insinuation.

      The pretense that trs is a fed honeypot is laughable after all this time.

  2. Please put me on your mailing list..I am also subbed to njp and have four channels on telegram myself
    Thank you

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