Tessa Majors Verdict: NoC War on Whites Continues; Niglet of Color Protected by State

In December 2019, several days before she would have seen her mom and dad for Christmas, college student Tessa Majors was stabbed to death in an anti-White terror attack.  Attacks like these are common in America, which is internationally regarded as a failed state, but also an anti-White terror state.

NoC Worship is the primary export of the U.S. Embassies which are now collectively known as “Embussy.”

Her killers were some proto-hominid creatures from the deepest pits of nihilistic evolutionary strategy.  In this thing’s dim eyes, you can see thousands of generations without cold winters, empathy, tool invention, or even fire. 

Rashaun Weaver.  Anti-White domestic terrorist sentenced to a few years; may even serve some of those years.

One of the ideas that Americans really need to grasp is that evolution is not always progressive in the way that it was in European and Mediterranean history: people can evolve in a “backward” direction.  See the Australian Aboriginees in this Unz article:

Consistent with the perception that the Aborigines weren’t very bright, we now know that at some point in their history they’d had sufficient ingenuity to be able to build relatively sturdy boats and make their way to the Torres Strait Islands, but by 1770, they had lost this knowledge. Indeed, the Australian archaeological record is replete with evidence of technological regression: some Aborigine tribes once farmed, some traded with Papua New Guineans, some tribes even “forgot” how to make the boomerang. 

In such an unstable environment there was very little selection for cooperative groups and thus for Agreeableness, impulse control and mental stability.

Blacks, the article points out, are about as different genetically from Abos as they can be, but they occupy a similar niche and history of technological regression to adapt to an unstable and pointless existence.

“But do you have a peer-reviewed study showing that there is any point to your idealized Hallstatt Village existence?”

One of the sad ironies of the Tessa Majors terror attack was where she was killed: a carefully-engineered and meticulously-built urban staircase.  Some of these concrete and granite staircases in New York are well-over a hundred years old and the flow of the city dates back to the 1600’s.

Location of her collapse and death after being stabbed in the heart.

Worlds have risen and fallen in the time that this street has been in use by White people.  This street is part of our history in America which is undeniably ancient in the year 2022.  Now, primeval golems stalk the daughters of that great and fallen civilization.  None of them could build the streets they prowl, let alone build one fucking staircase like this.  They simply have to be gotten rid of.

The solution is black police in black neighborhoods and White justice for blacks who step outside clear physical boundaries.  Redraw the boundaries over a generation, moving blacks out of White urban centers with transparent timelines.  After that, put them wherever.  Put them on boats. 

Worn-out nationalists and aloof jews would probably scoff at the idea that Whites have some control over what happens to their conquered cities.  These people need to understand that the anti-White terror state is in collapse.  I’ve said before: “All they have to do to stay in power is maintain complete narrative control, every day, forever.”  If you think they can do that, by all means scoff.

Hyphen Pajeet
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  1. Tessa Majors was the niece of the somewhat well-known college football coach Johnny Majors, who died in June of 2020

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