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Taser Enthusiast American (Shockingly!) Turns Out to Have Extensive Rap Sheet

Patrick Lyoya
Patrick Lyoya

In a grand reveal that nobody saw coming, Patrick Lyoya, who recently died after evading arrest, resisting, attacking a police officer, and grabbing his taser, was shown to have had an extensive rap sheet.

Sources say he also loved having his picture taken

Sources say he also loved having his picture taken

A 26-year-old refugee from the Congo, Patrick hoped to build a successful life in the US, or that’s what they would have you believe anyway.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she had spoken to Lyoya’s family and that he had two young daughters and five siblings. “He arrived in the United States as a refugee with his family fleeing violence,” Whitmer said in a statement. “He had his whole life ahead of him.”

It is somewhat ironic then, that he decided to bring that same violence with him to the US.

Lyoya here is picture rushing to help an elderly woman across the street

Lyoya here is pictured rushing to help an elderly woman across the street

Criminal History

Patrick Lyoya’s father said he was not aware of his son having any prior interactions with police, but the facts show otherwise.

Michigan State Police records show the young man had three arrests related to stolen vehicles, four traffic-related offenses, including convictions for operating while intoxicated, and a domestic violence charge.

Nevertheless, various advocacy groups are expectedly leaping at the opportunity to defend yet another career criminal.

Free shoes at Foot Locker incoming

Free shoes at Foot Locker incoming

“Black people in Grand Rapids, in Michigan, and across the country are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from generations of struggle,” Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist said in a statement.

It is unclear if the Lieutenant Governor was referring to a struggle for a police officer’s taser that ends in their death or some other one…

“We as Africans, because of the color of our skin, by the way they’re killing us. It’s going to push us to believe that we are not important in this country. … We will come to conclude there is strong discrimination against people of color,” said Ngandu Amisi (Lyoya’s father) through the interpreter.

Interesting to note he doesn’t speak English.

Update on Attorneys:

The Lyoya family is being represented by shakedown artist Ben Crump, known for the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Arbery, and Jacob Blake cash grabs.

As one might expect, there is a competent attorney behind this dark apparition and his name is Ven Johnson.

The tall “White” guy in the middle is Ven Johnson.

Johnson is representing families against the parents of Ethan Crumbley in a national test case to determine if parents of White minors can be tried for their crimes.  In 1995, Johnson started working for jew law firm Fieger, Fieger, and Schwartz of Dr. Kevorkian infamy and in just six years contrived to lead that firm.  

Ven Johnson certainly looks like a deadly parasite but is he really jewish? From the Detroit Jewish News Digital Archives (The Detroit Jewish News, 2011-11-17):

Got ‘im.  
Archived here for when Johnson gets that taken down.



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