Terrorist jews Threaten World; jews Most Affected

Probably didn’t happen. 

It is with some regret that we write to inform you: the jews are at it again.  This appears to be related to the European efforts by France, Britain, and Germany to restore the nuclear deal.  The Europeans are publicly saying the US did nothing wrong but privately reaching out to do actual diplomacy with the new government in Iran.  Israel’s threats could be interpreted literally but this neglects events in 2006, 2014 and particularly 2021 which have cast doubts on Israel’s warfighting ability.  It seems more likely that Israel is talking up war to punk out negotiators.  “Look what you are about to make me do to these Hamans, Hans.”  

Prior to 2006, Israel didn’t rely so much on threats because they had the freedom of action to just do whatever the atrocity was.  At least as early as the Israeli geopolitical gayop bonanza of January 2019, Iran started making Israel show their cards which was not without its costs.  Iran lost General Soleimani and, under threat of apparent Israeli air attack, shot down a civilian airliner.  Rather than give in to the friction the jews were trying to create, Iran took only measured action against Israel’s limited and largely covert war, even during the high-pressure 2021 Gaza War.  We will detail Israel’s last three major military engagements and you can be the judge of Israel’s ability to enter diplomacy by other means.


2006 – Copeing and Seetheing in Tel Aviv

This war happened at a time when the US had delivered an invasion force to the Near East based in its heart at Baghdad.  Hezbollah triggered the war in an apparent misstep according to a later interview by Nasrallah.  Two IDF soldiers were abducted from the Israeli side of the South Lebanese border.  Nasrallah would say in the interview that he did not anticipate this would start a war but there are several reasons not to take him at face value as Charles Krauthammer does.  The first reason is that Charles Krauthammer is telling you to take it seriously. 




We cut it here to show you that the Krauthammer goes on in a fake infight with other jews. This is a way to control internal frustration in Israel with Olmert’s disastrous war by creating the appearance that “someone is doing something about it!” It is just Operation Trust for jews. Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/31/AR2006083101444.html

The second, third, and fourth reasons to mistrust Nasrallah’s public statement is that Lebanese really were mad about the war and felt that it was something he had brought upon them with intentional disregard for their lives.  One thing that we as zealots, propagandists, true believers forget in peace time and in our rich countries is that people really do blame their leaders when the bombs fall and it becomes difficult to buy things like eggs in the cities.  For example, after the bombing of Hamburg, Germans hated the British and jews.  After the bombings of Nuremberg, Dresden, Wesel, Wurzberg, Berlin, Hamburg again, Dresden again, and so on, the Germans were starting to direct their complaints to the only people they could talk to.  There was some genuine anger with the Nazi Party toward the end of the war even if the British and jews were still the only parties at fault.

In South Lebanon the IDF had dropped thousands of propaganda leaflets and had broadcast across the airwaves that Nasrallah personally was to blame for every bomb dropped.  It’s another case of “look what you are about to make me do to you, Haman,” but it worked on enough people to drive a wedge.  The peace settlement that followed saw the Lebanese Army and the UN replace Hezbollah in South Lebanon.  George Bush was President of the US at the time and said:

How can you claim victory when at one time you were a state within a state, safe within southern Lebanon, and now you’re going to be replaced by a Lebanese Army and an international force?

He isn’t wrong but the lie is revealed in the fact that he has to take this opinion to the media at all.  If Israel was indeed dominant in the region, would they have lost 121 soldiers, killed over a thousand Lebanese civilians, and created the largest oil spill in Mediterranean history?  This war deserves article upon article and we may even write them some day but for now you are directed to this 2019 interview with General Soleimani about the 2006 war.  It is worth pointing out that, as bold as Iran was in staring down the US military at its greatest power, Soleimani is actually downplaying the risks he took in bringing Iran close to war for the same reason Nasrallah does.

2014 – Cruising for a Bruising

Not that type of cruising.

By early 2014, Israel (we’re going to continue to capitalize it for this article or else it will get really annoying to look at) had reneged on all critical parts of the 2011 negotiations with Hamas and, characteristically, accused Hamas of undoing the deal.  Hamas obviously needed to be terror bombed but Palestinians hadn’t really done much so Israel faked the murder of three Israeli teens.  Here’s part of how that went down and you can tell us if you think this was a thing that really happened.

After Shaer’s whispered message “They kidnapped me,” the taped call also recorded shouting in Arabic from the kidnappers and several volleys of automatic gunfire. Within days, Israeli investigators, though lacking conclusive proof, strongly suspected the teenagers had been killed, and, if so, knew where the victims’ bodies would probably have been dumped.

The above is from the Wikipedia article “2014 kidnapping and murder of Israeli teenagers.”  Admittedly, if you track down the info to the original Haaretz and Jerusalem Post articles, the narrative is constructed with a lot more tact.  It could be that the jew teens actually were killed and Arabs actually did it but we are talking about the people who brought you the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel Bombing, and September 11th.

What followed was two months of massacres of Palestinian civilians and the loss of 67 jews in combat with Hamas.  The IDF was widely condemned in Israel for its failure to avoid a conflict which acted as a laboratory for urban combat among the native resistance.  Many of the lessons learned would be used by Hamas with greater success in 2021 such as command and control improvements for rocket teams, massive rocket procurement, and tunnel development to include communications equipment that would resist IDF jamming.  Always wary of Lebanese internal stability and the potential therein for combined action with Gaza, Israel ordered ISIS into northern Lebanon in the aftermath of the Gazan war.  Although ISIS was quickly and soundly defeated, Israeli attempts to kill Lebanese civilians and impoverish their country would continue with great success, primarily through manipulation of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Finance, and the Beirut Port bombing.

Somewhere on the internet there is a sincere conversation in Arabic about not countersignaling ISIS for never attacking Israel.

2021 – Rats Trapped in a Cellar

Imagine the self-obsessed wickedness that has to be in your heart to bring your kids to the ethnic cleansing while the enemy still has weapons. 

“We have these shelters down by the yeshiva, it’s kind of romantic.”


This is my problem solver right here.  

The events in Gaza were preceded by several zionist setbacks in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  Using Iranian missiles, the popular resistance in Yemen had targeted Saudi oil fields and chased Saudis and their African mercenaries (yes, really) from the major towns by making resupply and movement difficult.  Israel had committed countless outrages in Gaza and in Jerusalem and eventually raided the Al-Aqsa mosque after hostilities had started.

When we win, “Top 100 Iron Dome Failures ASMR” will be played in every IMAX in the country.

Israel’s main tactics during the war were to harass Arabs living in the 1967 borders of Israel and bomb the family compounds of Hamas leaders around Gaza.  A few days into the conflict, Israel leaked info about a tank buildup on the outskirts of Gaza to draw Hamas soldiers into defensive positions.  The initial response from many jew disrespecters online was to believe the jews and become “totally blackpilled, dude, they got them.”  As usual, the jews had lied and as the days went on, the IDF stopped trying to prove their claim that dozens or even hundreds of Hamas men had been killed.  

During the crisis, Beirut, Damascus, and the West Bank were also being bombed by the IDF and it seemed possible that the conflagration could become regional.  Although a broader war didn’t materialize, Israelis outside the 1967 borders in particular lived in constant fear of one.  The result of the war has been that the Iron Dome was proven ineffective to the jews themselves, regardless of what is said in propaganda intended for the outside world.  Arabs with Israeli citizenship have been stabbing and shooting jews in a steady drip since Israel retreated.  

2022 – Now Or Never

Homesh is an illegal settlement so under UN law this can be considered “just a prank.”

The posturing from Israel has been that this will be an “attack on Iran” but really what they are describing is a SEAD attack with the F-35 and then some bombing of the nuclear facilities.  The jews have been putting this F-35 story out there since at least March of this year and for decades they have been pushing the general threat of bombing.  It is nothing new and is actually less credible than ever given recent IDF humiliations.  Palestinians, however, may believe what they are seeing in the news and stand ready with knifes and sharp sticks.  Actually, they are more than ready.  What do you think?  Are jews really ready to go back in the cellar?



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